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Jungle Hammock in GHB

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paranoid yes I am and I am proud of it I lived a long time in the 3rd world living under condition

yellow it is second nature, I do not open a door unless i look out first

I survey / watch before I park or return to my vehicle, pumping gas I try to be aware of my surroundings

I take other precautions for good and many reasons I also wash my hands a bit more than most.


I guess that is the whole point just to be aware as now we have county and fed programs

in the field for mosquito control and many do not realize that county extension services

are also involved to protect domesticated animals, with various methods and specific to the area

the result less bugs as the spray kills indiscriminately so gardeners and everyone reaps the benefit.

here there is a program that releases treated insects to control breeding in known areas.


in an economic down turn not even a serious event the burden for farmers, gardeners and

residents will start to see the impact of reduced health department and other services rat populations

in cities cockroaches that carry numerous diseases.


my final argument for being paranoid I give you fire ants, killer bees, anacondas, pythons, kudzu,

Nutria rat, Asian carp, Japanese beetles, and GIANT AFRICAN GAMBIAN POUCH RATS.

The list goes on not to mention unrestricted flow of illegal immigrants, plants animals and foods

that are not caught crossing our borders and the interference or arrogant individuals, biologist

and doctors trying to solve one problem and creating another.

in the jails there is a new strain of tuberculosis, diseases we though we controlled are returning

with a vengeance flesh eating virus is not new but the one we are dealing with is.

I am trying to say we are the last to know {humanity} by the time it happens it is too late

people are getting sick who do not jog, hike or camp

cholera is a dump up river from anyone have you seen the show Infested there is another about

people who contract worms viruses and others it is caught after it enters the country.

it is a matter of time not if when and can we stop it and how does it ride in on a bug a monkey.


I have seen people die like flies screaming and contorted a short plane ride away.

because it is not a pandemic it flies under our radar but if only one person gets anything

we all pay because a sick person cannot work or pay their bills and sometimes they die

some have disabled people for months recovery over simple food poisoning can take a year.


walk the halls of the V.A. and see they do not even isolate any more just a tag on the door

wear protection and each year I see more of them than before so your right I am paranoid

but I can laugh about it and I am not offended so I think it's under control.


By the way do you own gas masks and filters???? I do LOL

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I plan on getting dust masks.... if its a chemical/radiation problem.. I'm willing to accept that I'm screwed...


There is only _so much_ preperation I'm willing to do. At some point it interferes with LIVING life. Meaning, I don't want preparing for some catastrophe that may not happen to the point that it interferes with my ability to have fun from day to day and enjoy the simple things in life. Although, I do enjoy prepping and buying new gear, I think there is a limit/place to everything. I'd like to travel, have a nice car, get a nice home, etc. That means there is a limit to the amount of prepping I can afford. Gas masks is where I draw the line lol..... at least for now ;)

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I do agree I was picking at you.


I have gas masks because I live near a bend in the railroad about half a mile away so it's

just a safety measure and they only cost about 40 bucks for the good Israeli ones.

shipping and all.


I see your in Miami why do you need a vacation with all the ethnic groups

just a few mile ride and you can experience almost any culture.

that is why I like Houston very diverse and a lot of things to do in fact

they are kicking off the Houston livestock show and rodeo and have all

kinds of entertainment.

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I travel to see places, not so much the people. The people in Miami kinda suck ass. Everyone is very self-absorbed, including myself (sometimes). The city life kinda forces it on you. Especially if you're running around from place to place. There are just so many people and everyone is hustling for money, its easy to become desensitized to common courtesy. I try to be well mannered but its very easy to have a culture/class/education clash. As a result, I'm most interested in other places. Also, non-hispanic cultures. I get enough Hispanic culture as it is (since I am Hispanic).


I have family in Houston. I've been there a few times. Houston is okay. Too much pollution for my taste. I like other parts of Texas though. I wouldn't mind owning a ranch or something there. I also like the Texas attitude :)

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pollution I thought the air was a bit chewy last time I was there..


yea i feel the same about Seattle some are so politically correct I can't stand it for long

so I just stay in the airport till the next flight...LOL


my eyes turn red and puff up... I think I'm allergic to something in the air... I heard there are refineries north of Houston and thats why the air is so bad...wind brings all the smog in... but I don't really know

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hey we have pollen here that is weird people come to this part of texas and they cannot breath


and it's pine and oak of course many others but those are so thick it colors the vehicles yellow


of course it also could be pollution just a heads up we take loratadine for sinus conditions do to pollen.

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