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bob leeper

black powder rifle as a viable alternative to other personal weapons

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hey all, i use my 44 cal bp pistol as my personal defense weapon. 20 grains and a painted snap cap , ive never had a hang fire or misfire(yet) . i tried different powders goex and

pyrodex and i shoot str8 and accurately with either. for my rifle, i have a sidelock 50 made

by CVA and i shoot 70 - 90 grains pyrodex, 185 to 200 gr slug or 124 gr. patched round ball

which i pour myself using all the wheel weights i get from the walmart for free..every three months i get about 40 to 100 lbs of free lead and i have a connection who makes all my moulds (molds)for practically nothing . 5 bucks and a 6 pack of beer..

the reason i say it is a viable weapon for self defense, well, it shoots when i tell it to

and all the venison in my freezer over the past 25 years and though its not as fancy as a glock or other nitro shooter it gets the job done , plain and simple, both weapons.

the 44 pistol can blow apart a 6 inch wooden post , leaving it in splinters . imagine what it

will do to a body??? and the fifty is a breeze to load shoot and reload in ten seconds or so

and by then i have the 44 in hand .. yeah i have a high powered rifle in the inventory as well

as a few handguns using modern ammo , but in a cinch , the old timey method works just as well as anything else...opinions? happy hunting bubba

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as a kid i made my first rifle they are easy to make and make powder for


just make sure you got plenty of caps and nipples as they are not so easy to make LOL


also taps for your nipples and a handle also a hand operated drill and some bits.


here is another IDEA


when I was a kid i saw many versions with out a stock ~ ;-}

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Bob, I agree with "front stuffers" being a very viable option (I own 5) and am looking to add another flintlock. I see the flintlocks as the best long term event tool for putting meat in the pot; plus they are a whole lot of fun. Traditions offers a "Kentucky" rifle for around $450 in flintlock. I like the flintlocks as you will not have to stockpile caps and flint is basically found everywhere.

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