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So what would you do?????

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Rick its good seed we plant for the future,I got to kill the weeds of the past.LOL.


So you running for Congress down there? They redrew the lines here and people are upset!oops I mean the Lawers for the DEMs are


omg, they wouldnt allow me in office 1 minute. first thing i would do is bring back the old GA state flag.

i thought that was the biggest waste of $$ and time just to please the whinners. get with the program and catch up folks. if ya dont know what something actually means or stands for, educate yourself.

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Damn. go camping for the weekend and i miss a lot of stuff. Rick, im with you on pretty much everything you said. i've always thought that caning would be good here. you mentioned that this day and age is all about "me". along those lines i think there should be a class from preschool to college on respect. there seems to be far to little of it in the world today. seems that the youth are missing respect for all of the following: themselves, their parents, adults in general, the constitution, the rule of law, the military, their bosses, the idea that to earn you must work and that because you have a degree doesnt mean you should make 100k straight out of college, the elderly, law enforcement officers, the clergy and church, god given rights....etc etc etc.... the list goes on and on. start teaching respect, along with religion and things will change drastically. i also think that some sort of job education would make sense. people dont learn work ethic by going to pottery class. they need real practical skills and work ethic instilled from an early age. I hear a lot of parents say that their kids dont do chores and that their only job is to get good grades. FFFFFFF that. go mow the lawn son. then take out the trash, then do the dishes and then do your homework. once all of that is done, then you can go outside and play. heres a shovel, go dig some holes like i did when i was your age. you aint going to fry your brain in front of the boob tube or the xbox.

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BC Bill,


yeah i did forget chores. "FFFFFFFthat" is right. i grew up with chores. it didnt kill me. at the time i thought it was though. looking back, thats because people expected something of me on time too.

the chores werent hard.

as for respect, if you have selfrespect, all the others will fall into play as they should.

i honestly think china has a great program with their everybody must serve in the military for a couple yrs.

i see nothing wrong with it. im on the fence about if i would push that program here or not under ricks USA. (i call it ricks so we know what im talking about lol)

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I would love to live in "Rick's USA"


wow thanks juice. my cabinet would have a lot of military guys and ladies.

i would also have some abused women and children.

a few pastors, some farmers, animal rights activists, hunters/fishers,

i would try to get some folks from as many different groups as i can so everybody is truely

represented. yes even prisioners and the likes. i dont want any group left out.

i would have our boarders shut off for new comers for about 20 yrs, thus our new USA will have no

outside distractions as we rebuild the country our service men and women died for, our father built,

our good Lord allowed us to have long, long time ago. sure they can come and visit, but no moving in yet. sorry.we have a lot of work here that needs to be done. in ten yrs time, you will start to see our harvest. you will see smiles on peoples faces. you will see the children playing in the parks again like they did when we were kids. a woman will be safe walking home at night. families will be safe to "accidently" leave their doors unlocked. men will once again hold the doors for the ladies and the ladies will once again smile and say "thank you". our streams will be clean and our air will be cleaner than it has been in 30 yrs.

our foods will be pure and the farmer will have his day of rest. the fields will also have their seasons of rest as well.

folks speaking outside of "Ricks USA" of course, but i believe in 2 things. with these two things i honestly believe i have all things covered.

1, i believe in my Lord God and Savior.

2, your either part of the solution or part of the problem. there is no grey area. if you fall within the grey area then your part of the problem, there is to much grey area in this world as it is.

if your part of the problem ya gotta go.

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The First 10 things that popped into my head are:



1. To collect unemployment you must do 20 to 30 hours a week public service. I dont care if its fixing pot holes, picking up garbage on the side of the road, being a crossing guard, or any other type of public works. You are not sitting at home watching "Jerry Springer" all day because you are to lazy or think you are to good to do physical work.


2. Close the boarders. Anyone found crossing the boarder after it is closed will be considered an enemy of the state and will be taken care of with extreme prejudice. If your are already here illegally then you have 30 days to register for a work a visa, the visa will be for 2 years and is contingent on two things. (a) 25% of your income will be garnished as punishment for breaking our laws. (B) Within 2 years you must become an American Citizen. If not you will be deported. Oh and this goes for whatever children you had while you were in this country. None of this crap about a child born in the USA is a citizen. If your mother came here illegally then had you then your illegal too pal.


3. National Right to Carry Permit. One license good in all 50 states. The only requirement is that you take a safety course and qualify your proficiency once every 5 years.


