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I wonder if you guys would check out the trauma module I put together on the site. There's an article on it and it's also described in the shop.

Be critical, as I want to tweak it based on your and others' input...


Dr. Bones


Hey Doc, I looked over your kits real quick, and they looked pretty nice. Like Regulator said I'd throw in some nasopharyngeal airways, a couple more Israeli bandages. I use superglue for semi permanent laceration/incision closure, I've had bad experiences with stitches out in the muck and mire, but I've been told they make an actual glue specifically for that. I'd add a few more CAT tourniquets too, I've had good success using them to control severe bleeding until i could get a good pressure dressing, or clotting agent set up. This may just be a matter of taste, but EPI pens, I have a couple in my big trauma bag, and one in my personal kit.


Penetrating trauma to the chest is a possibility, so a bolin chest seal, or tagaderm, and at lest one decompression needle. Also, I know this makes me seem like a barbarian, but I've always had poor results with most medical tape in the middle of the nasty, so I prefer to stock 1" flattened duct tape rolls.


On a side note I was wondering how much experience you've had with the Celox. I've been thinking of switching over to it, but that's a heck of a gamble when I already know how Quick Clot will perform.


Edit; The laminated reference card and a couple for monitoring casualties with a grease pencil is handy like Regulator pointed out.

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Thanks for your input about the trauma module answer some questions, suggestions, and comments...


First, bandage scissors = EMT shears...


About naso-oropharyngeal airways, tracheotomy kits, and hemothorax kits: After thinking about this and looking at 19th century survival stats from chest wounds, I pretty much figured out that they are very likely not survivable in SHTF situations. Although makeshift drainage kits for pneumo/hemothorax can be rigged, the likelihood of infection will make for a drawn-out agonizing death (History buffs: check out President James Garfield's 30 day ordeal before he died from his wounds) in most circumstances.


So I thought to myself, why am I putting a chest kit in this bag if it will be almost impossible to survive that kind of injury? Why put in a trache kit or even a lot of airways when there will be no ventilators/respirators? Remember, your primary goal with this kit is not to stabilize and transfer to the nearest modern trauma center; there are no trauma centers, there are no doctors, there is only you. My kits and book are meant for collapse situations, and I had to decide what was realistically survivable in that circumstance.


Other comments: There is a serviceable sturdy tourniquet, just not a CAT, which I admit in an excellent item. There's a roll of duct tape. Celox is superior to Quikclot due to less heat produced in the wound, but someone told me recently that the Quikclot people have changed their formulation; don't know if this is true. Go to the youtube video "Celox Demonstration" for a gory yet effective look at the product.


Superglue is almost as good as Dermabond and doesn't cost $50 or need a prescription. Epi-pens are also by prescription. I would add this as well and your physician will probably not have an issue giving you a prescription. There are still ethical issues with giving prescription medicine out to people you've never bothered to examine, and epinephrine is a strong drug with significant issues if used incorrectly.


It still amazes me that some doctors charge a fee for you to fill out a questionnaire and then send you drugs through the mail without ever examining you. Isn't a doctor supposed to perform an exam to make sure a medicine is right for a certain problem? Some of these guys have turned it into a real racket, but I think it's unethical and just plain wrong.


By the way, the backpack itself is very spacious and there's plenty of room to add the extra items you mention if you really think you'd be able to manage those issues effectively, or for use in normal times.


I appreciate everyone's input; let me know if I'm way off base on this one...



Dr. Bones

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Ah, thanks for clearing some of that up Doc,

I still think some airway and chest gear would be a good idea, it may be anecdotal, but when I was in A-stan there were a lot of guys I came across who'd survived multiple GSW's to the chest without the aid of a modern trauma center. Army trauma doctrine is now leaning toward sticking a naso in anyone that goes unconscious do to trauma, to ensure the airway doesn't compromise, sad that people have choked on their own tongue sitting in the back of a humvee after a near miss from an IED and no one tried to prevent it.

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I hope it was more a help than a hurt Doc Bones. I have you page BM'd, there's a lot of good info and gear on there.


Oh, I forgot to mention for the tourniquet I'm just partial to the CAT's, any good tourniquet will work, but I like to have multiples, in the event that I have catastrophic blood loss from multiple sites on one casualty, or multiple bleeding casualties. It allows me to get the bloodloss stopped on the less severe while I work on the most and return later to downgrade if needed.


As for the Quick Clot they had issues with people foolishly putting it inside open head traumas and open chest wounds and frying the guy, or getting it in the eyes and causing blindness so they went to a less effective impregnated gauze delivery system with a reformulation that didn't create heat. After having a look at the Celox I think I'll be switching, the granules are a much better delivery system for deep bleeding.


Just my thoughts, I'm not a medical professional, just a guy who's lived through and seen some really bad stuff.

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The same booth had an OD green Red Rock U.S. Navy med bag for $10 bucks. I may just grab it and start making my own kit. You'd think that being an EMT I'd know what to put in it, but I really can't think of a good starting list.


How about something to stop a sucking chest wound. Does not necessarily caused by a firearm. Could be the result of falling on a sharp stick or a bamboo shoot... just saying.

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