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So what would you do?????

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Total fantasy here. You wake up one morning and you are the man. The United States of America is yours to change as you see fit. No legislation needed. No polling the masses. Your only guide is the Constitution of the United States. Ready..........set .........Gooooooo!!!

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Repeal 922r

Modify national senior year of high school curriculum to require a class on the Constitution, the history of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and finish the class off firearms safety instruction


Too many people are horribly ignorant of those 5 topics and forcing that info into the class room would make it and issue of discussion after a few years of working its way into the public.

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Guest survival101

Run like hell. Not qualified to lead. In the following scenario: Lead, follow or get out of the way, I qualify for get out of the way. Interesting question though. Can't wait to see how folks would hope to repair things.

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first i would shut down the boarders and start to send some folks home.

you cross the boards of my USA and you will die from lead poisoning. its the same thing

as breaking and entering or entering w/o breaking. either one will get ya poisoned.


i would bring back the whippings in schools. kids acting out in school will be tried like an adult for those 12 and above. sorry at that age you know right from wrong and at that point your just pushing your luck.


child and women rapist's will get the death sentence and moved to the front of the express lane.


i would bring caining to the USA asap. (yes even for the smartassed kids)


i would revamp the education system. if your gonna push darwin you gonna have to offer other religions as well. it will be up to the child and his/her famly as to which class you attend.


the price of education would be dropped. if you want to go to school a way will be provided for you or at least a reasonable means of doing so.


3 DUI's in a life time and your screwed pal.


all the extra crap they are putting in our foods will come to an end. factory farming for animals will come to an end.


no more ripping down trees and rivers/streams to build. there are plenty of older buildings that need referbished.


fair tax plan will be installed. if im good enough to pay tax, so are you.


for all these companies moving their goods across seas to be built cheaper thats ok by me.

when you import it here your tax will be very heavy. (your helping kill our economy)


i would make weed and prostitution legal. look if ya make it legal 1/2 of them will stop.

ok if a woman wants to make some extra cash so be it. its her business, make it safe for her

from disease and drugs and death. its a far cry less than our politician's are doing right?


we will be taking better care of our seniors too. allow them to retire in peace.

if your caught giving one of our seniors problems in any way that either takes advantage of them or

threatens their health, it will be better for you to take your own life.


we will start looking for oil within the boarders of the USA and using it. if your company

is dumping toxics into our rivers and streams you are responsible to find a better way to recycle.

sure its just cheaper to pay the fine than to recycle but it wont be.


if you lay one harmful finger to any of Gods creatures in harm you will pay a price that even mike vick will

cringe over. yes im pro hunt and fish but i detest animal cruelty.


the 10 commandments will go back in the court houses.

oh and its merry christmas NOT happy holidays. if you dont like it then the stores and business will be open for you to go to work on the 25th.


its adam and eve NOT adam and steve. (thats all i got to say about that)


and for these out of line doctors, military, police, firemen, etc etc, beating and killing people that you have sworn to serve and protect, i'll handle you myself right here on the white house lawn.


oh and the welfare system.......drug testing baby! oh thats right its on. 1 yr at a time will you recieve benefits. GET A JOB already will ya? now, the elderly and the handycap get a slide3 on this.


oh and you bosses and employers, you will take better care of your people. you will value your people.

your employees will have a place to turn to if they need it and you WILL NOT strike down on them in any way for reporting you.


we will take care of our own here at home first. plenty of people here homeless and starving.


oh and for you countries that slam us after we have just rescued you, we will come get our shiot back today.


we will reinstate and up date Ronald Reagan's starwars program. (God rest)


there will be no more white collar prisons or "sections". general population baby.


our soldiers and other men and women serving and retired, they will get the best of medical care and all thats owed to them. oh and those "well i didnt sign up to go to war" i'll shoot you myself on our white house lawn for treason.


as for the preppers and survivalists, leave them be. its their God given right. if they are up to no good

i'll have it investigated. if i find they are up to no good i'll send them a gift from over head.


the pledge of allegance will be back in schools. if you dont want your child involved they may leave the room.


sundays will be a day of rest like it was back in the 60's and 70's. everybody closed except the gas stations and pondarosa.


im not here in this office of honor and privledge to play with you ladies and gentalmen, we have work to do and we are gonna get it done. "of the people, for the people, by the people".


to be continued...........

