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It seems to me that these inserts would be virtually useless for anything but making noise and wasting ammo. The barrel and its rifling are going to give you your accuracy. Imagine how accurate a .22 slug is going to be coming out the end of a .410 shotgun. Sure it will fire the shell, but if it just rattles down the barrel and flies off in god knows which direction it is just a waste of ammo. Spend the money and buy a good slingshot instead. Lots of rocks around never runs out of ammo.




the bullet does not rattle down the barrel it is gone before it is able to contact it at all.


accuracy is not perfect but serviceable at 15 to 20 yards and some better

so do not think it will damage your firearm it wont.

I have used inserts for my shotguns and never had a problem some are better

than others and have rifled steel liners inside the aluminum shell.

its better than running out of shells and no options at all consider that.


I have used a 45 LC in a .410 I do not advise it at all but it was just like shooting a slug.


think real hard if a bullet struck the inside of your barrel it would scratch a

gouge out of it so why would a company do that they wold be liable for

damage, right.


this is not a new concept and is safe as well as a alternative.

they work well in 410 derringers and such also


like the old commercial "try em' you'll like em' "



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Well, I'll be damned. I had no idea these things existed. Problem solved! Thanks, Snake
. They also make .22 inserts for 26 mm flare guns thought that was interesting and .32 acp insert for .303 enfields going to try one soon

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