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2 Shows and a Game has noone else noticed?

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Okay, today I'm bringing to the table a few things I've never mentioned when talking about survival. 2 Video series and a video game that I've never seen mentioned in any prepping site, blog, or video, ever.


Okay first up, the video game Fallout 3, for xbox360, pc, and ps3.


Personally I am a videogame guy, I play games all the time when I'm not trying to be productive lol.


But Fallout 3, you start out as a baby, and you choose your path from the start, good or bad, and who you want to help.


You go through the years in this underground vault locked away from the world because 227 years earlier (1950's) the cold war turned very hot and nukes were dropped all over the world. There were about 200 vaults or so and people lived in each (maybe 100 people in each). Your raised until the age of 19 (which is about 3 hours on the game) and you eventually leave the vault, which noone has done for 227 years.


You emerge to see a crazy thing called the sun, and the hectic earth around you.


Throughout the whole game (which won multiple game awards for many reasons) you choose good or evil, who to help, which side too pick, and everything. You scavenge the wasteland to find that there are actually trees in some parts, and in others people that will kill you for your currency (bottle caps). I would HIGHLY recommend if you have the spare time, and the money, get this game.


Some things I noticed can actually give you ideas about how things would be.


Some real things I noticed are how there are multiple factions around the wasteland, everyone has there own fortress, and many people will kill you on sight, while others are fighting for restoration and peace. Sometimes these factions fight right in front of you.


Sometimes people talk to you and are very friendly, then when you turn your back they shoot you and you are forced to kill them or run.


You can convince people to follow you, kill other people, give you money, you can threaten them, make weapons, have your own house, blow up a whole town, save the town and kill the people that want to blow up the town, scavenge from fallen cities while avoiding raiders and land mines/other traps, look for food and water thats not irradiated, enter radiation areas with or without suits on, risk dying, etc...


This game gave me some very good ideas on real prepping, although it has moments of being fake, you have too look past the fakeness, like:


-Laser beam guns

-You can survive 20 bullets to the head sometimes

-Mutants and ghouls

-You can carry 10x more then IRL


But overall, I would recommend you try this game if its not a big deal to your budget or time. Very addicting, and an interesting story.


Heres some screenshots:





The video series which has absolutely astonished me and I will forever be in debt to the knowledge it has brought me. It really proves that prepping will pay off in a way, and gives me hope in humanity.


Its called "Ancient Aliens". A history channel series available on Netflix if you have it.


This whole series PROVES many history books including THE BIBLE are misworded, or have real meanings to them, or have pieces MISSING from them. Yes it proves that the pope took pieces out of the bible and that aliens are real. I mean it is just so in depth and makes so much sense. Its amazing. It shows things we've discovered in the past 500 years, ALREADY discovered in artifacts 6,000 years before known civilizations started.


This show is just insanely interesting and I have watched every single one 5 times or more because its so captivating. Please take the time too watch one if you get the chance. Although its not directly related to prepping, it gives you a good idea on how the world is, why it is, and the possibilities humanity has to come, and what disasters could possibly be coming.


+ more




Another, similar History Channel series, which is a little more bizarre then fact, but still quite interesting to think about. "The Nostradamus Effect", this show is similar to ancient aliens, but has almost nothing to do with aliens. It de-codes the bible, shows that Issac Newton, one of the smartest people on earth, actually SECRETLY tried to decode the bible behind the backs of his whole town because he would have been killed for his work. It talks about how the book of revelations could be what were experiencing today.


"The oceans will turn red", gulf oil spill? Or when all those fish died?


"The four horseman will come" can be related to alot of things today.


This is a very interesting show and highly recommended as well. It shows what future disasters could come, and its quite interesting to think about, although its not 100% fact, just theories and trying to prove how they could happen.




Thanks for reading, and if you've played these games, or seen the videos, or know anything about these, please comment and discuss as I feel as if I'm the only one who has seen these awesome shows, and played fallout 3. I think these could really bring a bunch of new ideas to everyone.





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Fallout 3, could've happened had the Cuban Missile Crisis went through. The only difference being the game and an alternate reality would be the weapons used. That'd difinitely would've been a TEOTWAWKI Event. Had the cold war come into full fruition, there probably wouldn't be a difference.


In today's age, with the invention of cities, that'd be the breeding ground for gangs, but outside the cities i think there'd be small communities that would band together on the hunter/gather/farming level all working for the common good. and scenarios like the movie The Postmaster, Madmax, Waterworld on dry land idea, where theres a killer caravan roaming the interstates taking what they want, formed together by hunger, lead by wacko priest/saleman and a ex military enforcer types. i think right now, would be a good time to study up on small towns, where eveyone knows your personal business, and move there. study the lay of the land, what natural water supply, what roads come into it, what kind of weather do they have to which the land could provide food for the whole commune during the harshest months, the surrounding mountains protect it, or provide a foothold? how easy would it be to invade that kind of stuff.