4. No more Federal Income Tax. Straight national sales tax. Dont like it, then spend less. (Bye Bye IRS)


5. Drill Baby Drill and develop alternate sources of energy within 5 years. How you ask, because the USA will no longer being importing any sources of fule after five years. We will be completely self sufficient. Lets see what those savages do when we no longer need them.


6. Balanced Budget. Its simple economics, you cant spend what you dont have.


7. Full forgiveness of all student loans provided the individual does 10 years public volunteer work, like joining a volunteer fire department, EMT, national guard etc.


8. No more bail outs to private companies period.


9. Term limits in congress. There will there be no such thins as carear politicians


10. English as the national language. I should not have to push #1 every time im make an "" phone call to a company or go to an ATM. It's not raciest, it's politeness. If I go and live in another country I would learn to speak the language, you will too.

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Juices USA sounds good too. between him and rick we've got the white house covered. maybe we can fill the other branches with survival cache members. Hey Rick, to play devils advocate a bit. you said originally that its adam and eve not adam and steve. then you said you would have representation for all people including criminals. does that include Adam and Steve?? and why should criminals get representation? they didnt allow for representation of their victims when they committed crimes. i think while they serve their debt to society, they need to sit there and stfu. if they wanted a say then they could have followed the law of the land. after their debt is served, then maybe but not during. what do you think?

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wow juice, i might have an opening in my cabinet for you. lol

i agree with your #10. thing is, i think everybody should learn a forum of spanish too. yes including me.

its the most spoken language around the world. besides, we have a lot of spanish folks here already that are making some serious contrbutions in a positive way. i know several. over the yrs ive known many more. we need a way to better comunicate with them as they learn our language as well.

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wow juice, i might have an opening in my cabinet for you. lol

i agree with your #10. thing is, i think everybody should learn a forum of spanish too. yes including me.

its the most spoken language around the world. besides, we have a lot of spanish folks here already that are making some serious contrbutions in a positive way. i know several. over the yrs ive known many more. we need a way to better comunicate with them as they learn our language as well.


I agree with you. I know a lot of people too that have come to this country and work hard and contribute. That is why we need immigration reform, but im not for total amnesty, hence my # 2 idea. And it's funny you should say that because I got roseta stone from my in-laws for x-mass. First good gift in the 5 years I've been married to their daughter, usually its a shirt I never wear. As soon as the Bar Exam is over I am going to start it.

Edited by Juice94

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I want to be in the Cabinet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interior Cabinet HEAD.

Oh so you want a greener planet?good !guess who is going to help replant the desert(Isreal did it)and every vacant lot in America and have gardens in ever park,Those who dont finish High school,Dig IT baby 2 years.The Crosses go back where the "watermellon people found them"in a state or federal park.No charge for CAMPING with your Family at any Federal park,we already own it.Maintanence will be provided by the "White collar " criminals.

Definition =watermellon people+green on the outside RED on the inside...Thanks Capt.Bart.I got to use it LMAO



OH and Im going to shot that damb Spotted Owl if it interfears again with logging.

Edited by 101matt

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hum....... ok i do think that the park fees in my area have been reasonable for the most part.

i do think some are just crazy though. lets say we keep the fees the same nation wide. we can put the $$

towards clean up, animal habitat, and planting and growing foods within.

i like the idea of parks having gardens. come pic a tomato while your enjoying the park, or a cucumber.

enjoy it while your here, "but please dont take any home" type deal. parks use to be super educational.

i would put great attention on the boy scouts/girl scouts of America. i would have to do something extra for those two groups to get them out in the public more and for it to be cool if your a member.


oh yeah, police dogs and service dogs. believe it or not, these are members of the armed forces, and public service departments of the USA. you attack them or mistreat them, its no different than if it were a 2 legged member and punishment will apply. in their retirement they will get privledged care and a

21 gun burial just like other members. this is a must and should be done now as we speak.

Edited by ricksconnected

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oh yeah, police dogs and service dogs. believe it or not, these are members of the armed forces, and public service departments of the USA. you attack them or mistreat them, its no different than if it were a 2 legged member and punishment will apply. in their retirement they will get privledged care and a

21 gun burial just like other members. this is a must and should be done now as we speak.


Could not agree more. My mom trains K-9's for several local PD's. They are amazing what they can do, and if you want an adrenaline rush put that suit on and take a hit from one of these dogs. I've done it several times and it scares the Sh*$ out of me.

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Could not agree more. My mom trains K-9's for several local PD's. They are amazing what they can do, and if you want an adrenaline rush put that suit on and take a hit from one of these dogs. I've done it several times and it scares the Sh*$ out of me.


been there done that. a good friend back in the 90's imported german sheps and local pit's.

man these dogs were huge bro.

oh those dogs didnt like me, in suit or out. they "knew" i was "bad news".

