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Your Opinon: Top 20 Must have in BOB

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I live in a dense Urban area, my & wife's pack are merely to serve as something to get us somewhere else; for which i also have plans & gear. Being that the thread was asking for 'top 20', my basic essential 'top 20' are also contained in these smaller packs. I dont have any plans on eating ROck City Chipmunks or pigeons or any other urban wildlife. Even most of the squirrels here seem to be of african descent...

M&P .45ACP will work just fine. And giving very serious thought to making a rifle purchse soon. Trust me... this lil pack is just a small fraction of my prep efforts.


awesome. I've found that my 9 is alot more reliable if I rest or replace the clips regularly, however I'm in the middle of a trade for 4 rossi 22/410 kits for my family, so I won't have it much longer anyway. I have the Bodyguard as well, and I've put about 1000 rds thru it. It's stays loaded and I have never had a jam (thanks God).


Take care

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My Mp .45 is brand new and trigger is still a bit stiff. Ive been working to get rid of my 'jerk' by using a MP .22 THe trigger on the Mp .22 is just alot smoother, since its probably had 20k+ rounds through it and is still very nice. Accuracy is nice too. WHen practicing with MP .45 I have to sqeeze trigger alot harder before it goes off. I tihnk its a 3.5 pound trigger.


I have 6clips for the .45 and have been working them in with SnapCaps at home.

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I am guessing Navy means the "black" squirrels Michigan is known for. They are "black" phase grey squirrels and Michigan's lower Peninsula is the only place I've heard of them being common (not sure tho).


And Navy, no worries, they make good gravy as

there is a large population of black squirrel in the omaha/council bluffs area.

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1. bear grylls knife

2. tauras 38 spl + 50 rounds

3. savage .22 + 100 rounds

4. aquamire frontier water straw filter

5. gerber hatchet

6. extra pair of socks

7. extra shirt

8. mini med kit

9. matches, lighter, magnesium firestarter, match blast

10. 5 x 8 tarp

11. stash of silver coins

12. camp kit

13. 3 MRES, 3 odwalla bars

14. camp saw

15. 100 ft of paracord

16. gloves

17. spare pocket knife

18. mora knife

19. canteen

20. deck of playing cards and dice


i have alot more but that would be the top BOB wieghs in at 38 pounds

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It can depend on age.




1 Water and water bottle

2 First aid and medications

3 Tarp/ shelter making materials

4 5 ways to make fire (friction, magna fine glass, matches, 9v battery steel wool, flint steel magnesium l-ighter)


5 Multi tool

6 A fixed blade or good folding knife

7 Fishing and/or trapping materials

8 Good compass

9 If possible, map of area

10 A good flashlight

11 Knife sharpener

12 Camp Shovel

13 Sewing kit

14 Depending on age high FPS air soft rifle or actual gun

15 Duct tape

16 Wd40

17 Emergency radio

18 Spare batteries

19 Strong rope

20 Something to purify water


(Note that these are not i order of what is most important)

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