The only reason to leave your BOL is because something happened to it, either a careless mistake with fire, [being 12 yo, i nearly burned the house down twice without my parents knowing, playing with matches and candles], wiping out everything, which is a good reason, not to have all your eggs in one basket, your resources ran out, water not irgating your crop, or someone took it all from you. in which theres no way to prepare for, innocent hungry kid shows up, you give him dinner for the night and in the morning theres his army taking your 12,000 rolls of toilet paper away.


you can only take what you can pack, drop everything to run faster, and how are far are you willing to defend the only shirt you've got left.


with the latest movies the book of Eli, and The Road, its planting idea's in "everyones" mind that its further ok to be cannabals, and with the latest first person shooter games socomm, medal of honor, teaching "everyone" how to operate any kind of weapon effectivly. "everyone" meaning like how "everyone" knew the world was flat prior to 1492. i think "real" prepping in that instance, would be, to be prepared to have nothing and learn how to make the tools required to live. knowing how to make a flint knife, bow n arrow and moccassins like the indians and friction fires.

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Ok, not to rain on anyone's parade but remember, the video game plays by the rules of the programmer. It is his vision of what future scenario will sell video games NOT necessarily a realistic portrayal of any realistic future scenario. It may or may not reflect how TEOTWAWKI plays out. Most likely will not be anywhere close. Most of these games get you into the "action" of combat and don't really have much time for "reality". That is because they program what sells, not what is. How the characters react is up to the programmer.


As to the TV shows; I love the "pope left out books" non-sense. If you check your history, you will find that the bishops of the Catholic church established the bible at the Council of Nicaea ( and yes, they DID decide what books belong in the canon and what books of the day were heretical. The so called excluded books from the TV series come form sources that were either written much later (after the council) or were already considered heretical by such churchmen as St. Irenaeus in his work 'Against Heresies' ( ). I find it fascinating that there are no shows investigating why Martin Luther left books OUT of the Bible. Investigating that is not an attack on the validity of the Bible and hence Christianity so it isn't done. No money in it and it isn't PC.


Be very, very careful when trusting the History Channel. They tend to be very politically correct as well as subscribers to the 'if I don't know how they did it, it must have been aliens' school. They have some interesting shows, but often get their facts wrong. Note that for the History Channel's version to be correct, the same Christians who had just survived 325 years of persecution would have had to meekly turn from what they had been willing to die for and embrace something totally novel on the say so of a few bishops. The history of the Church has much to embarrass her but the History Channel is after ratings here, not truth. The whole series proves absolutely nothing - there is not a single source other than popular fiction to support the ideas presented.


Many of the ideas go back only a 100 years or less. As to Newton, he was apparently dabbling in alchemy, looking for a philosopher's stone. That such a great mind wasted years looking for it without finding it seems to indicate it might not exist. Alchemy was condemned, as was magic in general, as something anti-christian.


The apocalyptic works of the day were written to give hope to oppressed people. We moderns tend to put our own spin on it to further our own religious or political agendas but to think that some guy on TV saying something makes it true is to be naive. The producers picked the one or few people who would tell them a marketable story. They don't pick the hundreds who could poke holes in that story. I'm not saying don't watch, I am saying do your research and check the sources.


The Da Vinci Code is a prime example. When I try to discuss the merits of the scholarship I am told it is only a work of fiction (it is listed as fiction in the library). But then people tell me that it PROVES something or the other. Does the story of Bilbo Baggins prove the existence of trolls? I have been a referee for peer reviewed papers and I assure you that this stuff is scientific junk. Go to the real history for the truth. I think you'll find real history a lot more fascinating that this made up non-sense.


I don't have room to give you a course in Biblical Exegeses here. Finding a good one might prove interesting to you but it will take a commitment in time and study. I apologize if I come across harsh but I have dealt too many years with the damage these falsehoods, masquerading as "scientific research", cause to take it lightly. By all means, study and learn but don't mistake bread and circuses for preps and training.

Edited by Capt Bart

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I understand that the games are misrepresented versions of how things should be but what I was mainly saying was that they do give some good ideas, in a way, IF you can notice the difference between the fiction of it and the reality, you can learn some things from it. The game is mostly fiction but its quite interesting when you play it, definitely better then some other games out there. Its as close to it gets too an actual survival game.


As for the shows, I understand where your coming from, but please understand that they show the evidence then show opinions of people. But please watch the series, it is absolutely amazing, if you still believe its fake or mostly opinionated I would be amazed. I don't think that its BS at all, well The Nostradamus Effect is a little exaggerated. But Ancient Aliens lists its sources, and shows evidence. I really really recommend watching it, but understand where your coming from when saying that its just for ratings, as it is becoming increasingly popular all the time. But its just crazy interesting.


Watch them sometime.