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ok so im interested in hearing what would be going down in "Awakes USA".


Hey i am working on it. You stole some thunder but thats alright with me. Been a little busy lately. I hit you guys no later than Tuesday night.

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lol i didnt figure i would have a fan base for my ideas at all. i usually have the unpopular vote.

you have done well sir. and as you asked my next post has my thoughts on the matter at hand.

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Wake up and smell the coffee.....................


First thing I would do is fire every elected official. Half their fat pension plans and investigate the lot of them any crimes or mis-deeds done in office. After that we would elect new officials to office. They would be paid 15,000 dollars a year and they can not accept any other money from anyone or any company. 9 months a year in your home district. One month prep work on legislation and 2 months to legislate. The Supreme Court would be elected by the Senate and the Senate would be elected by the House of Reps. All 6 year terms no more than one term per person. Lobbyist would be outlawed. Journalist would be licensed and held to report the facts. Facts would be footnoted so as to checked even by the common man.

Fair tax would be retro activated to 1-1-2012. Welfare would be cancelled as of 12-31-2012. Read the fair tax and you will know why.

The UN would be asked to leave this country in 15 days. On day 16 the building would be imploded to make way for a 20 story parking garage. If you have a problem you can speak to our ambassador. That’s what they are paid for.

Financial aid to other countries would stop today. Sorry buddy we got problems on the home front. Oh in 2013 we will start back the aid but we want real estate. We intend to build a military base there. No base no money. Oh sorry your piece of real-estate is of no military value, what you got to trade? Life sucks in third world countries and we can’t change it.

Education. Wow. No labor unions. Merit pay raises. And every damn last teacher is mandated to carry a firearm. All college campuses will allow concealed carry to all students who are Carry concealed weapons licensed.

Every state must recognize every other States weapons carry permits. Every person with a license will pass an NRA firearms safety class. Every homeowner must have a firearm. (See Kennesaw, Ga).

All young adults will report to military duty after H.S. Graduation for a term of 2 years duty.

Ok the borders of the U.S. must be secured. Along the Mexican border we will construct a ten foot fence. Then another 10 foot fence next to it. Also there will be 250 foot watch towers. These towers will be the training area for all military snipers. If you are found between the fences you’re screwed. All criminals that receive the death penalty will be placed inside the 2 fences.

The Canadian border will be marked with a ten foot fence as well. It will be patrolled by drones. Just need to stay in practice and it too damn cold to patrol by person.

Military spending would increase to 10% of national budget. Currently it is under 5%.

All Military and their families would receive any medical care free of charge at any medical facility.

Lawyers will now stop advertising for clients.

Civil court system would be loser pays.

All oil would be from U.S. ground. Imported oil stops today. Let the Middle east drown in theirs and watch their economy tank along with their power.

Every school, government building, military building and shopping mall would be required to have solar panels on their roofs, feeding the electrical grid system.

Any home owner that could live grid free would be exempt from property tax.

Any home owner that could provide energy into the grid system would earn market price for that energy.

All prisons will be replaced with tent cities. Chain gangs will be brought back. You take form society and now you have to give back.

Third strike as a criminal and you get a 2 minute head start between the Mexican border fences.

All sex offenders will be castrated and branded on their foreheads as such. Second offence and it's off to the border fences.

All illegal aliens will be rounded up. They will be mug shot and finger printed. You get one bus ride home. Catch you back again and your target practice. Just follow the immigration rules and all is well.

In order to be a U.S. citizen you must have been born to at least one U.S. citizen parent or have completed the current naturalization laws.

Never ever will there be amnesty for any illegal alien.

Drunk drivers get one chance after they have completed DUI School. Second time is 3 years mandatory.

Hunting will be the next Olympic winter sport. Fishing will be the next summer Olympic sport.

Mlk day would become Civil Rights day; Sorry the cause is bigger than the one man.

The Federal budget will be balanced by 2013 and will remain so forever.

Edited by awake

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All young adults will report to military duty after H.S. Graduation for a term of 2 years duty.
I propose anyone interested in becoming an officer be given a delayal of there manditory service for an amount of time deemed reasonable for the degree they are pursuing.


Our foreign aid should be in the form of us having the military base there. You want the money offers goods and services to the troops stationed there.


I don't know about the all teachers carrying. a handful of them are less mature then there students. hell i had a teacher throw his shoes at us 5th graders so we may need highers standards on who becomes a teacher first.


and for national CCW permits we would need national criteria because a permit from California that works every where is like a Ferrari your can drive everywhere. Its only good if you can get the Ferrari.

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