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Ear infections and otoscopes

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One of the things we've found most useful in preventing / stopping ear infections is a quick visit to the chiropractor. Often an ear infection (otitis media) is contributed to by clogged / pinched eustachian tubes. A chiropractic adjustment can help open these passages back up. So far its kept us from needing to go the antibiotic route for our young kids when they've had an ear infection. Something else that often helps is an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen (NEVER aspirin for kids!). This can reduce swelling which will help the eustachian tubes open up and begin draining too.


This brings up an aside - if you have children, consider adding some of the liquid ibuprofen to your supplies. Often families only have the liquid acetaminophen / tylenol. Most of the time, tylenol is what is recommended for fever and pain. However, Ibuprofen also works for fevers (though not as well as tylenol in my opinion), can be given less frequently (lasts 6 hours vs tylenol's 4) and has additional anti-inflammatory properties that tylenol doesn't. In my home, fever = tylenol while ear ache/ swelling from a bump/ teething = ibuprofen. The other thing to remember is that too much tylenol is very toxic to the liver, while too much ibuprofen can lead to stomach ulcers and bleeding issues (slows coagulation times) Food for thought :)


Regardless of the treatment tried, it is important to remember the risks of allowing an ear infection to perist or progress for too long. Two of the big risks can be hearing damage / loss, and bacterial meningitis (in far progressed or neglected cases). If you try something early on and it isn't working, call or go see your Dr. In a disaster / collapse situation with no access to the right care, its time to try a different method and maybe consider some of those antibiotics you may have on hand. Bones / Amy, which antibiotics do you most commonly see used for otitis media?

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