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Dealing with Other People

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A quote from G.Patton " It is not the job of the American Soldier to die for his country! It is the job of the American Soldier to make the other dumb bastard die for his!". I will kill to protect my loved ones! I will also stock up food, medicines, first aid supplies and water treatments. I do worry that there does seem to be an emphasis on guns and killing but, it is part and parcel of the world that is most likely coming post SHTF. Would I like it to be all "cum by yah" , with lollipops and lemonade after the event, hell yeah. Is it going to be, no, no it is most definitly not. I worry how I will look in the mirror after I send that hungry child away with nothing but, I can't feed all the grasshoppers of the world and keep the anthill going.

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As a country we have been doing this for years should we go into economic decline or a depression,

most of the people in the U.S. have no idea the size plug on the bathtub we have stopped up

our churches and numerous secular charities are holding the line on EVIL.


our country alone holds back famine pestilence and war from many countries and because of our military

we have prevented regional wars from encompassing their whole region into war.


If we are taken or are unable to intercede this world will self destruct and the cause will be famine

will force peoples to fight for the areas that have food and water it is already happening.

pestilence will run people to the ends of the earth to find medical care or refuge from disease.


border wars piracy and internal / civil wars are already causing monetary problems.

I wish I could see a way out but it looks like too many problems are going to block our

recovery the news about China having internal problems is very disturbing North Korea

Syria Russia and Iran together and the muslim brotherhood and droughts in Africa

as well as the economic problems with 4 other countries in the EU it's like the perfect storm.

all we need is the catalyst to kick it off.

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