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i like fallout new vegas better, i got a hidey hole with an M1 Garand :)


another cool feature of FONV is in hardcore mode you get hungry and dehydrated and ammo carries weight so you have to factor it in where. so you cant have unlimited amounts of ammo and you can starve and or die of thirst if you are not careful


that being said as much as i love to play these games Capt bart is right they just dont convey any realistic feeling of a real survival situation. they try but they still ultimately fail


in real life you dont carry around 20 different weapons with hundreds of rounds of ammo for each on top of all your other gear, in real life there are no shields or armor that allows you to survive full auto barrages of heavy caliber weaponry yet kill the bad guy in one shot every time.


oh and you are spot on with the history channel and its left leaning PCness, the all those "science"and history based channels arent 100% factual by any means.. they take many liberties to spin the shows how they see it and or to improve ratings

Edited by wardog513

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As for the shows, I understand where your coming from, but please understand that they show the evidence then show opinions of people. But please watch the series, it is absolutely amazing, if you still believe its fake or mostly opinionated I would be amazed. I don't think that its BS at all, well The Nostradamus Effect is a little exaggerated. But Ancient Aliens lists its sources, and shows evidence. I really really recommend watching it, but understand where your coming from when saying that its just for ratings, as it is becoming increasingly popular all the time. But its just crazy interesting.


Watch them sometime.

I do watch them. Often when I don't want to do so! I watch them so that when I am asked about them I can explain what is wrong with them. One clue is to see who is making money on it. If the 'expert' is listed as writing a book about the topic, then he has an axe to grind. Check out to see how many peer reviewed papers he has published on the topic. Usually it is none. This means that either he has NEVER allowed his contemporaries to review his work or they reviewed it and found in wrong. Also check to see how many counter arguments the documentary presents and from whom. Usually it is one or none and they are not given a full opportunity to refute the alleged evidence.


It is like the book, 'Hitler's Pope'. This was a slanderous diatribe that made up facts and rearranged dates to make it appear that Pius XII was in league with Hitler. Even the cover photo is designed to draw that conclusion. The photo is real, it is just that at the time Giovanni Cardinal Pacelli was secretary of state and was meeting with the German government just as he met with other governments. By presenting the photo as it is on the book cover, you are "invited" to jump to the wrong conclusions. It is a book of innuendo and falsehoods yet it merited a documentary.


Their wildlife shows and geographical stuff is pretty good if you can ignore the mandatory bowing to man caused global warming (a tirade I won't get into here). Their ancient astronauts stuff assumes that we are much smarter than our ancestors therefore they could not possibly have done anything as well as the ancient civilizations without outside help. Really? The pyramids will be standing long after NYC has ceased to be even a legend. How they did it is a fascinating study and shows very well that the ancient engineers were as smart (maybe smarter) than we are. This applies to the Roman engineers as well but since they are newer and left records in languages we can read, we haven't gotten around to giving credit to aliens for their stuff. Yet.


I'm not trying to belittle what you've seen or talk down to anyone. I simply would like to warn you not to take as fact what appears on TV. If it seems interesting, find out about it and the authors and those who dispute them. You will be well served to be skeptical and do your own research. Thank God Al Gore invented the internet; now we have the tools to do our own research.

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Yeah I used too look up to Al Gore, then I found out he made some $240m dollars on his books and movie. I will definately check into debates and peer reviews. I used to do the same thing with shows, which is why this show amazed me. It seems pretty real but ill look into it for sure.

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I picked up a show on History International last night. I believe it was called Mountain Men and a second show Carson and Cody. Also look up websites like and have some interesting facts on life in the early 1830s as well as having some information about life of the various pioneers. I find this more useful in describing what life might be like after TSHTF. It was simple, hard but in a way attractive (to me at least).

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Damn Bart! Tell us how do you really feel??? Haha


I too enjoy watching tjose shows. They do show some interesting ideas, but you have to take it all with a grain of salt. Some of them have valid points for Ancient Astronauts, but the ones that point out that it was too difficult so aliens must have done it.. Well, they piss me off.


One show that I recently watched showed how you could raise a 10ton obelisk with a wooden tower around it and a kite pulling it up from the top. Worked like a charm (admittedly using a nylon kite). But it shows that a little enginuity can go along way and the ancients had alot more time to think things over to get things done. We just run down to the rental store and get a crane.


Now, I cant explain why they aligned stones, buildings, and passage ways with stars that they couldn't even see... Beats the hell outta me... (key the twilite zone music)

Edited by Ready?4What?

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Damn Bart! Tell us how do you really feel??? Haha


I too enjoy watching tjose shows. They do show some interesting ideas, but you have to take it all with a grain of salt. Some of them have valid points for Ancient Astronauts, but the ones that point out that it was too difficult so aliens must have done it.. Well, they piss me off.


One show that I recently watched showed how you could raise a 10ton obelisk with a wooden tower around it and a kite pulling it up from the top. Worked like a charm (admittedly using a nylon kite). But it shows that a little enginuity can go along way and the ancients had alot more time to think things over to get things done. We just run down to the rental store and get a crane.