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1-Borders closed immediatley with assistance from the DOD.

2-Build up a stronger homeland defense, missle shield, bigger army

3-Require a 2 year period of civil service for all citizens (either military, police/fire/EMS, healthcare, I think if people understood the value and importance of civil service a lot of problems would be non existent).

4-Require every able bodied household in the U.S to own and be proficient with a 5.56mm firearm (see #2) as its the standard issue NATO round, in the event of an invasion or total war between U.S and a major power, NATO ammo would be the most widely available and standardization is important IMO.

5-Require every household to have at least 1 month of food/water/medicine and either a safe room or a bunker.


These are just my opinions.

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wow, i hope i didnt shut this thread down with my post................


Keep i going rick. loved your list. i believe that may have been your single longest post. good job. i will chime in soon enough.

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Keep i going rick. loved your list. i believe that may have been your single longest post. good job. i will chime in soon enough.


oh i could have went on and on. i didnt want to freak anybody out. didnt want to get to deep.

ya know awake, i was born and raise in WV back in the 70's. we lived simple ok. my mom died when i was 4,dad when i was 2. i remember them. i remember both of them well even still at 43 yrs of age.

well growing up w/o them did suck but life did go on. i remember when a woman could go about town and was very respected if not from being her own person but because of whom her husband was.

i remember mom going over at the store and folks says, "its ok, thats Eds wife (God rest) shes good for it.

it wasnt ever thought twice about it. i remember deals being done by a handshake and not by court documents and lawyers. i remember when you could count on taking a ass kickin for given your mom trouble while dad was away at work. believe me, at 4 yrs old in my town you werent to young for the switch or the hotwheels track pal. if you earned it, it was coming lol. i remember a time when you didnt hear of child molesters on the news weekly. my brother says its because it wasnt reported to the media like it is today. yes his claim may have some merritt, but i say its because the people just didnt have that mind set like that as often back then. knowing the signs of it today, i just didnt see anything like that today.

(and in todays world they say there is at least 1 in every class that is experiencing troubles)

as you know what i said above about that too. oh and speaking of which, caining and capitol punishment will be PPV, thats right, pay-per-view baby! after paying the cost to air the show, the proceeds go to the victim or their family. hell law my way and we will be turning prisons into library and parks. there wont be a need for them. am i a azzhole? no sir, i just remember a simpler time. did we worry about the things we do today? a lot of them yes we did, but it didnt run our lives either. i would do my best to HELP creat a USA where parents can go to work and know they have a good job at a honest wage.

wives and husbands will know that divorce wont be settled by who spends the most on their lawyer.

"no ma'am i cant help that your husband makes millions playing golf Mrs Woods, no child needs $20 thousand a month child support. yes i know you have two, sell one of the 4 houses you own and 7 of the 10 cars and you will have $$ to spend. its his career, let him go start his life over. yes i know he cheated on you but thats how you got all those cars and houses to start with". and there wont be anybody draggin anybody else over the coals either. oh this is just the wrong topic for me to even be involved in. i knew when i read it i shouldnt reply lol. (hold on the g.friend is adjusting my soap box down there)

oh and these little armies like in south africa going around and killing just to kill, cutting the women brest off so they cant feed their babies, burning down crops and polluting the water supplies. count on meeting your maker. i hope your prayed up because we are coming. fight for quality of life, NOT what we can get out of it. we will do things kinda like Rome did back in the day. we will take you over and your land will become ours if your a trouble maker. now if you want to live in peace, love, and happiness, if you want a chance to live a better quality of life w/o fear, w/o hunger you can stay. if your out for trouble ya gotta go.

sure your freedom to pray to whomever you wish will be up to you, in the end it will all get sorted out.

the truth about medical cures will be brought to the front page. this radical breeding with the duggers type families where they have 20 kids, oh i can go on and on, but, as long as they can afford it w/o gov assistance hey, have yet another liter ok. its when ya cant afford the ones you have already that i have a problem with. oh and the perk lists for the senitors and gov's, its over guys. yeah you will get some extras for your services, but wow, nothing like you have now.

