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$50 for prepping

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I make some spare money via eBay although that isn't going perfect right now, I have made $50 and bought some things I needed.


I bought multiple pocket knives, mostly spring assisted but 1 is a sturdy handle one.


I bought dogtags, a zippo, a fishing net, a military paracord bracelet, seeds, and a few things here and there.


But I actually have $50 and need to buy some things for prepping, what would you recommend? I need to make a Bug out Bag soon, but if I buy the bag I wont have much too add. But I was considering getting an ALICE bag, but people said there very uncomfortable. And I would have to get it used...


BUT, what should I spend my $50 on? And I might be getting $30 in a week so what should I spend that on?


What I was considering was:


A good knife,


A backpack,


Pepper spray (only $10 on sale right now)


Non GMO, homegrown seeds (I have some).


Investing in long-term items that may go up.


Investing back in my small business which is buying and re-selling things (it works out fairly well)


A grow light too grow my seeds inside because its too cold outside.


Old coins from 1940 or less (which I have been collecting forever)


A 16gb flash drive.


Or what should I get? I'm not sure, at the moment I'm not interesting in stockpiling food, but would rather get things to make food myself or something.


One thing I've really wanted (but cost $200) is a rappelling rope, I know how to make a rope-bridge and how to tie rappelling knots and how to rappel.


I'm just so puzzled, I've never had money before like this every in my whole life so its a new thing too me. What should I spend it on?



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MHO, I'd save it til i got the 30, then spend 80 to reinvest for ebay, that'd way hopefully your return would be bigger than 80, and spend that on more ebay items to keep reinvesting, jus flipping over foward, snow balling til you had 500, once your flipping 500 dollars easily, then stash away 100 dollars and jus save it to buy your prepping stuff.


you'll want to make a list of goals too, of what you'll want to buy. first a 50 dollar goal, then 100, 300, and 500. Keep those goals next to your money, it helps keep you focused on what you want vs. being frivilous one night.

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Another way that you can keep track of what you want to buy is to make some folders in your bookmarks on you browser. Have a "Bug Out Bag" or "prepping" folder, and in that folder have bookmarks of things you want. That way, if you're torn between backpacks or water filters, you can open both pages and compare them.

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Growing food is a great idea, but what are you going to eat until the crop is harvested? What if the harvest fails? Ours did this summer due to the drought in Texas.


As Crazy Rebel suggested, I'd save it, at least for now. Without regard to price, I'd make a list of things that I needed (not wanted, that is a different list) for my preps. Spend a few days filling it out; review it; think about it; if you're of a religious mindset, pray over it; then rearrange the order if needed. Don't get discouraged by the size of the list. The largest prepper group in the world (the US MILITARY) has a need/want list that runs into the hundreds of billions of dollars and they still do have everything. As the Chinese wisely pointed out, a journey of a thousand miles starts out with a single step.


Once the list is made, start shopping for the number one item. If it costs $100, then make a plan to get the remaining $50 and stick to it until you have the number 1 item. Then move on to #2 and so forth. It is always tempting to settle for what you can afford now, it may help you be better prepared but if you do than, you have just pushed back your number 1 item.


Remember, the list is what you NEED to have to improve your survival. Not what you want or what is more comfortable. Survival is about your needs. Once you are comfortable that your needs are met, then start on the wants.

I hate questions like this because then I have to review what I'm doing and recognize some of my priorities are wants. GRUMP! I guess I'll move them to the proper list.

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Lol yeah Capt Bart I see what your saying. For some reason my mind is set on need-wants. Cool things I could use, but is mostly just and excuse because I was it, AKA Zippo, Rope, Knives, A Katana. I usually am buying things like these, or video games because I'm still bored during the day and stuff. But a list is a good idea.

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There is nothing wrong with wants, I have a few myself.:) The trick is to make sure you know that you are buying a want and that if it delays the purchase of a need, you are OK with that. I have a few needs that are long term, it must last more than 18 months, kind of things. The odds are very good I'll not get to that point, ever, so if I am comfortable with postponing the purchase for a month, I can get what I want now, well, that is a decision for me to make and live with. Sometimes the wants can be psychologically good for us. I did not NEED that Kay Bar knife my wife got me this past May. But it felt good in my hand, I feel more comfortable using it and well, heck, I wanted it! We just have to make adjustments to our plans. The key is not to make those adjustments so often that you never get to the needs, especially the short term needs.

