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Common Pitfalls of new preppers

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I'm the new prepper and there is SO much information that I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do first. It's not just myself but my husband and 3 kids between ages 10 and 16 we have to plan for. I am a little lost. We have a very limited budget but have some camping gear as we used to go camping for a week at a time without showers or toilets.


There's so many threads I forget which one mentioned what to do first :confused:


As for me my advice start with what you need tomorrow food water shelter, protection. Then just next week then next month. Get the bare basics first then fill in the cracks. The basics are cheap and easy. Knowledge is cheap but with our busy lives the time can be expensive to get it, but get it you must! Learn, think thru every situation you come to ( if the world end NOW what is my plan) never think that you or anyone else has all the right answers. We can give you ideas and advice but in the end you will have to do according to your situation, abilities, and preparation. Every step forward is just that.

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Lot of good points being brought up here, but there is also a lot of basic stuff that is not. Whether it be from modesty, how shall we say bashfulness, or straight uncomfortability, or a lack of knowledge or taking it forgranted in fact a lot of us are bruised and beaten twitchers (vets) and even we are not covering the basic realities that we should know from the field, either that or at least not expressing them publically . Such as how many here are planning for a long term event? If you are, what have you put in the bug out bag for the wife's needs. Did you take into consideration your daughter/s including your prepubescent daughters, I have. How many of you without looking it up or asking the wife can tell me the risks and dangers of tampons or how much room they take up, how about the sanitation and health issues surrounding pads or the fact they attract wildlife. How many here know what a F.U.D. is how about the fact that it minimezes the exposure vulnerability and risk of infection and fungus to the female members of your group. (Female Urinary Device allows the females to stand and urinate with out dropping trou, Squating or leaning against god knows what there by putting them in a less exposed and vulnerable position and reducing the chances of contacting questionable surfaces or fauna as well as minimizing falling over or into the cat hole. Are there other healthier resources and more permenant solutions for dealing with menses say the Diva or Luna Cup. How about infections for males and females (since in austere environments the instances of urinary infections in both males and female quadruple and vaginal infection rates are nearly eight times what we consider normal)? What is the treatments avialable in your preps? Naturally? What is your health and hygiene plan? Do you know what is critically neccessary to clean daily and what minimum resources are neccessary to accomplish it.


How about modesty issues in bug in or bug out scenarios because let me tell you in any emergency scenario that last more than a couple of days privacy and being able to be modest dissapear quick the longer the duration the less of both is available. Have you discussed and planned that with the family, and for those that are grouping together, has the group discussed this and set realistic rules of conduct and behavior how about basic responsibilities of every member. Because in an SHTF event or worse none of my kids, daughters or sons, or my wife are leaving my sight or the group sight not even to wash up or use the cat hole unless absolutely neccessary, for their own safety and well being. Thats reality, and we carefully skirt these issues.


Do we Have unrealistic personell on the forums? Hell yes there are some winners especially more and more it seems, and among some of the older preppers that are usually the go to people in their normal views there is a failure to reveiw what they have done and war game other possibilities into their preps compared to changes in the real world. The oh it is good enough because I Don't think this scenario will happen types. There is a saying in the Military ASSUPTION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL F--- UPs more people are dead from assumptions then the top five natural killers combined prepping is about giving yourself a cushion and a plan for the unknown there by avoiding assumption because you have choices that let you evaluate not be driven by every little hiccup or have to follow someone else blindly this gives you the advantages others do not have. So I do not assume. I have lived through ten combat tours by planning for MY worst which is a hell of a lot worse than most peoples vision of the worst i.e. they tell me I won't need the extra water I take two more, your not going to need Demo on this raid. There is going to be a satchel charge in my gear ect its like My preps I have my bug in its mobile if need be in twenty min , right outside there is a M105A2 1.5 ton trailer loaded with three months worth the preps as well as a full pioneer kit extra fuel, heaters a large tent and smaller shelters that I can hook up to and go in 5 mikes, there is another one just like it at a safehouse within one and a half fill ups which is on the trailers, on top of that the vehicles each have a five day BOB covering the whole family thats all eight of us and Basic pioneer kits and another full tanks worth of spare fuel so if I have to ditch and destroy the trailers we are still 5X5 if we have to abandon the vehicles we each have our BOBs in addition we have several caches scattered through the States to resupply from and guess what yep I have already planned for even my two year old daughter to grow up as much as I hate the thought, it is going to happen and since I dont know when SHTF or TEOTWAWKI will happen or how long they will last I have already planned for it.