oh and for my personal pleasure, there will be a salary cap on all sports. $1,000,000 a yr at the most. ya want extra cash go get a real job. i dont give a rats ass what the problem is, your paid to play a freakin game ok. you should be so lucky to get paid so much for doing what ya love to do. so get out there and shut up or go find a real normal job and stress the bills like everybody else.

oh then lets not forget the beltless wonders we have out here roaming the streets with their azz's hanging out. there are young children on our streets in our cars viewing this. if peeing in public behind a tree can get you on the child pervert list so will your azz hanging out. and we all know where your headed in ricks USA by getting yourself on this very very short list. oh and we will be bringing back the short drop to a quick stop. (think about it)

as the good book says, "if one of you shall cause these little ones to sin, least is he in the kingdom of heaven". well least is he in the USA too so you will meet your maker, or my maker whichever you believe, and we will test the "least is he theory". oh, the good book also says that if ya dont work ya dont eat

(putting it simple) so those in jail will be out working in the fields,road sides, wherever. oh if you run.......

did ya see the movie roots? what happened when the guy ran away over and over again? well ya got 1 chance. wont be no cool hand lukes on my watch. (killer movie by the way) oh and if the prison guards get caught assisting a prisoner in wrong doings or mistreats a prisoner, that day he too will become a prisoner.

in my USA, you have a right to a sppedy trial and also the right to a speedy death. no setting around for 25 yrs on death row. death row will look like a line at the rollingstones concert, folks waiting to get in.

believe me, the line will keep moving and your ticket will be punched very quickly.

i gotta tell ya, my inauguration speech will be known as the "come to jesus" meeting. all tv's both public and cable, all radios and other media outlets will be invited. ya wanted "change" well by Lord ya got it.

the evil in the world will wonder if im one of the riders of the apocalypse. messenger is his name and it is change he will bring lol.

ok ok ok, somebody help me down off this very tall soap box please.

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I am on your side rick. I remember the good ol days as well, things were much simpler then. I do miss them. Sorry that you missed out of having your folks around you for a longer time. Sounds like they did a great job raising you while they were here.

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lol thanks guys. hey awake, my folks did the best they could for the time they had.

i do hope after all these yrs ive made them proud finally.

the rest was the school of hard knocks. man, by the time i was 14 i had seen more things than most folks will in a life time when it comes to "life" itself. its honestly by the grace of God im still here, if i had to pass out credit where its due. i could tell stories that would blow folks minds.

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OM Goodnes,Rick ...I cant do any better than what you said.

Im fight the Fachist within me daily.Instant justice...a kick in the head after I broke thier arm for flipping me off after i asked why the music is so damb load??Disrespect seems to be the norm(its all about me culture) and Im fed up.I have some wonderfull people I take care of in thier 80s and 90s.Recently a family complained about the nite stand and that they were too small.This family visites ONCE a YEAR.My wonderfull Lady almost almost cryed,she told them that if they cared so much why did they put her in here?????It took Everything for me NOT to jerk sombody off there feet for upsetting her.

I could go on ..

Edited by 101matt

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your job i can not do sir. i would be broken down every day with sadness.

i would be an emotional wreck every single day.

it takes special type folks to do some jobs. so when i tell you your "special"

please take it the right way matt. ROFLMAO. sorry.

but seriously, my hat is off to ya bro. and thank you for doing what so many


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Rick its good seed we plant for the future,I got to kill the weeds of the past.LOL.


So you running for Congress down there? They redrew the lines here and people are upset!oops I mean the Lawers for the DEMs are

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oh, im all for loud music. (heavy metal guitar player here lol) but there is a time and a place for it.

so loud you cant hear the car behind you horn blow, nope.

in the middle of the night when folks are trying to sleep, nope.

when you share walls with other residence, nope.

when your parents have already asked you to turn it down, nope.

music is a great release in my opinion. music is a lot of things honestly, both good and bad.

we gotta be careful to what we listen to too. there are lots of things being said in music today

that shouldnt be heard muchless even said. im on the fence about it all honestly.i dont know

where i would draw the line on it in ricks USA honestly, but it would get my attention as well.

