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community college welding schools

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alot of community colleges and trade schools have welding classes that are federally subsidized, making them extremely cheap to take. the local one (pre slow econ and budget cuts, dont know current cost) ended up being under $200 not including tools for 3 semesters of full time welding coarses and they offer lots of full time employment skills classes, worth looking into if only to get use on nice industrial machines and learn a few tricks while your at it

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good Idea


welding changed the world just as much as the wheel they use to hot rivet plate steel to make

tanks and such it sucked bolts, nails and screws were also a boon to America.


there is so much going on in this field as in specialty welding of exotic metals it a science unto itself

and a cunning person can make a living making a custom part or invention or even a small repair shop.

depending on where you live and the need in the area.


great post

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Texas Bill


get you a used cracker box machine some P5 rods, 7018 rods and steel scrap and draw little circles

with the tip of the rod if it sticks your too slow or the machine is set too low


trail and error bud after a while its like riding a bike and they may not be pretty but functional

and a good 4 inch grinder and have fun one of my first projects was a wind chime for my father

farm & ranch shop in school...

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I want to advise you in the best direction to go what are your other choices?


or what else do you want or like to do?


welding is fantastic when the economy is good and the sh*ts when the economy is bad


the worst part is welders have to go where the work is and when if it's -20 below


your there if it is 120 and rising your still there.


specialty welding is the one area where you may find work inside welding exotic metals


but you have to have all the experience of basic welding so it is another step and money.


welding today is all technology and independents own their own rig a minimum of a


1 ton truck {gas guzzler} and a welding machine {diesel is best but more expensive}


all your tools many around east Texas have had to move to south Texas where the


work is.


it is a gypsy life style and you need a travel trailer to get to and be able to move to


the next HOT job area, and as in all BOOM towns cost for everything is high rent food




I have known some who have a shop and do small work some farm and equipment is not


small but you have to have an area that can support you with work and you have to


have a parking working area to hold 6 trucks and trailers.


as a drive to work welder it is long drives to the work depending where you live


if there is no work where you live then welding will not be doing much better


around here all the trades are suffering consider well before you say I am all in



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I'm already in school I'm going for fire protection technology (fireman basically) and it just doesn't seem to be working out, besides that I know I'm going to have to move to a bigger city in order to find a job and I'd really like to move back home. My hometown is very rural and I can imagine there is quite a bit of need for a good welder, besides that rent is pretty cheap. and i appreciate the opinions snake.

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Tryin, have you considered something like a fabricator? Its not as specialized as just welding, but you would still need to know how to weld well. Basically someone would come to you with something broken, and you either repair it, or make new one from scratch.


I know growing up on a farm that we were always taking broken equiptment in to have it repaired. If your home town is rural it might be something to consider. The downside is, you need a LOT of equiptment. Basically everything you would see in a high school metal shop.


But when it comes to someone handy at making things, it is amazing what a good fabricator can make.

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