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desert rat

Arrow chart .. and tidbits

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I've bowhunted since the 70s. I also used to shoot competitively in IBO shoots.

I no longer compete! My compound now would be regarded as ancient as would

my arrows. As a matter of fact I haven't bowhunted since the mid 90s.

I've seen guys try to lighten their arrows to the extent of their bow(s) exploding.

Limbs splitting, risers breaking and carbon arrows exploding. IBO rules were an arrow must weigh 7 grams per draw lb. back then, mine are 441grams each for a 63lb draw.

I've not got a clue if this has changed. I shot the Beeman 40/60 carbon arrow around 285fps. I bought 75gr. broadheads weighed them and then took my field tips and a with a scale and grinder trimmed my field tips to make them weigh exactly as my broadheads.

The Beeman fieldtips had notches incremented in 10gr. So they were pretty easy to weight to weight to broadheads. Nothing has been changed with my bow except having a new string and shooters loop put on it.

I highly reccomend a shooters loop if you are going to use a mechanical release.

This keeps the wear of the string and on the loop.

What we looked for back then was a flat arrow trajectory. The flatter the better, you had a bit more leeway in estimateing yardage, "making a yardage error".


Dang! I just remembered, I'm almost ancient!


Now, accuracy in competition is a must. This is where brace height comes in. The distance between the string and riser. The more distance, the more forgiving the comp'd bow. If you'd take 7 and 1/2" brace height vs. 10 and 1/4" the latter is/was more forgiving to shoot.

If you look at the new single cam compounds on todays market with the limbs laid back the way they are, I'd say they're pretty forgiving to shoot. Especially considering the fact that the axel lenght has been shortened considerably. Anyway, if you're considering a bow whether it be a recurve or compound go to a reputable shop/dealer and have them help you set it up!


Arrow chart as promised: Easton is probably the easiest arrow to aquire.



A pic of my old bow.




The old bow.

A stick of string wax.(very important)

Side quiver and pencil for keeping score at shoots.(I don't do anymore)

(I preffered a side quiver for practice and 3D shoots.)

My hunting quick detach quiver that mounts on the bow. (I'd remove this and hang it if in a stand.) Equipped with broadhead (hunting) arrows.

An adjustable pin sight(Check-it) for targets and 3D shoots.

Field tip practice arrows stored in case lid.

Also my 3 pin montana gold hunting sights and Keller pendulum sight.


I'd fletch my own arrows and there's an art to that, don't let anyone tell you

different. Little secrects someone new wouldn't know.

I still have my fletching jig and extra vanes in a box along with hot melt glue,

moleskin, extra sight pins, string wax, broadheads, arrow and string nocs and

other little goodies that may come in handy someday.


If in any way I can offer someone some insight post it here or IM me.....

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Excelent ..Bow... I have its

I never went to the carbon arrow..

2216 gamegetters,full length.Im a bit of old school I still shot with a finger

yes please if your going to start Bow hunting .Listen to the above.....

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