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EDC/extra storage bag tip

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I have a get home bag with me at work every day. I'm a FedEx courier and my route takes me up to 120 miles from home each day. My bag isn't full or heavy, but it's got enough supplies in it that I could survive for three days walking home. But I was always digging through it to get to my lunch or something that dropped down in the bottom of it. No more! I was up in the attic and came across a small travel bag for a CPAP machine. It's only about 8 or 9 inches square by 4 or 5 inches deep, but it holds all of my little stuff that I need every day. My lunch, my ecig stuff, a lighter, a knife, my keys, wallet, small flashlight, a can of mandarin oranges for a snack, a pastic fork, contact case and spare eyeglasses.

The funny thing is that it had been up there for two years and I just looked at it as more attic junk. After it occurred to me that I had a use for it, everything I see has suddenly taken on secondary uses!

My wife has started calling me the Junk Man because I can find a useful purpose for everything. You would be amazed at how many uses a spring loaded eyeglass case has!

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