Now, I cant explain why they aligned stones, buildings, and passage ways with stars that they couldn't even see... Beats the hell outta me... (key the twilite zone music)


Heh, yeah I see what your saying, I thought of it like that too, but some stuff just seems right when they say it too. And a kite moving 10 tons? Can you send me that link? lol Oh btw I love the twilight zone

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I hope that TEOTWAWKI will involve Zombies. It would be fascinating IF aliens helped build ancient shtuff. There used to be a lot more shows demonstrating how "impossible" things could be done by ordinary people. Carving and moving huge stones is tough but not impossible when you take advantage of , oh I don't know , a flood. Standing the stone up straight seems crazy but if earth was piled up and a hold made for the stone to be dropped into set into place slowly and carefully and the earth removed...I really hope that something smarter than Humans exists, I really really do, but if aliens came to earth I doubt they worked a whole lot, Human beings are capable of building crazy stuff without "advanced" technology. I think there is evidence that something may have happened but I have not been abducted yet. I watch those shows, and I read the newspaper sometimes, both are entertaining. I don't want to seem ignorant here but I tend not to listen to attention wh*res (guy on ancient aliens with crazy hair, comb your stupid hair down and go back to antiques road show you horses a**). Excuse me. Anything on TV is made to get your attention and direct your spending (in my opinion) so you can watch the shows, do actual research, stare at the night sky all the time, or just wait and hope that its Zombies.

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Now, I cant explain why they aligned stones, buildings, and passage ways with stars that they couldn't even see... Beats the hell outta me... (key the twilite zone music)

I really like both Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Both shows did a marvelous job of examining ordinary humans in extraordinary circumstances. I think there is a lot more to be learned from some of the 50's and 60's shows than from most of the "reality" TV and crap that passes for entertainment today. Bread and Circuses, most of it.

That said, I am very divided on the question of aliens. Are there UFO's? Of course, my problem is that too many people try to identify the unidentified. I was in Phoenix when the Phoenix Lights were out. I thought they were aircraft flares and I'm an old military pilot and I've seen aircraft flares before. Could be I'm wrong but if you call it an alien spacecraft then it isn't unidentified any more. It is like the "we got stealth technology from the aliens in Area 51 because we poor dumb humans couldn't possibly think that up by ourselves" thinking. There is a part of me that would really like there to be aliens. It would be cool to get a radically different perspective on the universe.

On the other hand, history tells us that no civilization has survived contact with a technologically superior civilization. Ask the American Indians just how successful they were. Even the "barbarians" who "conquered" Rome became accustom to Roman ways and became a "hybrid" of the old empire. So, if there are aliens, and they are friendly(by no means a given) the probably is quite high that all human civilization is doomed.

Finally, if they are not friendly, we are done for. Think about the first Gulf War. The Iraqi weapons were only about 5 years behind the US weapons in terms of technology. Without taking anything from our service men and women or from those who fought bravely on all sides, it was not even a contest. It was only due to the restraint of the Americans that it did not turn into genocide for the Iraqis. Think about what the technology was 50 years ago. The first line fighter aircraft were still the century series fighters, the old B-52 was the big bomber (without all the fancy electronics - transistors, yes, Very Large Scale Integrated circuits, no) and limited radar and NO satellites of any kind). Who wins that fight?

For a verity of solid physical reasons, I don't think we are likely to find any intelligent alien life forms. I could of course be wrong (kind of hope that I am) but I don't think so. If we do, there won't be any space wars, technology just changes too fast to let it happen.


By the way, a human can see a 6th magnitude star, one with good eyes can see a 7th magnitude star. Given a dark night (not possible within a hundred miles of a city) sky, I can actually see the 'effect' of Saturn's rings without a telescope (the planet appears elongated where the rings are) when the rings are properly oriented. I have no doubt that the ancient astronomers saw much more clear that we do. It is quite possible the "invisible" stars were not all that invisible. Also, some relationships pop up as an artifact from the measuring tools, they have nothing to do with 'advanced mathematics'. For example, Egyptians used a wheel to measure linear distances; so many rotations of a standard size wheel. That is the reason the ratio for Pi (3.14159.......) shows up in the pyramids. Interesting but it doesn't require non-humans to show it too us. Just my not so humble opinions.

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I used to play Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3. Then I got debilitating pain in my wrists and hands, which forced me to stop. Between the borderline psychotic withdrawals, I experienced "moments of clarity." I realized that I had done nothing to further my educational goals for six months. I had gotten fat. I had lost friends. I had let my dog get fat. My house looked like crap. I destroyed my relationship with my mother. Video games are for entertainment, and frankly distract us from the true richness of life. Not to mention keep us at the Colosseum as Rome collapses around us. They have no training value other than the mental/visual aspect of reflexive fire training; maybe you could actually practice reflexive fire training with a .22. As for ancient aliens, I sit down with loved ones after a long dinner conversation for an hour of TV to just relax with my family. Video games are toxic. If you can manage them, you're at best still wasting your time. We all need time to just unwind, but I found that playing my guitar or watching stand up comedy was far more productive. Because that way I could at least tell a girl a joke and play her a song instead of telling her about the super mutant I shot outside of Primm.

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Best thing my folks ever did was not buy me a Nintendo. Nothing good happens sitting inside on your arse.


History Channell is great. Watch it all the time and have seen all of those shows.


One thing I noticed on History is that celebeties are getting involved and pushing some agenda crap that ruins the programing. Matt Damon has some advertisements about "Changing our World through History one Person at a Time". No thanks Matt, go back to Bourne Movies. They were good.