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There are a lot of basic Needs that are not too expensive, think food,water,shelter. Read how to get these things with the bare minimum and build up from there. I cannot afford a tent right now but I have read a lot about different shelters that can be made with debris and what not. I could afford a solar blanket,small tarp,and paracord which could make a big difference in the cold or rain/snow. Those things cost me about 11 bucks and I can save for a tent or something else. I know that there will be certain things I do not want to think cheap on like boots and tech and protection. But you def have to buy cool things, that's just science, cannot be avoided, it's a force greater than gravity. Lists help a lot, I break mine up so I don't carried away, I'll plan to spend X and spread that out the best I can to cross some things off the list.

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id invest in four things. a .177 pellet rifle. you can skin and eat what you kill. buy the sharp end pellets and bbs for it. 2 . a good sturdy knife that has a built in compass and survival stuff inside, fishing line, hooks, sewing needle ,and a wire saw. 3. id purchase a magnesium striker for fire making 4 an old boyscout hand

book, pre 1980 , can be found at a bookstore used. it can teach you everything you need to know about the outdoors and survival ...thankyou

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Excellent advice, sir. You can also get the BSA Handbook on the Bay of E if there isn't one close in. My personal preference is for a whistle with the compass in it. It was about $2 at Academy. I'd want a better Compass (under $10) for serious use but the small one is a backup for general directions. Those for things are an excellent first prep. When coupled with food and water it is an excellent start. I keep my line needle etc in an Altoids can - I prefer my knife to be solid - nothing to say the knifes with the storage areas are no good, just a personal bias. The only thing I'd add is a good Swiss Army knife. That folder with its various blades and tools is excellent, not obviously "prepper stuff" and I use mine all the time.

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I re-invested and it paid off a bit. At One point I had $200. Right now I have about $90. I bought some Junk food for $10, 5 2 dollar bills, $10, Bought a new video game $60 and spent some money here and there $30.


Yeah I didn't use it well but, while I was sharing some junk food with a friend and talked about the videogame I bought he said I might get a job soon for someone he knows. Right now I'm kinda just letting things go.... I don't have a job, were low on food but not starving, we do get foodstamps which help. I am planning on getting a job when I turn 18 (in 2 months). Then getting a car ASAP. Then going to college, while prepping. Right now I am enjoying the little time I have left to be lazy, because I know when I'm 18 I'ma have too do a lot of work and stuff. But its also easier to get a job.


I still prep, don't get me wrong, I save up spare things that might be worth a lot when S does HTF. I bought 1,000 tobacco seeds on eBay and now 200 are growing perfectly but its not planting season so I'ma have to keep them indoors, which means only a few plants will live.


I don't smoke, and never will be a "smoker" but this is good practice for real farming, and it saves my parents money on ciggarettes (hopefully). I also used some of the money to mail my Uncle some seeds because hes a big prepper. $10 for 3/4 an acre aint bad.


Hopefully it will all work out.

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Something Bart mentioned in another thread was buying and exchanging rolls or quarters (or dimes or nickels too) on a regular basis to hopefully find silver coins, that takes the $10 to start but your good after that, I havent found any yet doing that but it has def become part of my routine. There are a lot of success stories going around as far as ebay goes, I have actually started getting into it myself, hoping to turn in into decent paycheck. Also looking to start a garage/basement/attic cleanout business to grow an inventory. If nobody will hire me, I'll start my own business and they aren't invited!!!

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I agree with a lot of people here in saying that if this is the most money you have had in a long time you should keep saving. Money in itself can be useful in a SHTF even. Having said that there are only four very basic things that you have to have. #1 A knife that you can count on, it sounds like you have a knife already though if you can I would suggest a full tang instead of a folder.#2 a means to make fire, a simple lighter will do, strike anywhere matches are very handy and can be picked up most places that sell matches, or a fire striker. #3 a way to transport water, a simple water bottle will do but I suggest a metal one so that you can boil water in it. #4 a bag to gather other supplies in. I feel these are the very basic supplies everyone needs and in reality you can do very well with these items. Because these tools help you build, hunt, cook, gather. Hope that helps.......and thanks for reminding me what is important and put my wants aside

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I agree with a lot of people here in saying that if this is the most money you have had in a long time you should keep saving. Money in itself can be useful in a SHTF even. Having said that there are only four very basic things that you have to have. #1 A knife that you can count on, it sounds like you have a knife already though if you can I would suggest a full tang instead of a folder.#2 a means to make fire, a simple lighter will do, strike anywhere matches are very handy and can be picked up most places that sell matches, or a fire striker. #3 a way to transport water, a simple water bottle will do but I suggest a metal one so that you can boil water in it. #4 a bag to gather other supplies in. I feel these are the very basic supplies everyone needs and in reality you can do very well with these items. Because these tools help you build, hunt, cook, gather. Hope that helps.......and thanks for reminding me what is important and put my wants aside

Add a little rope and maybe some duct tape and that is a pretty good, basic kit.

