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Krav Maga

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that is an hard question having tried and used most I found that they lacked one thing or another

some had a good ground game some had too many kicks or too many overly complicated limb locks

some failed to use the head butt bitting as a technique and some did not use enough judo or jujitsu

or any weapons training until you had a couple of years in.


I love all these new nerve strikes not they wont work but people are not all the same or may not be untrained

Many of our south American visitors were trained by our people some trained by Cuban or Russian advisors

some of the old gang members trained in Karate, Judo, Jujitsu and specific take downs and moves.


Never Assume, you can be fighting and think he is trained in one art only to find he has some other skills

some body builds and limitations need to find what works and try other techniques and add in those that

you can implement because there are no rules in fighting except winning because loosing carries sever penalties


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I would like to politely and repsectfully interject. I posted on a previous board about the advantages and disadvantages of Krav Maga and Mixed martial Arts. This is not meant as a threat or insult to your system or study, just a scientific analysis the I did as a MArine Corps MAIT Instructor while redeveloping and replacing the LINE Program.

See thread on Mixin it Up.

See link:

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If Bruce Lee had learned Red Boat WIng Chun he would have learned the Ground Fighting component called Shuai Jiao and Chin'Na, but he only stayed in the system for 3 years and didn't learn the entire Wooden Dummy Set and all of the Sticky Leg and Slippery Surface Fighting that the Red Boat Wing Chun has. Ip Man lineage does not have the Ground Fighting Component so, with his available resources that particular branch of Wing Chun did not meet his goals. But Red Boat (Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun) meets all the needs for Grappling, GroundFighting, Striking, Trapping, Weapons, etc. This is a very rare lineage though and there are only 2 Master in the World that were trained in the Ground/Grappling, ICE/Slippery Surface, Blindfold, Multiple Opponents/Battlefield.

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