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What to get first in bob?

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Don't know if this is the right place for this question, but here goes .... As I was reading Barbie.Dragon's intro, and being new to building a BOB , what is of most importance in the build to acquire first ? Knowing money is tight, especially in this economy, and of course in my case having to build 4 for each of my family. I want to also build it so my daughter can take it with her to college this year . So list your ideas/info as to what to acquire, and in what order of importance.

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Hey are right money is very tight in this economy...but when I started building my BOB's a total of 3 I started with the basic's


Shelter......I bought some tarps at WalMart that were on sale in the camping supplies section


Fire Building Kit.......Really cheap to build.....Bic Lighter, Lent from your dryer, Cotton Balls.....


Food....... I started with a 3 day supply of MRE's ordered from A Army Surplus Store


Water and someway to purfier it


Protection.....Just any kind of fixed or drop point knife don't have to be top of the line right now


Hope this helps you out and I can also send you pictures of my Get Me Home Bag to give you some ideas

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hey homegrown,

i would definitely start with the actual bag. a comfortable bag is the most important part when the SHTF and you have to walk 10-20 miles a day. i recommend a surplus store for this as you can get military grade bags for cheap. after that lets go with the basics

1. fire (just as ruger said) and if you are not confident in your skills an egg carton fire starter is great to have

2. shelter a pup tent, or tarp and a sleeping bag are not only good to have but necessary

3. survival knife- tp 5 reasons not to skimp on the survival knife? (hunting, tool making, wood splitting, navigation, and rope cutting) things you will do constantly in the rough

4. water- purification tablets,straws, filtration system, one or a combination of those plus a way to carry it (canteen, nalgene etc.)

5. paracord--- there are so many uses for this stuff i wont write them all but check it out here ( light weight and strong as hell, definately something i keep with me at all times.


after that take your time, build it up to your needs, especially if you have medications you need I.E. inhailers, epi pens, etc. you dont wanna be buggin out and not be able to breath.

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Shadowplyr, thanks for the ideas .. Got boots and pack from my military days, bought my knife , food , and firestarter from our very own survival store ( need to support our forum you know ) right now I'm working on a good ultralite tent and a water purifier. As most fathers , I worry for my kids and how they'll make it . I' m starting to get them to at least once a month to learn to use all things being put together in their and my bob ...

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Ruger92..appreciate your pictures , going to take a good long look at everything , hard to believe it all fits in that bag!! I'm also on the hunt for another bag since my good friend asked to borrow my bag for his trip back into the desert .... less most of its contents of course

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Yeah the bag came from WalMart just as most of the other stuff did too, sincw these pictures were taken I have added 1 day more of MRE's, Change of clothing (1 Winter BDU Top and 1 Winter BDU Paints), 2 mag's for the Kal-Tec, First Aid Kit and 4 Water Bottles and it fits with some room left

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Hey Homegrown here are some photo's of my Get Me Home Bag...hope this helps you out my friend[ATTACH=CONFIG]476[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]477[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]478[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]479[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]480[/ATTACH]


AWESOME!!!!! I've been hoping for some pictures of someones bag!!! It's easier for me to understand it if I can see it.

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I have the same bag in my truck, it squishes pretty flat behind the seat which I like. It doesn't have a great suspension for hauling much weight for long distances, but my truck kit doesn't weigh that much anyway. I try to keep my truck kit light and fairly cheap in case it gets stolen. I'd recommend it for a GHB packing light, but for a BOB a higher quality waterproof bag with a comfortable suspension would be better. I have an Eberlestock J34 pack for this that I use for hunting also which helped justify the cost. I keep my bug-out kit in the optional Eberlestock spike camp duffel that zips onto the J34 pack when needed. I'd recommend going to a large sporting goods store and trying on some packs to see what fits you and then buying a decent one for a BOB. If you find one you like that is to expensive look for a used one on ebay or in the classifieds on forums. It will have to hold up to alot of abuse while carrying a good deal of weight comfortably over distances if it is needed in a bad situation. It is nice to have a way to strap bulky gear like sleeping bags/pads or tents to the bottom to save room inside the bag for things you may pack or aquire also.

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Hey Homegrown here are some photo's of my Get Me Home Bag...hope this helps you out my friend[


Thanks for the pics, looks pretty similar to my set-up in that bag. I don't have pics, but here is what is in mine


-small bic lighter


-vaseline coated cotton balls

-ziplock of lint

-4 wetfire cubes

-4 Mountain House 2 serving meals

-Source 70oz hydration bladder

-potable aqua tablets

-pop can alcohol stove and bottle of Heat

-small nesting Coleman 2pc cook set with

-4 cliff bars

-10 tea bags


-4 oatmeal packets

-2 hot chocolate packets

-paracord 100ft

-trotline cord 262lb braided, 1 roll 143ft

-trash bags 2 50 gallon heavy contractor type

-military poncho/tarp

-Grabber space blanket/tarp

-emergency candles (2)

-Stainless steel water bottle

-Coglans tube tent

-Headlamp (rayovac with lithium batteries, batteries backward so they don’t drain)

-First aid kit with packets of: sunscreen, bug repellant, sting eze, poison ivy cleaner, cortisone,


-gauze pads

-vet wrap (1 roll)

-quick clot (1 sponge)

-athletic tape

-spare ferrocium rod

-Duck tape 50ft roll 2” wide tape

-Frontier water filter straw

-spare lighter

-snares (7 pre-made coyote size cable snares + 1 roll snare wire+ 30 12” 30lb wire leaders)

-Gerber sport axe 18” hatchet (sharpened, came pretty dull)

-SOG field pup knife 4” Aus 8 blade (with Gerber multi-tool in pocket on sheath)

-Stihl folding saw

-Smith’s 2 sided diamond sharpener w/ hook groove coarse & fine stones

-disposable scapel


-green limbline cord partial roll

-insect repellant (100% deet pen)

-blank CD (signaling)

-Adventure medical bivy sack

-nylon shell, fleece lined jacket

-expedition weight long underwear

-wool socks


I also keep an unloaded short barrelled 20 gauge single shot and 50 rounds of mixed ammo behind the seat. I am legal to carry the shotgun this way where I am, and it is a cheap but functional one. I have the tools to remove the stock to carry it in the bag also if necessary. If I had the shotgun purchase to do over again I'd get a model designed to break down and switch barrels instead of my fixed barrel model. It would break down to pack and reassemble much quicker and easier. Alot of my time is spent in remote areas so my kit is geared that way, and the shotgun would be good for subsistence hunting. My handgun isn't part of the GHB, but the handgun and ammo are in the truck to add when needed.

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