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FREAKING dollar stores are the bomb

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I am talking individually owned ones the others have much the same things.


today I went to one south of here and found a 2 pack of 15inch x 15 inch shamwows the

high absorbency material reusable but do not dry in a dryer.

It absorbs more than any other material to get water out of puddles, cracks or pipes.

it is a bit larger than a bandanna but way more useful so I have one and a bandanna

the other goes in my significant others pack

I just got these as extras.


there are so many things I have found in dollar stores and the prices are better

even from the internet.


here are some items I have found


antibiotic ointment aspirin Tylenol benadryl Imodium vitamins iodine wash betadine

alcohol and peroxide Tampax's good for sterile pressure bandages etc...

bandages all sizes and gauze and tape

travel size plastic assortment of all size bottles to arrange your medicines

pouches zip and draw string

a small hatchet

stainless steel water bottles quart size

SS drinking cups and bowls with lids

tools muti wrenches like bicycle ones and the double ended that does all by leverage

nippers pliers screw drivers


microfiber towels

safety sun glasses

some carabiners

tarps 5 x 7 foot great for a hammock cover or rain cover

name brand dish soap antimicrobial


magnifying glasses all sizes

strike matches all sizes

led puck lights use 3 AAA batteries and shines for a couple of days

neck lanyards with clip many uses

am fm mini radio with ear buds AAA batteries


in other words a great deal of things you need for a good BOB or GHB


a tip instead of carrying bleach carry a large puck of pool bleach in a couple of

zip lock {pull tab seal bags} use chips to treat water lasts longer and id in multiple

bags or better a water proof hard plastic case as liquid bleach can destroy material

and screw up more stuff than you can say grace over although I like the pint or quart

in the white plastic bottle it is pretty durable do not put bleach in a stainless container it will pit the metal.

liquid bleach should only be stored in high density polyethylene plastic white HDPE

that it comes in it should still be filtered after it has set open to allow bleach to evaporate

out of the water takes 12 + hours depends on the opening size of container cover with

some mosquito mesh to keep bugs out.

and kept from oil and grease and fuels {any oil fuel fluid}

and it can cause reactions with other chemicals and cause breathing and health problems


I think a 30 to 55 gallons in a drum is about the right amount to have and use it that is

what its for for laundry it kills all kinds of bugs washing out containers and disinfecting

food work surfaces and containers when used as directed.


ball mason kerr and other brands of glass jars if stained should be cleaned with salt poured

on a rag and use ti to scrub rust stains an fog off jars rinsed and sterilized in a boiling

water bath do not use bleach as a sterilizer it leaves a residue I use a dry cloth the wipe

down any dry residue before using the butcher table and pans etc...

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This post would be a lot better if I didn't have to struggle to read it. But I definitely agree. The dollar store rocks. I will probably make my own first aid kit from supplies from the dollar store.

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I've probably outfitted half of my BOB from Dollar stores (Dollar general, Dollar Tree, etc).


My latest find was the little personal alarms for $1 a piece. I've pre-rigged them with a trip wire loop on the part that breaks away. So now, I can set up an alarmed perimeter with 4 of these gizmos along with a spool of trip wire that I bought at the A-N Surplus store. Total cost: $5

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I got some stuff at the dollar store the other day.

SuperGlue, Moisture Eliminator, ankle/elbow wrap, Eye Drops, and some other first aid stuff.


I would have probably bought more stuff but they were closing the store and those employees seemed DESPERATE to leave lol.

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