As someone who has been underfire, as much as you do not want to get into a firefight it is also at times unavoidable and the best way to get out of a fire fight alive and unharmed is to end it rapidly in your favor which means neutralize Kill or maim beyond the ability to act against you) the aggressor/s. You do not do that by wounding or covering fire or falling back you do that by calming yourself down having versatile over powered weapons yes there is a such thing as too much but if I have to be engaged with someone I do not want them taking multiple hits and staggering at me even if I just hit them in the arm I want their arm to be nearly torn off if not completely amputated and if I hit center mass as the target is falling backwards I want to be able to see through him because I know they are out of the fight which means my chances of surviving increase dramatically so do my families or groups. It does not matter if its one or more the other key to winning a fire fight is the ability to match or more preferably out match you advesaries output. Anything other than the above is flirting with disaster not just for you but whoever your responsible for no their is not one gun for every occasion but at the same token nobody can carry and or employ a firearm for every occasion so my choice is for a weapon that covers most occasions and purposes this goes to another old Military saying saying "Most often, whats good beats the best" this saying came out of WWII because technologically, the Germans had everybody beat they had the best in most regards example Tiger vs the T34 and the M4 Sherman or the Messerschmidts vs anything the allies had even at the end of the war they had jet fighters vs prop P51s why did we win because we could manufacture, field and fix good and reliable faster and easier, than they could the best.


Just a few pieces that I hope will open the scope of the discussions on the hygiene side, societal changes and ramnifications and the psychology and mental aspects. Ladies, where are you, your two cent on some of these subjects might get these guys out of their shells and aid in prepping for their families with a long term event all the rules and norms that you have taken for granted, have to be reevaluated and plans, rules and ideas at least have to have a basic working and understanding before hand or else its an opening for some serious incidents and serious misunderstandings. Dads, Moms, Group leaders, if you are the ones planning for your family or group you have to have knowledge of the basics of psychology, physiology, health, hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, special risks, emotional needs and neccessities for every member of the group.


I hope this helps your plans and perspectives it is easy in our modern lifestyle to lose sight of the absolute basics we concentrate on warmth shelter food water and security (to a point) but everything else that goes with it slips away except for stocking up on Toilet Paper. The ladies do not like to bring this up and the guys are content to look around these basics you should see my clients faces when I bring all this up you can tell it is not what they were bargaining for.


A good amount of what I pointed out could end up causing death uneccessarily and equate to more than just an oversight. Poor hygiene can wipe out a town, city, and have decimated Armies. Oversite or not these are critical areas that you can not afford to over look. I have seen people die of Dysentary, Coelera and simple infections. A common Snatch and grab tactic in the field is to snatch them while they are doing their business there are more than a couple Taliban and AL Quiada trash that ended up a prisoner and soiled while trying to relieve themselves. Do you think that it wouldn't be used here in an major event. Their are reports from here in the States of women and girls hiking or camping who were snatched and/ or raped when they left their party to relieve themselves do you see that tactic stopping, or increasing. An oversight you can work through it just makes life more difficult. If it can lead to death or injury it is not an oversight but a failure to properly plan. Auto I am kind of taking your brilliant observations on some of the rediculousness of some proclaimed preppers and using it to show the common dangerous holes and planning failures I see in most peoples preps and trying to point it out and bring it into the light so it is discussed understood and not overlooked so their plans are actually solid and viable.

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That being said tampons good bullet hole plugs they do make, however good female hygiene in austere or emergency situations they do not. Just putting that out there. For all you husbands/ dads who have not studied yet.

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I have friends in England that faced a problem during the last flu epidemic. They were limited to 10 children's Tylenol per week for a family with 3 kids! That was to prevent hoarding. I, ahem, "arranged" for them to have 10,000 tablets and they are now preppers. Think seriously about the most likely problems and get ready for those first. You kids WILL get sick, can you take care of them if medical care is rationed? Always start from the most likely events, those are the ones you'll probably have to deal with first. Then move on.

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Wow...thank you for the replies. My husband and I sat down and discussed what it is we're trying to accomplish. Taking into account all the advice given here we're starting small. I'll post another thread on our plans so I don't hijack this one :)

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Well warrior, I guess we need to find a " roll your own " plan for some, but for me, one is 5 the other "early onset menopause " so I'm good. And one don't ever leave my sight and has 3 mean ass big brothers that wouldn't even leave me enough to spit on if anyone touched her, and the other is up for barter ( just kidding) ( kinda!).

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