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Cast Nets?

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Anyone have any experience with them and willing to share?


I've been considering getting on an working with it, when I've seen them used it was for catching bait, but I wonder if it would be possible to live off one as well, could be a bit easier to carry and less to mess with than a full on fishing rig.

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well there is the long answer NO and the short answer NO depends if your near the ocean .


not because they are not useful BUT they get hung on anything and rip

they have lead weights to sink them fast enough to trap the fish so they are not light

It takes a bit of finesse to get one larger than 6 foot in diameter to throw right

and any brush or vines near the bank will hang it up.


they are more for ocean beach use or off a boat or raft.


I would use a minnow Seine or minnow trap 1/4 inch square netting pretty rugged

we would put it i the water and drop in a piece of bread and they would swarm

in or tie it in the center in the mesh itself and that would hold the bait in the center

and in swift streams keep it in place.


the last one the foldaway and small but a large one is a net in itself

in africa they make a one way in like a ridged crab pot but using a seine and poles to make

the corners and keep it in place kinda like a blocked in elongated W the center open allows the fish

in and because he cannot differentiate or has the depth of vision he cannot swim out

similar traps are used for birds with a top over it of course...

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I had wondered this myself at times but even though it looks easy when i've seen people do it I can tell it would probably take a lot of practice and wouldn't really want to have to carry such a bulky piece of equipment even though it could be taken down for many uses.

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I thought about using cast nets at one time, so I called a friend of mine who works with the forest service and his answer was that they are against the law in our state. I would check with the forest service and wildlife office in your state to make sure that you can use them. If the a wildlife officer catches you with them and they are illegal they have the authority to take everything you have with you, including your truck.


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Wow new mexico


i figured they would have some more fair rules Texas has similar if it is against the law

they can confiscate everything on site and you go to the crowbar hotel and loose your right to

hunt and or fish depends on how serious the offense.


we can use cast nets but mostly as i stated before you need room or good technique but the weight

IMO makes them a serious consideration before buying.


I think a seine net is a better choice as it can be used as a camo cover and can be configured with

poles or drug and used as a pillow or any one of many uses to bad they have not combined

a mosquito net a hammock and a seine all in one now that would be useful.

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I used to use one as a kid at the creek & ponds, catching whatever just to see what it was. I remember it being fun but sometimes frustrating. Don't think I'd count on one for survival unless coastal as mentioned above. Weight factor was a good point too.

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Weight wise those nets are heavy and it does take practice to throw them right , I would consider bow fishing before carrying a net, especially if a compound bow is part of your bug out items . Theres a spool with line connected to your bow, get a polarized glasses to see through the water , and stalk your fish like you would game in the woods

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I have an "IMPs net" from Brigade Quartermasters. They are under new owners/management and have quit carrying them. I really like mine, but it takes some improvising to attach weights to use as a cast net, but would be good to stretch across a creek to chase fish into. It also works as a hammock. Carrying a net has many uses, with the weights on a true cast net being the drawback.


I included an article from SC that talks about the nets and uses, plus comments from readers who use or have used nets and improvised what they carry.

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If you want to use a cast net to catch fish it needs to be a 20' net at least. They are a pill to throw and take a lot of practice. As Snake said they are almost totally for salt water. I like and own several smaller sizes and would use them to catch bait for my limb lines in a survival situation. They are heavy though so not very BOB friendly.


What does work and will feed you is gill netting. It is effective in both fresh and salt waters and weighs almost nothing. It is also very illegal in a lot of places these days but that isn't important after the balloon goes up. They are illegal BECAUSE they are so effective. They nearly destroyed the speckled trout and rat redfish fishery in Texas bays before they were outlawed. They were just as effective in fresh waters for rough fish like buffalo and drum. If you used a smaller mesh they would catch other fish.


A seine can also be used to make a weir work without having to work so hard on the weir. You might also consider reading up on catfish hoop nets. That's another extremely effective but illegal method of taking massive numbers of fish... while you're at it look up telephoning catfish. Survival isn't a sport it's life or death. If I'm feeding my family there are not many rules. That's like hunting, hunting is a sport and has rules. If I need a deer to feed hungry kids that's what a spot light is for. When the batteries are gone I'll snare them and then spear them.


A big ole catfish has no predators after it. If you need a big fish go stick your hand in enough holes and hollow logs and one will grab YOU. THEY are the ultimate predator in their world and will bite anything that gets close to them. MAN talk about a thrill!!!! When he grabs you you grab him and the fight is ON!


If you want to know how to really GET fish or game you need to talk up a few redneck poachers and LISTEN to them. They talk about fish as a living and do it every time they go out. The same is true of the game. These ole boys are not always the nicest folks in the world but they can teach you a lot.

Edited by Danm

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After TEOTWAWKI you will need to change your entire attitude towards fishing and hunting. Think about the Indians. An Indian didn't go to catch one fish, He was thinking about the long term and the fact if you are going to smoke and dry fish it is as easy to do a bunch and have food for a month as it is to do enough for a couple of days. Eating hand to mouth is a good way to starve to death. If you think that a survival situation is for a few days or weeks then it is fine but if you think it might last for a long time then you need to think in that direction.


If you eat hand to mouth you will get really hungry it your food supply dries up. If you get hurt or need to be on the move then hunting and fishing gets harder to handle. The fact of the matter is that most "primitive people in the Americas didn't actually have to work all that hard to keep themselves fed for most of the year. They gathered according to what was in season and put up for the tough winter or maybe the mid summer months. The lovely arts and crafts that they did were time consuming and that is exactly what they were for. They spent a lot of time just sort of sitting around and more time was spent on the cultural works than on the actual acts of survival. Net making is an example of a craft that was dual purpose. They often wore clothes that were extravagantly ornate as a show of the fact that they were such great hunters that their women had lots of time and energy on their hands.


SURVIVAL is different. Don't get caught up in the small print. When the fish are biting or what ever catch all you can and then spend the next few days smoking and drying them. When the deer are fat kill several and then get to work drying the meat, tanning the hides and cleaning the bones.


Fishing as we know it is something you do to pass the time when you already have food stored for as long as is feasible. In some areas your dried food will last and keep for a long time and in other wetter areas a month is about as good as you can expect.


In a post apocalyptic world you will have periods where survival is about all that you can hope far. Then there will be even longer period where it is actually pretty easy and that is when you stock up. Learn how to make cordage then read up on net making and learn how to do it and you will never hunger.

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excellent advice, sir. It is a feast or famine world. We miss the point about the ant have leisure time during the winter because he worked his backside off during the summer. The grasshopper just chose the wrong time to be lazy!

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Excelent Post Danm..

take what you can when its you said it takes about the same time and skill to do one pound of meat as it does 20.

I do 14 quarts of vegs at a time,or more..never just 7..

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After TEOTWAWKI you will need to change your entire attitude towards fishing and hunting. Think about the Indians. An Indian didn't go to catch one fish, He was thinking about the long term and the fact if you are going to smoke and dry fish it is as easy to do a bunch and have food for a month as it is to do enough for a couple of days. Eating hand to mouth is a good way to starve to death. If you think that a survival situation is for a few days or weeks then it is fine but if you think it might last for a long time then you need to think in that direction.


great reply bro and i 100% agree with you. (as you knew i would)

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My cousin told me that Smoky Mountain Knife Works had a net that was advertised similiar to the IMPs net I carry for $6 each. They said it could be used as a hammock as well. I thought I'd pass it along. I tried pulling up their website, but it was under updates or some such technical I know they offer a paper catalog as well.

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