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I do a lot of prepping $50 at a time, usually by adding a few things to my cart when I am already shopping. Knives are great and might make good trade items, but at the grocery store I might set aside a 20 lb bag of rice, a ten lb bag of flour, a couple cases of bottled water and whatever canned goods are on sale 2/$1. At the Dollar Store I will pick up extra NiCad batteries, freezer bags (good for all kinds of storage), alcohol, band-aids, and other first aid basics (building first aid bags for all my vehicles, BOBs, and home is kind of a hobby of mine). At Tractor Supply, it may be another set of animal traps that are on sale and a roll of barbed wire while I am picking up feed.


My point, in a long winded way, is that I prep in a gradual, practical way as I go about my other business. I know some folks that do the bulk buy method and to each their own, but for me $50 at a time is a good days work preparing for the times to come.

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just save your money it is a habit that will serve you well forever


do you live in an urban environment or more toward the countryside?


I would save for a 12 gauge single shot if your money is slim a used topper or NEF similar

they can be broken down into 2 pieces actually three the fore stock barrel and the receiver/butt stock

but the barrel fore stock can be attached together.


a pellet gun I am on the fence a pellet gun one capable of high enough speed is not cheap, I would

save and get a single shot 22 there are no powder shells that use only priming to fire very quiet

just as quiet as a pellet gun the company name Colibre for the subsonic shells and any thing beyond.

but in some areas a pellet gun is not an innocent item check your local laws especially in an urban area.

so what is the point to some area any projectile slinger is a gun period.

and both the 22 and 12 gauge are very capable of hunting any game in north America and defense.

A 50 cal ammo can holds about 300 12ga shells a bandoleer 25 and 1 butt stock elastic bandoleer 6

331 shells bought over time you would not even notice


buy both used as many people are needing money and sell the things that they feel are excessive or

redundant in their collection and a single shot was all or fore fathers had they won a nation and kept

food on the table.


I think I saw you are from New Hampshire at 18 you can own a long gun


gives you more reach than a sharp stick.


having a Swiss army knife I think the explorer / the one that has the magnifying glass

a stated by capt bart


everything else garage sales and re sale shops independent dollar stores salvation army and goodwill

I got 4 of my back packs for about 6 to 10 dollars each and all are worth 50+ dollars each

and even got a mess kit for a buck bag of candles for 3 bucks on and on


lots of luck

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You can also go to places like Good Will, Dollar Stores, garage sales, etc for some of the basics on the cheap. If you have a for your city you can scan it regularly and probably find some things for free.

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The only other thing that I could add to this:


When you buy, buy quality. Don't buy cheap shit because you can afford it at the time, save a little more and get something that will last.


Because when push comes to shove your well being may well be ridding on the gear you have.

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$50 can go a long way to get the Basics


Look at the contents of several different complete 72-hour kits. Purchasing a cheap kit probably isn't very wise, just examine the contents listed. Save twice as much money, piece together your own kit getting the same type of items, just much better quality. Most things on this world, you get what you pay for.


However, i agree with others on this thread. Wait and save up another $50, and get something really worth having, of better quality. I strongly urge you to just read posts in this forum under 'Survival Discussion' to get tips on what to get based on the environment you live in.


Putting together a complete survival pack (BOB or Bug-out-Bag) may take some time. Deciding what to include should be taken seriously, as each item, may at some point save your life.

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Guest survival101

I agree that saving it is good, but, speaking as one almost constitutionally unable to save money, I'm going to say spend it. Make the list. If you have $50, pick some stuff off the list. Especially if you are at the beginning of the prepping journey. It will reinforce your desire to earn more money to have a go at the list again. If you don't, you may lose interest, and the money may go elsewhere in a distracted moment. Then, you will not have prepped anything at all. If you get a good running start, even if you have a lapse, you will return to your preparations. So, spend it on what you can afford, and buy quality. My opinion.

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