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prepped BOB

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i have 3 BOB's already made and prepped, i am asking $450.00 for each bag, total weight with full canteen is 21 lbs. list is below of what comes with the BOB. you can either pick up if you are in the NOVA area, or pay S&H and i will send it to you. if you have special needs for you BOB let me know and i will be happy to prep a bag for you.


1. rio grand backpack

2. military poncho/tent

3. first aid kit

4. combat survival tin ( compass, whistle, candle, fishing kit, waterproof survival instructions, 25 wind & waterproof matches, pencil, sewing kit, multi use flexible wire saw w/split rings (can be used as a bow saw or snare wire), water tablets, safety pins, fire lighting flint and striker and multifunctional knife w/fold out scissor)

5. camp towel

6. survival bag (aka hypothermia bag)

7. 36 hour survival candle

8. folding stove

9. 2 canned heats for stove

10. unbreakable mirror

11. 3 MRE's

12. 6 emergency water puches

13. canteen

14. metal canteen cup

15. water purification tablets

16. spork

17. 6 meal replacement bars

18. kobar combat knife

19. bandana

20. mini mag flashlight

21. 6 AA batteries

22. 4 light sticks

23. US army issue survival manual

24. alcohol wipes

25. letherman 12 use multi tool

26. 6 tent stakes

27. crank powered radio

28. 100 feet of para cord

29. gloves

30. emergency survival blanket


if you want something added like a pocket chainsaw, boots, tactical knee pads, they can be easily added to the kit, just let me know what you need and if i have surplus of it already i can add it for less than store cost.



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