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Self Defense Training

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judo jujitsu and krav maga


I use what I need at the moment but you have to have the basics down or you will not know your options

having said that head butting and knowing how to and not crack your own nut remember falling down {dead weight} can be your friend if your enemy grabbed you unaware and that a head lock is way worse for them than for you.


Noses ears eyes balls and joints are all good places to exert force shin dragging rabbit punching finger breaking

bitting scratching gouging elbows clapping the ears flat hading the nose and other to numerous to mention

cheats and size does matter it changes how they will attack and you will defend or vice versa.


A new acquaintance heard a story about me and thought he would see if he could use a police technique to

hold me as I was exiting a door way he pounced trying a combination arm wrist lock I chicken winged him with the other arm in the side of the head and spun him around.

out side I would have allowed the wrist maneuver and rolled with it and kicked him in the head.


there are no hard and fast rules you have to know your balance and feel and see your opponents to guess the best maneuver to counter the next, because if you think there is only going to be one move and your the winner you will probably get a surprise.


for those not experienced with fighting it is a long road and dojo fighting is not anything like street fighting

physiologically or physically it helps as a training aid but nothing prepares you better

but an iron broom that plants you on the asphalt or a horse kick that compresses your "sack" or pelvis into a

squashed fig is going to be more detrimental in a parking lot as no referee will be there to stop the stomp fest after you hit the ground.


I like the black jack { roll of quarters in a pair of black silk socks} it is a hell of a lot easier IMHO.

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hi all

did someone mention blackjack, i am.many arts are good.but if you can't get the right mind set, it becomes a good exercise.there are 4 zones in fighting,1 to close to punch,2 punching zone,3 kicking range,4 just past kicking.most arts are weak in at least 1 range,some 2.when looking for a art,make sure you are strong in the 4.your weakness can easily be your down fall.

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I would recommend that you pay more attention to the Instructors skill at teaching and look at their practicality. I've been to many Phillipino, Kali, Etc. Schools Just because they have the name of a system with a good reputation, we all know that the Instructor could be terrible. Also within every system of combat there are various different schools/styles of that particular system. Consider each name the category of Ice Cream, but within that category you have various different branches/styles we will refer to as flavors of Ice Cream.

Krav Maga has several different branches/styles/organizations or Flavors

Phillipino: has many different flavors some are better than the others, but still boils down to Instructor

Kali: Has many different family styles we will refer to as flavors also


So i recommend that you compile a list of styles and schools you are interested in with the a list of all your key goals and needs, then go in and check out every single one of those schools and compare so you can feel the Instructor and Style, and then compare your list. I always tell all of my potential students that try my free class to do this. They always come back to me and ask when they can begin as a commited student. If any school is hesitant to recommend that you test drive every system out that you are interested in then i would walk away from them. Think about it when you invest alot of money into something do you do it blindly or do you typically do some research and evaluations before you invest alot of money. You should do the same when you are looking at getting Hand to Hand Combat Training since you will be investing money into it for the duration of your training.

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