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$50 for prepping

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In my humble opinion I agree w/ survival101. Do what you can, when you can. My wife and I have utilized "couponing" I hate the term, I prefer the term shopping smarter to amass a rather impressive stock of household items.


By reducing the cost of daily items, such as shampoo, body wash, toiletries, canned goods, etc. we have been able to get more for our money. At present we have anywhere from a 6 month to 1 year supply of non food items and about a two month supply of canned goods. Admittedly we are not truly at the state of comfort that i would like but we are getting there.


Keep up the good work and just buy what you can when you can. Best of luck.

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Haven't been on in a while but quick update,


I have acquired more money whilst being lazy with no job, gonna have one real soon, for now I'm buying the best investment I can. Seeds, they pay off 10 fold if you can do it right, 20 seeds = $1-$3. The end result is 20 plants (+/- 5) that all produce food you can eat. Food is what makes you healthy and maintain life. The only problem, selling it, how do you do that without opening a business or paying massive fees, etc...

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im not sure what the question is...but if its what gets the most bang for your buck as far as prepping / survival...for 50 bux id have to say very good knife and sharpening stone, couple bottles of rubbing alcohol, metal canteen, flint/striker spool of 100lb test line hooks and a huge bag of rice... with that your knife could make a series of tools or weapons make a fish trap cut up pop cans to make alcohol stove alcohol serves purposes for antiseptic as well as alcohol stove 100lb test line you can use for fishing or small game snares..50 bux if spent well can keep you hydrated fed and safe for a good while

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Check this out instead:

I once bought this kit using a $50 gift card I had to Bed Bath and Beyond for my girlfriend at the time - just to cover the basics. It's for 2 people for 72 hours. Same price, twice the stuff... you might think about it as opposed to the kit I quoted in NavyVet's post. Don't let the "Bed Bath and Beyond" label dissuade you, Ready America is pretty well-equipped to handle the bare essentials of survival.

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Everybody gave you some great advice. When I started prepping I was pretty disorganized.


Let me give you some simple advice. I would do a progressive apporoach starting with a get home bag, BOB and full blown preps.


I have a wife and three kids. I know I have to get home before I do anything. I don't want to carry a large bag full of expensive items in my car to get stolen in Houston.


Get Home Bag

Small Backpack

# Description

1 Keltec .380

50 .380 Cal Ammo

1 Pocket Knife

1 Compass (Silva)

1 Small 1st Aid Kit

1 Googles

1 Multi-Tool

1 Flashlight (one set extra Batteries)

1 Hydration Bladder to fit in backpack

1 Radio /weather (Small, Crank)

1 Zip Lock Bags (2 - quart, 1 - gallon)

1 Disposable Poncho

2 Lighter

1 Hard Candy (Lifesavers Bag)

1 Map of Houston

1 Work Gloves

1 Surgical Mask

1 Tennis Shoes

1 GPS (Iphone)


Probaly the most important items in the bag are the shoes. I have to wear dress shoes everyday. Just a quick list and some thought,


Happy Prepping


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