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      Kate Middleton, 37, said George and Charlotte had been excited by the sound of a night of 'singing and dancing' when she and Prince William, 37, told them about the event at the London Palladium. Baseball analyst and former Mets pitcher Ron Darling, 58, will be taking a leave of absence from the SNY television network in order to remove a mass doctors found in his chest in the past few months. Three rising comics share an aesthetic that marries crass physical humor with disarmingly sexual themes. Theyre unsettling and hilarious.
      In a glitch affecting major cell carriers, dozens of people reported receiving outdated messages from acquaintances, friends, exes, and loved ones, wishing them a happy Valentine's Day. This is make or break week for Andy Palmer as the Aston Martin chief executive unveils his secret weapon the company's first SUV. After publishing a biography of Mary McCarthy, she changed course and plunged into the world of the Grateful Dead and the groups devoted fans. (Reuters Health) - The inflammation-fighting drug colchicine, already a treatment for gout, dramatically reduces the odds of future cardiovascular problems in people who have just survived a heart attack, a large new study has concluded. After her husbands death in a plane crash in 1972, she carried on mectizan price in quebec his humanitarian and philanthropic legacy.
      The order periactin cheap online African Export-Import Bank has postponed a proposed London initial public offering, becoming the latest in a string of companies to cancel such plans in recent weeks in a challenging year for stock listings. The film "Waves" was a longtime coming for writer and director Trey Edward Shults. You know you're a music-lover of a certain age when the record you've been eagerly awaiting is can i order carbimazole shop by someone who died three years ago. If you're searching for good-value party fizz to light up your Halloween, pop to Aldi and pick up buy vivitrol with mastercard its Exquisite Collection Prosecco Superiore DOCG for 7.99. For the price, it's unbeatable Three new visual books reveal dancers past and present in intimate moments. Huawei Technologies has dismissed a new 90-day extension by the Trump administration allowing U.S. firms to continue doing business with the Chinese company as making little difference, repeating that it was being unfairly treated. The daughters of Russia's most influential people dressed up to the nines in showstopping ensembles as they flaunted their wealth at the event at Moscow's Ritz Carlton Hotel. A California congressmans plan would lower federal barriers to letting states experiment with health care policy. Finding the balance between financial security and enjoying life is tricky. Here are some suggestions for how to do it. The United Kingdom Debt Management Office named BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and NatWest Markets as joint bookrunners for the syndication of an inflation linked government bond later this month, expected to raise several billion pounds. It was confirmed last week that the teen, who suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, Prader-Willi syndrome, and is on the autism spectrum, would be a new face of the charity in conjunction
      Saweetie recently teased some new music, posting a photo to Instagram from a recording studio. She captioned the image 'Y'all ready for this new music? IcySeason coming soon. who should I collab wiiiit.' The sportswear company's move ends its two-year relationship with the internet shopping giant, which has been attempting to lure big brands to its marketplace.
      England ensured qualification for Euro 2020 was pulled off with both ease and style.Now, each diltiazem-cream epocrates online player will do all they can to be in the tournament squad. Sportsmail looks into who could miss out. The City hotel, which will be situated next to Holborn Viaduct, will be able estreva 100mg prescription cost to absorb eight tonnes of London's pollution each year and produce six tonnes of oxygen.
      On Sunday the city of Venice was hit by a record third exceptionally high tide in the same week. Flood damage has been estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars, but water levels are expected to drop over the next few days. Russian authorities said the32 toddlers had been held in Iraqi jails where their m others are either serving out sentences or awaiting trial for membership of the Islamic State group.
      China has begun construction on two new reactor units at the Changjiang nuclear project on the island province of Hainan off the country's southeast coast, state media reported on Monday following a signing ceremony. For a team that overcame a terrible start to the year and fought through a trying postseason, it was fitting that the Washington Nationals first World Series title required all seven games. KIIS FM star Jackie 'O' Henderson, 44, has been order now xyzal payment canada forced to defend The Masked Singer after it was insulted by radio icon John Laws. Meteor showers can light up night skies from dusk to dawn, and if youre lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse.
      Prince Charles has made no secret that when he comes to the throne he foresees a slimmed down monarchy with fewer members. Charles arrived in New Zealand for a six-day royal tour yesterday. Officers confiscated the 67-year-old's vehicle as he drove from Sydney to the Gold before discovering the drugs hidden in the boot. Last week the Southern Poverty Law Center released a report that lays bare senior White House advisor Stephen Miller's support for white nationalism.
      Sportsmail's racing expert Robin Goodfellow dishes out his tips for Tuesday's meetings money order tylenol otc at Kempton, Chelmsford City, Lingfield and Fakenham. (Reuters Health) - States that expand public health benefits to cover low-income legal immigrants don't appear to experience a surge in immigrants moving to get medical coverage, a U.S. study suggests. Media companies that are starting to allow their programs onto Internet-delivered TV and mobile devices are putting limits on digital rights as a safety hatch if problems arise with the new distribution systems, executives say.