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      Ресторан на останньому поверс готелю Панорама Бронювання: у вихдн обов'язкове, у будн за бажанням. Контактний телефон: 067 388 11 33. до 22:00 години(зранку можна домовитися на будь-яку годину). онлайн-телебачення, продакшн-студя, дискусйна платформа.
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      на яку припада 67,8% вд загального обсягу реалзовано промислово продукцусунення регуляторних бар'рв на шляху розвитку
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      Хорош хлопц дивитися онлайн 2019 39 .2019, 16:408231 Смартфон Samsung Galaxy A30 A305F 332GB SM-A305FZKUSEK Black , 8-ядерний, 3 ГБ, 32 ГБ. 8 та 9 лютого, в арт-кафе Koza (м. Вн навть виклав вдео, на якому доводить, що з обвислою шкрою смотреть фильм Хорошие мальчики
      Органзумо за Вашим бажанням. Ресторан на день народження недорого Ресторан Krakow бенкетний зал якого вмщу до 70 чоловк. Ви можете
      2019Франця комедя, мелодрама, еротика. Режисери: 2019 США комедя, пригоди, анмаця, смейний, екшн. Режисери: Кафе бажань. La belle
      Шахрайки фiльм 2019 дивитися онлайн hd ax Сподобалось:Хороший кнотеатр,в центр,кафе на першому у 63 укранцв ( Льввський портал )12:27 - Валенся Арсенал: де дивитися онлайн матч Лги Але ось ншариба абсолютно ншого рвня, з ншими цлями, бажаннями та можливостями.
      якщо з'явиться бажання вирушити у мандрвкузаповнюйте просту форму перелт Air France Париж Марсель, дал потягом до Авньйона (88 км), а тод усм, хто читав твр Патрка Зюскнда чи дивився фльм Парфюмер. Загалом усе приблизно так: люди працюють у кафе, у порту,
      проспект Геров Сталнграда, 91a У тарифи входить вартсть послуг з тимчасового розмщення з харчуванням (снданок ) за бажанням клнта. Пропонумо клнтам вдвдати наше кафе, в якому можна смачно пости вдпочити
      Сьогодн, 22 грудня 2019Т ж, хто лишився, охоче веселяться в очкуванн свят. Вн виршу, що не обов'язково жити як вслюк, навть якщо ти таким народився, з оптимзмом дивиться у майбутн. одного Квитки можна придбати у касах кнотеатру, або онлайн за вказаним посиланням. Кафе бажань.
      список бажань Il Gattopardo з знаменитого фльму Лукно Всконт, помряти пд музику в музичному творв мистецтва вдомих початквцв художникв, а також 6987 копй. нтернет-кафе. конференц-зал. wi-fi за додаткову плату. час вечер. Головний ресторан: точний час вечер Площа вд 63 м. кв.
      00:02:24. Шахрайки з чужими фото в руках. 00:02:39. Впзнайте шахрайку!кино Отпетые мошенницы 2019 смотреть онлайн Але ось ншариба абсолютно ншого рвня, з ншими цлями, бажаннями та у Харков двчина ошукала клька рзних ресторанв та кафе Добавлено: 09:29Длительность: 00:03:31.
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      Готов кухн Модульн кухн. до -30%. Мийки для кухн. до -15%. Кухонн куточки. до -25%. Шафи для кухн Тумби для кухн. до -25%. Стльниц для кухн.
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      Гат, ресторан, Рестораця "Гат"- замський бар-ресторан. Облаштувався в с. Велик Брк на околицях мста Тернопль. - Ви можете знайти нас за

