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1 TB flash drive

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Many of us are/should be backing up special and important documents onto a flash drive. With so many files that could be important but wont fit on a standard 4GB 8GB etc drive, this new device holds 1 TB (approx 1000 GB) of data and fits nicely inside of a good 'ol Victorinox 'Swiss Army Knife' case.


Victorinox Swiss Army Terabyte


The price is high ($2500 $3000) due to it being such large Solid State storage but it comes with a knife too!! Now the only question remaining is "what else CAN I put on it" Imagine the library of resources and amount of detailed images that can be stored!

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Imagine walking around with the Library of Congress in your pocket! Just remember, the smaller the package the more susceptible to damage it is. If I had one of these, I'd want two. Each in its own EMP enclosure. Then I would alternate backups so that at no time was ALL my data exposed. At the most, I'd lose 1 day's worth of data. By alternating drives I verify that it is always good and one is always shielded.

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