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Where Do They Get The Money

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right on all counts we cannot count on anyone but ourselves and prices have a life of

there own.

I have told my significant other a scenario that would put gas anywhere from 5 to 50

dollars a gallon.



financial restriction of movement is a way to control the populace make no mistake

I have looked at the north east in complete amazement that they allow all those toll roads

America the free yea right ain't nothing free and if people in power can figure how to

cut a slice for themselves your screwed.


how many taxes do you pay and these b@stards still want more and can't pay the bills

now, they use us as there voting buying power they promise what we make to anyone

who will vote for them and make no mistake we have all been part of this it is just

not welfare and such it's more retirement less copay or free or low cost drugs.

parks {for drug dealers and perverts} pretty flowers and trees we can't have trees

just growing as in nature we have to organize them.


here is a list of taxes some state have them all some have a few less but take my word

they got a plan to stick them in {your azz} if they can figure out how to confuse the

wording in the description so no means yes you know the old lawyer game.

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@Blacjac Yes you are right. I live in one of the highest cost of living areas in the country. What my wife and i make should be more then enough; at least anywhere else. But we also have a child and children want to do things and being the indulgent father that I am, I have a hard time telling her NO. Its not like I'm spending a fortune on any one thing but it goes fast. That being said I still manage to do a little every month to better my families chances for a variety of events.



Its funny my father is an old radical left hippy. I grew up constantly being told to watch out for big brother. That the man was going to at any minute brutally seize our rights from us. My father feared truly feared that we where racing head long down an orwellian path. He was in fact wrong. IT should have been Huxley a Brave New World. there is no need to build a brutal police state when you can form a paranoid society of self absorbed consumers. I truly doubt that the National Guard and the army will ever take to the streets and seize them. NO sadly I think that society will be manipulated into begging them to take to the streets to ensure that no one will damage their 650 in tv.



OK so this has meandered a tad but now i come back to the point I was going to make. Responsibility. Regardless of how much one earns it is a matter of taking responsible action. This includes preppring. If you are not wealthy you can still prep you just have to be wise take time and do your research. Prioritize your needs. Those seen on shows like Preppers or The ones you run into from time to time have made a choice in their priorities. IF they are right then great for them if they are wrong oh well. Either way they are responsible for their choices. And we each and every one of us are responsible for our own choices.

You can prep like very easy but to do so with a limited budget would be irresponsible.

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I've wondered at that myself. I suspect that part of my reaction is a suspicion that there is some underhanded or less than ethical dealings. No accusations and I'm probably wrong but so much of the prepping seems targeted to something other than the goal of surviving the anticipated event. If I KNEW that a Carrington event was going to happen on 21 Dec (I'm betting a lot more than money that the Mayans did NOT know more astronomy than I do, BTW) I could easily prep by going tens of thousands of dollars into debt with the knowledge that I'd never have to pay it off. I find that approach unethical and immoral but that's me. I do think the most likely result of the Mayan insanity is that the sheeple will panic as the date comes close and the resulting unrest will cause real life problems in distribution and transportation. The Millerites in the 1843 timeframe ( ) are a classic example of what can happen to a community when "the end is near" and then doesn't come.


My bigger problem is that when you have a high value item, that item tends to become the focus of your preps. Even if it isn't the best tool, you'll use it because you spent big bucks on it. Buy a Barrett .50 BMG and it will be the corner stone of your defensive preps even if you have no use for a weapon that can hit a target at 2,000 meters.


The problem with getting my wood gasification set up, for example, is that I may miss something like the need for enough salt to preserve meat for the long term. "5 year supplies" of food typically do NOT contain the condiments and ancillary ingredients needed to actually prepare the food. I saw major flaws in almost all of the folks interviewed. Shooting yourself in the thumb bespeaks a lack of training or extremely poor discipline. In any case these folks seem to have drawn the wrong lessons from their training for the future. If they had drawn the correct lessons, they would NOT have been on that show.


We are much better prepared with our basic preps that we are familiar with, that we use often enough to be proficient with, and recognize that we are NOT going to win a fire fight with any large force without unacceptable losses (who in your family would you allow to die to preserve your BOL?). Like so many things in our modern world, it is the flashy that get the media attention but it is the understated, consistent ones that get the job done.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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I could easily prep by going tens of thousands of dollars into debt with the knowledge that I'd never have to pay it off. I find that approach unethical and immoral but that's me.


kudos Capt Bart my respects.


but I think your undermining the governments jump start the nation plan I was of the opinion they

wanted us to spend like there is no tomorrow LOL

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yard sales, church sales, community swaps , that how i get my needs met. im broke, i barter for cash, gold or other. no one rides for free.... i lost my job due to illness, lost 50 lbs due to same illness, and cant go back to work and have been denied disability , because the doctors are all filthy rich and only care about their bottom line. money isnt the root of all evil, it just makes it more fun to get into trouble. with. luckily im smart and i use my head. and my wife figured it out slowly but she got it...i can make money on the side, but i cant overdo it...shhhh they might be listening...

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no disagreement, just a slight correction. The quote you are referring to is not "Money is the root of all evil". That is frequently said and it is a misquote. The actual scripture passage ( 1 Timothy 6:10 ) is "For the Love of money is the root of all evil". Even the very poor can have an inordinate love of money.

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Do not get to envious, most of them have put themselves in debt to look good for the cameras unfurtunately the haven't got a clue a do not know how to use all the neat toys the just got and it shows on the show. which makes them look not just crazy or paranoid but incompetent also. Worse they make their families out to be a laughing stock. (here babe take this .357 Colt Anaconda I just bought fire a few rounds for the camera because it is so cool looking its ok its not very different from your .380) So far there has only been one that has provided actual solid useful knowledge and she thinks that eating gourmet when everyone is trying to take what you have is a realistic approach to the whole thing instead of a once in a while morale booster.

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I am not a fan of the doomsday preppers show at all. I find it unrealistic and the families involved appear to be purposefully scripted to look as idiotic as possible. We are preppers in the sense that we do try to have at least a years supply or more of food and other commodities, not for an apocalyptoc event, but for personal "emergencies" that will surely come as night and day. Through the use of effective couponong (not extreme couponing) we have been able to regularly save twomto three ,hundred dollars per month on our grocery bill. We only store what we normally eat, but have some long term staples to enhance our normal diet. With dehydrated and freexe dried food being so expensive and requiring a lot of water to reconstitute as

well as digest ( think constipation), this works well for us and our budget. As far as firearms go, having the latest and greatest

seems to fly in the face of common sense and financial well being of our family. We do have quality firearms that meet our needs that are both reliable, accurate, as well as being logisitically compatible ammo wise. I don,t worry about the television

experts, they are trying to market their programs is all. As for their "advice", most of it is garbage at best as most people will NEVER face the idiotic scenarios that are offered up as probable. Earthquakes, hurricanes, large scale power grid outages are far more likely than an apocalyptical event. You getting laid off or losing the ability to have an income or your pension

Are FAR more likely scenarios that you will experience. We've been through earthquakes, a full scale regional riot, several large brush fire storms and some good old traffic gridlock, so those events have colored my thinking, and I feel comfortable so far with our realistic preparations to date. Hopenthis helps dial down the "pressure" many are feeling.

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Guest survival101

Just a note. The original thread may have been about shelter or preps, but I notice the guy in Atlanta said he spent $10,000. in two years on food stores. He did not say if that included his regular grocery budget. Here's an article that provides data:

By the standards of moderate spending, they haven't spent any additional money, if they have included their actual grocery bill. And, bulk buying does save money. It seems to me that preppers are more careful in meal planning as well.

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