      The 18-year-old model's actor boyfriend stayed at her apartment after they celebrated his 26th birthday at SNL's after party until 3.30 am on Sunday morning in New York City The sharing economy has made omifin legally usa cost it possible to be even more demanding, on demand. We tested apps for when you need a swim, a nap, a boat or a foodie experience. At a time when the British royals have never seemed more anachronistic, Peter Morgan has shown viewers why it isnt easy being queen.
      For decades, tech lovers have argued over what's better, PCs or Macs. Today, IBM shared some statistics about the difference between the two based on their own levothyroxine 5mg fast delivery employees. Researchers claim to have finally found an accurate way to calculate your dog's age in human years - and it's not as simple as just timing it by seven. It involves DNA clocks and natural logarithms. What does the U.S. have going for it? At a panel discussion called, The Finance Crisis Lessons Learned from Canada and the Way Forward, at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., Robert Rubin, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, tells Chrystia Freeland what he believes buy cheapest apetamin-p mastercard are the U.S.'s good points while also assessing what it needs to do to improve. Japan's lower house of parliament approved on Tuesday a limited trade deal Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed with the United States, clearing the way for tariff cuts next year on items including U.S. farm goods and Japanese machine tools. A US judge will decide within the next six weeks whether to unseal more than price levlen usa amex 3,000 pages of new evidence about alleged crimes by billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein. My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans has lashed out at non-believers of his controversial health advice.
      Malaysia has prohibited the use of open-loop scrubbers by ships plying Malaysian waters, as Southeast Asia's third-largest economy joins the growing number of nations adopting new industry guidelines on reducing sea pollution. The F.C.C. will vote this buy piroxicam fda week on whether to ban federal subsidies from going to the Chinese telecom giant.
      Emily Atack took a savage swipe at former I'm A Celebrity contestant Katie Price on Extra Camp on Monday night. The Bank of England has held base rate steady at 0.75 per cent for another month - but this has not stopped banks and building societies chipping away at the rates they pay to savers. Medium-size buy eutirox 1mg mastercard reform creates the conditions for bigger things.
      A Nevada congresswoman had some choice words for Donald Trump when insisting Sunday night she wants to speed up the process to 'impeach the bastard.' White House hopeful Deval Patrick said on Sunday he would not disavow a super PAC in support of his nascent candidacy, breaking with some leading Democrats who have ruled out accepting financial backing from outside groups. In Thanhha Lais Butterfly Yellow, a Vietnamese refugee finds the brother taken from her family as a toddler. Much more than just time separates them. When honeybees fall into water, they generate their own ripples then glide to dry land, a study found. The Queen's former press secretary Dickie Arbiter has said the BBC interview with Emily Maitlis was a 'rotten idea'. He said the prince should 'take a sabbatical'.
      TV presenter Andrea Catherwood takes her family to Barbados for an unforgettable trip. They enjoy beach cricket, walmart price for tacrolimus diving with turtles - and manage not to bump into Simon Cowell or the Rooneys. Researchers from the University of Leeds used the results of surveys completed by 1,496 people to find younger people tend to have larger but less satisfying social networks. Ten years after retiring from the sport, tennis legend Andre Agassi talks to Open Court about his remarkable order klavox store otc career and life after tennis.
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      This is very much out of control, a vaccine expert said, as the Pacific island country barred children from public gatherings and declared mandatory immunizations. Hogg said he would be 'very annoyed' if one of his Scotland team-mates was so quick to move on from their own exit at this year's showpiece in Japan. Carnival Corp has launched a comprehensive review of its entire fleet after a fire crippled one of its ships last month, and will share its findings across the industry, Carnival Cruise Lines' chief executive told a conference on Tuesday. To elevate rice to the center of the holiday table, Yotam Ottolenghi bakes it in fragrant stock, with mixed cheapest femara order store otc mushrooms. An eight-year-old girl who died from torture was forced to eat her own faeces after her father and his mistress left her to starve in a locked toilet, a Dubai court heard. Kenton Knight will spend the run-up to Christmas in a young offenders institution after he was named, shamed and locked up by primolut-n buy now visa australia exasperated magistrates in Swindon. If you think British politics are pretty poisonous, you should come to Washington. America is riven by the attempt to impeach Donald Trump.
      2020 is shaping up to be an extra special year for NBC News39; chief White House correspondent Hallie Jackson. EXCLUSIVE Nicola Funnell, 44, met her husband Ian online in 2011 and fell for him instantly. The pair, from Horam, East Sussexmarried in July 2013. Roula Khalaf, a 24-year veteran of the salmon-hued daily, will take over from the veteran generic moduretic prices journalist Lionel Barber in January.
      Sergey Burkaev, 16 (pictured), and Konstantin Surkov, 17, have been arrested on suspicion of knifing to death a man and four young women at a flat in the small Russian town of Kumertau. From smashing England 5-0 in the Ashes to the Socceroos going down fighting in the 2006 World Cup, there is no mail order now acarbose store doubt we're a great sporting nation.
