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has anyone seen this camp stove?

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it was given to me. this is the one i have. i WILL NOT trade it for anything, and will gladly put it up against

everything. your thoughts reg?


Rick, it looks good. I'll have to get 1 and do a comparison. The biolite was for Dad, so now I'm still looking for I have the camp stove and small grill for family outings but I always just went with a fire when travelling alone (usually didn't set up a tent either except in hard rain or winter). Of course when considering a long term event (even regional/local disatser), I will incorporate more "creature comfort" to maintain better living conditions. Going a week or even 2 without a modern type shelter (newer tent) is not so bad but going months may be if covering ground and needing to build a new shelter every night.

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Part of me is dismayed that you guys arent giving it a huge thumbs up but thats okay. Just in case I or someone does

need to emergency contact the world out there I like the idea that it can be done . I will have the charger on the stove and on my hand crank, solar, battery radio. You just never know. I like multi purpose things.

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Rick it is a killer stove!!


Now Im going to talk to NavyVet7 about doing a small fan for my Swiss ranger Volcano stove,,


Good stuff...



oh im sure it is. its just not what i would need. beside i dont like the idea of these two things together on the same devise.

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Looks cool but I wait until I find a quality site has some reviews like REI or such if it is something I think I need.


the net is a whirlpool of good and bad and some are pushing old stock of no longer produced equipment or pie in the sky.


I love new technology but some is not durable or water resistant or proof for the great outdoors.


personally I like a solar panel to recharge a motorcycle sized gel cell battery and use a auto recharger or a clip system to charge


AA AAA batteries and 9 volt batteries and cell phones even run a 4 inch computer fan if you need one for comfort start fires with it or 9volt


with 4 ought steel wool and or run 12 volt led lights.


I have a Kaito radio that has a number of charging tips I keep this in a 20MM ammo can with rechargeable batteries and some other electronic


Ammo can view and dimensions


and battery operated gear to protect it from EMP


A mp3 player loaded no battery installed

Kaito model 500 radio

shake flashlight because of the magnate I keep it on the other side of the box from the electronic devices

{never put near the screen of a TV or computer it will damage some types of them}

a few 4 inch computer fans

battery flashlight 3AA battery LED type NO BATTERIES {LED's use resistors I have no way of knowing if EMP could damage them so I protect them}

9volt battery led flashlight no Battery connected.

Batteries about 6 to 12 for each AA AAA 9 volt and a couple of D's and C's you can use spacers and use a smaller battery or clips and or bare wire

to connect a larger battery D in place of a C etc. as long as the voltage is the same, I keep them in battery holders in my box also.


I use the battery holders with snap connectors makes it easy to connect to devices


AGM motorcycle batteries look for the maximum amp hours for your buck can be charged off a vehicle or solar panel or

generator with a charger do not let them go below 11 volts @ 10 volts they may not charge back unless they are

deep cycle rechargeable and rated for that kind of consumption.


I do not get too wound up about stoves a number 10 can with a church key {old school can opener} holes around the side top and bottom edge

leaving bottom in makes a great stove and you can empty and refill with sticks grass coal cow chips whatever natural fuel you can find and take it too your next location.

you can wire the top to use small pans and pots or use a round wire rack on top I find them all the time at garage sales for a buck or less.


The 20 MM ammo can is a great storage unit and can be used as a seat or foot stool and protects against EMP insulate all stuff inside in paper or card board box to prevent contact with the metal interior or like I did used chloroplast {plastic cardboard} and lined the interior and a cover to top it then I close the can.

they are a bit heavy but it keeps all your equipment in one place I can back up to my building load up in 5 minutes food fuel water and equipment and

camp gear and be gone in an emergency that is what you want speed.

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