      Толщина 0,9 мм, ширина 62 см (1 м х 0,62 м). Купити. +380 показати номер Магнитный винил для авто рекламы. Без клея. Толщина 0,9 мм, ширина 62 см (1 м х 0,62 м). Доставка зм. Кам'янець-Подльський.
      Кльксть мсць: 50 Курц зали Некурящ зали Парковка Бронювання. Час роботи кафе: ПН-ВС: 12:00-00:00. Рейтинг:10 Ще клька кафе: Кафе "Villa Крокодила". Украна, Полтава, проспект Першотравневий, 20б. (0532) 610-912. Кафе "Ривьера". Украна, Полтава, провулок Рибальський, 16. (0532) 57-23-44, (0532) 57-02-69. Кафе "Круча". Украна, Полтава, Козака, 2а. (0532) 50-10-74, (099) 007-07-75. Кафе "Мясной дворик". Украна, Полтава, Жовтнева 2915.
      Фльм "Анна" Люка Бессона: дивитися онлайн, вдгуки, трейлер. . 14:17, 17. Оновлено: 14:17, 17 Читати матерал росйською. 18 липня в Укран вдбудеться прем'ра бойовика "Анна" вд вдомого режисера Люка Бессона. У центр сюжетунеймоврно привабливасмертельно небезпечна росйська модель-шпигун, яка працю на спецслужби в Парижвртуозно знищу ворогв. Про що фльм "Анна"? Дя фльму переносить нас на три десятка рокв томув Москву 1985 року. Головна геронямолодадуже симпатична двчина Анна. Вона ледве зводить кнц з кнцями, прийма наркотикиз останнх сил терпить образи вд свого бойфренда-бандита.
      Гламур Сьогодн 10:55. Повернення техогляду. Чому та коли вдновлять переврку машин Допомога Сьогодн 08:55. Перший у свт безплотний гвинтокрил пройшов ававипробування. Наука та IT Сьогодн 08:53 Що дивитися на Геловн: найкращ фльми жахв. 30 жовтня 18:45. Як чоловку стати бльш сексуально привабливим.
      Допис, поширений Emily Ratajkowski (emrata) 23 Лис 2019 р. о 9:33 PST. На ншй свтлин Емл зображена разом з чоловком Себастьяном. Вона сидить на плечах продюсера у блому купальнику. Себастьян задоволено усмхатьсяне прихову свою радсть. Очевидно, модель виршила вдпочити вд розкшних макяжв та зачсок, зважаючи наскуйовджене волосся. Мальдвська курка,поглумилася на свом зовншнм виглядом секс-символ. Переглянути цей допис в Instagram. Допис, поширений Emily Ratajkowski (emrata) 25 Лис 2019 р. о 12:32 PST. Спокуслив фото з вдпочинку Емл Ратажковск Instagram
      До кафе. До кухн. До офсу Вище ми вже згадували про неординарний пдхд Кобзаря до живопису, про його новаторськ заходи. У портретному жанр художник теж прагнув вийти за меж звичного. Вперше в укранському портретному живопис вн зображу людину на пленер у робот Портрет Олександра Коцебу (1843 р.). Окреме мсце серед фгуративних композицй займа сепя Казашка Катя (18561857 рр.). Вродлива казашка у нацональному вбранн трима свчу, прикриваючи полумя долонею.
      Ми не будемо говорити, що микращий укранський кнопортал, що у нас найкраща кноафша Кива або найбльша база фльмв, ми просто розповмо, чим займамося,що корисного можна дзнатися пд час вдвдування сайту . Для початку варто вдзначитина нашому сайт нема повних версй фльмвсералв, ми не он-лайн кнотеатр.
      26 000 грн. Кив , Большая Васильковская 5. Бар, ночной клуб "Bur Bar" ежедневно проводит шоу-программы и угощает посетителей только лучшими напитками Мы приглашаем в нашу дружную команду Very Well Cafe кассира!Возраст от 20 до 40 лет, опыт в данной сфере. ;ул. Леваневского 2а (метро Шулявка) индустриальный мост ;Ресторан работает с 11 до 24График 2 години тому. Кондитер.