      Chelsie McLeod put on brave face when she stepped out for coffee in Melbourne on Monday, just 24 hours afterannouncing her split from Matt Agnew. The move will be the first toward making TikTok friendlier to online commerce and will give merchants a more direct link to turning their accounts into sources of revenue. He may be one of the nation's most recognisable cricket stars, but David Warner spent his Friday on a tennis court. Advisers say the president pulled back from proposed restrictions intended to curb teenage vaping after he was warned of the political fallout among voters. A weekly capsule of travel news curated by our writers and editors. Gregory buy cefpodoxime mastercard Zuckermans The Man Who Solved the Market tells the extraordinary story of an investor (not named Warren Buffett) who made a fortune on Wall Street. The buy amoxicilina cheap mexico writer-director Trey Edward Shults tells the story of a family held together by love and nearly undone by tragedy. The 32-year-old, who hasnt played in the N.F.L. since the 2016 season, is expected to work out for teams on Saturday. Denise Welch looked incredible as she estrogel 37.5mg script online dazzled in a thigh-split gown at a charity ball on Saturday night.
      Footage shows the buy warticon available amex stricken calf thrashing around in the deep water in the reservoir tank in Guwahati, northeastern India - after the baby and its mother fell in while trying to drink some water. Anna McNuff has arrived in Wimbledon, London, after running 2,620 miles from the Shetland Isles, today. She hopes to show girls 'doing things that scare them, big or small, can be incredible'.
      South Australian physiotherapist Beth Thomas has shared her top tips on improving your breathing and posture - and why pulling your shoulders back can do more harm than good.
      "We're not going to live at the mercy of these cartels," said Lafe Langford, who lost nine relatives in a grisly attack. "If we don't see a way we can live here, we're done." Synonymous with film photography, lilacs and classical music, Rochester offers an unusual array of attractions for a mid-sized U.S. city that brought industrial prowess to a scenic river gorge on Lake Ontario's southern shore. The company, like much of corporate America, has not made good on its promised investment surge from President Trumps 2017 tax cuts. Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs anticol online fake said on Monday that Moscow had successfully handed three naval ships it captured last year back to Ukraine. There is no exam to verify virginity, medical experts say, and the attempt violates a womans rights. Harry Styles, 25, drove his extensive fan biseptol prices in canada base wild after dressing up as a ballerina during his hosting stint on Saturday Night Live. Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy is finally brought to the small screen. Dafne Keen impresses as Lyra with James McAvoy and want buy careprost Ruth Wilson also on top form as Lord Asriel and Mrs Coulter. Japan's SoftBank Corp plans to merge internet unit Yahoo Japan with messaging app operator Line Corp to create a $30 billion tech giant, as it strives better compete to mumbai buy toradol with local rival Rakuten and U.S. tech powerhouses. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says President Trump should testify before the U.S. Congressional impeachment hearings instead of expressing his concerns on Twitter. (Rough Cut)
      Former Bachelor star Matt Agnew looked downcast on Monday as he headed to work in Melbourne, a day after it was revealed that he's split with Chelsie McLeod. Helping with their finances before a crisis erupts is olanzapine price philippines a smart move, but a tricky one. Experts suggest some strategies that work.
      CNN's Scott McLean reports from Venice, Italy, where rising water is raising concern for the city's architecture and threatening some of the its artisan workshops. A Star Wars series is on Disneys new streaming service. And an acclaimed directorial debut is available for rental elsewhere.
      Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei says that his country is not calling for the elimination of the Jewish people, but believes people of amisulpride money order uk all religions should decide Israel's future. Iran depends on European countries with high Jewish populations to keep the 2015 nuclear agreement afloat. The chef at this Indian restaurant offers dishes from across the subcontinent. Factory workers across Australia fear their jobs could be the next to go overseas following nappy company Huggies' decision to move production offshore. Climate change activist Greta Thunberg may have been tipped for the Nobel Peace Prize, but she has now been afforded perhaps the ultimate honour having a beetle named after her. The Cincinnati Zoo lost one of their special animal drontal without prescription cheap friends Sunday. The UK's largest supermarket has kept its festive advert closely under wraps and sent social media into a frenzy when a Tesco van was spotted on top of a house in Cheshire two days ago. Millions of Americans move overseas every year, some for love, some for jobs and others to embrace new cultures. Heres how you can join them. Bolivias three-term president, Evo Morales, resigned amidst protests about possible vote-rigging following Octobers election. He helped foster a Bolivian middle class, then outstayed his welcome with them, as Anna Szymanski explains. The immediate question is what happens next. It's not just the horses who are thoroughbreds at the top race meetings these days. The chefs, too, come with top-class pedigrees as racing's culinary arms race hots up.
      Mercedes Vilardell fell in love with the art when she visited Malick Sidibs studio. Now she travels to Africa several times a year.
      Have you got what it takes to be a Scotland Yard order lotriderm without doctor detective? Why not tackle this selection of fiendishly tricky puzzles taken from the brilliant new Scotland Yard Puzzle Book and find out
      Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri says the team's star player Cristiano Ronaldo "is not a problem" after substituting the Portuguese international for a second consecutive game. OLIVER HOLT - MAIL ON SUNDAY CHIEF SPORTS WRITER It was obvious that the treatment of Gomez upset Southgate and tainted Thursday night. In many ways, it felt like a defining week. The French World Cup winner's future at Old Trafford looks hazy and with United underperforming in the league, it looks albendazole purchase visa uk only a matter of time before he seals a move away. 'Jack might not be in the best place right now but he is a survivor. He's like a wild boar - you can stab him, you can run him over with a car but he'll still somehow walk away into the bush.' The game between two football teams in central New York drew 45,161 fans to MetLife Stadium on Saturday.
      The mission was canceled in March after the agency said it did not have two properly fitted spacesuits readily available. For the first time in World Series history, all seven games were won by the visiting team. The documentary looks and listens to the emo-rapper, who died two years ago following an accidental overdose. Rapper likens his treatment on board a Qantas flight to a 'police state' after officers were called to meet him on the plane when it landed in Sydney over an altercation with a flight attendant. The 10-day, 1,600-mile race in the desert, starting next week, challenges body and mind and helps competitors find themselves. Prince Charles, 71, and the Duchess of Cornwall, 72, rounded off their first day of l-thyroxine buy europe the eight day tour of New Zealand by watching a performance of the haka. The royals appeared impressed by the dance. While the Chrome browser takes full advantage of the Chromebook Pixel's hardware, I terramicina 1.5mg sales thought it would interesting to see how video gaming works on the device. Quite well, with just a few small issues, it turns out. In a letter, the European Chess Union has said that the Turkish Chess Federation can bid on hosting the European Womens Championship, but it will not automatically restore fludrocortisone 10mg prescription price its right to host the event after the Turkish Federation dropped it a month ago.
      The Greys Anatomy actor reads an essay about the necessity of risk in romantic relationships. The Linkase for iPhone 5 boasts up to a 50 percent boost in Wi-Fi signal strength thanks to a small electromagnetic waveguide extension. Does it work? See for order aricept from boots yourself in these mobile speedtests where Wi-Fi is usually terrible. Doug Parker has been chief executive of three airlines. order clobetasol shopping But he had never faced a challenge like the grounding of the 737 Max. Veterinary students at the Royal Veterinary College in London have created a charity fundraising calendar. But one image of 'tipping' sheep led to outrage on social media and 'personal threats'.
      President Donald Trump on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block a lower court ruling directing an accounting firm to hand over his financial records to a Democratic-led congressional panel, setting up a major clash between branches of government. The Matt Damon-Christian Bale movie is based on the still-controversial 24 Hours of Le Mans run in France in 1966. China's growing tech industry is inciting concern, while Japan's stalling tech industry is spurring deals.
      A senior commander of Gaza Strip militant group Islamic Jihad has been killed in an Israeli air strike, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Prime Minister's Office said in a statement Tuesday. Ahead of a possible Democratic run for president, the former mayor of New York City reversed himself before an important party constituency black voters. Its Garry Shandlings Book, edited by Judd Apatow, brims with photos, diary excerpts, reminiscences, newspaper clippings, script pages and more. Dermatologists said the condition has been noted in ex-military personnel but that it is so rare, they have no idea on numbers. He used the defence to deny claims made by Virginia order triamterene in china Roberts. GYLES BRANDRETH To me, watching colour TV in 2019 is like being permanently caught in the glare of oncoming headlights. Forget Fleabag. Give me Fanny Cradock. The event was moved from May to September, which is allowing more top players to attend. A hub of renewable energy, packed with solar panels and batteries, or an expanded La Guardia Airport could replace the Rikers jails. Issa Rae stunned in a low-cut dress at the 2019 Soul Train Awards, held Saturday in Las Vegas. The all-star award show featured performances from Boyz II Men and Jeremih, among others. Despite the lack of consensus, a new survey finds that almost two-thirds of the public favors Democratic approaches. A new agency rule would restrict the science that can be used in drafting health regulations by requiring researchers to turn over confidential health data. Eden Hazard's undeniable ability led to him finally getting his dream switch to Real Madrid this summer, but his start to life at the Bernabeu has been hampered by questions over his fitness. The boy was taken to Wuhan Children's Hospital after he admitted what had happened to his grandfather after his underwear became 'soaked in blood'. It took eight years, but the author of The order daivobet wikipedia Night Circus is back, and she has another bestseller.
      As electric cars become more popular, engineers, driven by euthyrox tablets mail order government regulators, are crafting the sounds that will define the highways of the future.
      French driver Pierre Gasly stood on the Formula One podium for the first purchase retacnyl with best price time in his career on Sunday and said it felt simply insane. Illustrator and cheapest akatinol buy visa otc photographer Sarah Rosado used cereal to produce renderings of famous musicians, including Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and John Lennon. RICHARD KAY No one watching Prince Andrew's car-crash TV interview could have failed to recoil at the tone of contempt in his voice when the question of why he stayed in Epstein's mansion. Searching for a cure for my climate crisis grief.
      Eye-rolling serves a variety of purposes, and the meanings behind the mannerism tell us a lot about what its like to be a teenager. The study results, from tests conducted in pharmacies on 140,000 people across the buy interaction UK over a year, also showed 66 per cent of under-35s have high or pre-high blood pressure.
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