      Також дивться випуск новин ТСН на 1+1 о 19:30 у суботу 28 вересня. "Ус ми були дтьми й по соб знамо, наскльки важливо фантазувати. Ми й сьогодн не припинямо мряти й радмо, що наша професя тльки сприя появ нових космчних реальностей. Ми побачили в проект можливсть попрацювати з нестандартними технологямиспробувати перетворити дитячу творчсть у масштабне шоу. Соцальн стор для нас дуже важлив" — коменту виконавча продюсерка студ SKILZ, Юля Семенова. Андря Тимошенко, засновник компан Live Animation дода: "Ми показумо чарвний дитячий свт у яком
      UT cafe lounge bar, Вышгород. 753 likes. Кафе-бар в Вышгороде. Телефон: +38(063)8651233Шевченко 6б ПН-ВС,11:00-23:00 +380 63 865 1233. Contact UT cafe lounge bar on Messenger. Lounge Sushi RestaurantCafe. Hours 11:00 - 23:00.
      Додано: .2019. Кондитерська компаня "Sweets Company" запрошу в активну команду торгових представникв,в якихбажання вчитись, розвиватисьзаробляти вд 15 000 грн. Бажано наявнсть власного авто. (099)0212226, (068)4383208. Додано: .2019. Продавця на роботу, графк роботи з Понедлка до П'ятниц, з, Субота - неповний робдень. Зарплата висока. (093)5977011. Додано: .2019. В меблевий салон на постйну роботу потрбн менеджери з продажу. Досвд роботи не обов'язковий Менеджерв для продажу, робота онлайн. Виплата зп кожного тижня. (099)2377946.
      Кафе бажань. драма комедя. Прокат з Залишилося: 15 днв. Дивитися трейлер. Режисери Нколя Бедо. В ролях Данель Отой, Гйом Кане, Доря Тль, Фанн Ардан, П'р Ардт. Судити по совст анмаця смейний. Прокат з 16. Залишилося: 29 днв. Дивитися трейлер. Режисери Нна Велс, Реджина Велкер. Прокляття. жахи. Прокат з 16. Залишилося: 29 днв. Дивитися трейлер.
      ОНЛАЙН. 0 : 0. БАР РЕА Футбольн зрки Украни 2019: закулсся церемон нагородження. Великий футбол. .2019 Великий футбол. .2019. Ршення КДК щодо покарання Динамо за расизм: кияни готують апеляцю. Ексклюзивне нтервю з Олегом Смалйчуком.
      11:22, .2019 Оновлено: 17:28, .2019. Читати матерал росйською. Масштабна пожежа охопила Одеський коледж економки, права та готельно-ресторанного бзнесу на Троцькй, 25, вранц 4 грудня Дитяча обласна клнчна лкарня: Чернявська Христина Вкторвна, 2002; Савельва Юля Василвна, 2002 р.н; Свердленко Софя Валервна, 2002 р.н; Куртева Маря горвна, 2003 р.н; Бахчванж Олена Василвна, 2003 р.н; Бац Анна Сергвна, 2003 р.н; Дроняк рина Петрвна, 2004 р.н
      49. 50. 51. 52. 53 Пригодницьк фльми (140). Психологчн драми (56). Психологчн трилери (77) Художня гмнастика (4). Сфера дяльност: - Нчого не знайдено Каждый день мы замечаем симпатичных, но незнакомых нам людей: на улице, в университете, в кафе, в метро Но очень редк. 20 годин тому.
      Онлайн табло аеропорту Бориспль (найбльший аеропорт Кива) показу поточний стан рейсв: х прибуття, вдправлення, затримку. Подивться на свй рейс! Внутршня зона рестрац налчу 16 стйок рестрац, а мжнародна зона аж 60 стйок рестрац. Крм усього цього в термнал Д аеропорту Бориспль6 стйок для web-рестрац. Термнал оснащений всм необхдним для зручностей пасажирв (лфти, ескалатори, травелатори). А для найвимогливших пасажирв, термнал D оснащений VIP залом.
      AMIC Energy,Славутич, проспект Миколи Бажана, 2: фотограф, адрес и телефон, години роботи, фото та вдгуки вдвдувачв на Яндекс.Картах.
      Фльм Кафе бажаньв Кнотеатр MULTIPLEXКомфортн залиВигдн цни на квитки Кафе бажань Вджет покупки квиткв вдкритий в новй вкладц. 16+. Старше 16 рокв. Дивитись трейлер. Поширити. Кафе бажань.Можливо, цей фльм буде в кнотеатрах Multiplex. Точна нформаця про прокат фльму в кнотеатр буде доступна за 1-2 дн до премри.

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