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fishing kits.

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I'd like hear more about this too, but more from a BOB's perspective. I picked up one of the yo-yos, but that's all I have right now. I want the smallest kit possible. Not a great fisherman, but know some basics. Any recommendations?

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Keep it simple and compact. If you're around streams or ponds. As long as you have a knife/hatchet

or ring saw you have a rod. I carry a bag in my truck box with an assortment of lead weights and 10lb

clear monofiliment."No reel, no rod to break."

If you're lucky enough to be able to carry a rod and reel that's great! I think

I'd like one of those things from the 70s. A Popiels pocket fishermen,,,LOL..



As far as fish to fry, I hope to be lucky enough to catch something. "Anything

will be edible". Catfish, trout, bass; as I said, only if I'm lucky enough.

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I am packing a ron popeil / ronco pocket fisherman


ordered our through wal mart and got them for 13 dollars and change and it was shipped to my door


it works on fish up to 10 pounds easy to use and compact also has a compartment to hold tackle

built in better than those on TV they are crap this is a true folding compact unit that is very similar to

a zebco.


and it has a 10 year free replacement warranty and then just send $8.99

and they send you a new one.


I have used many rods you cant beat it for compactness and weight also it does not get hung all over everything in the woods and casts great.

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yea ricksconnected


when I was a kid I used to take 3 fishing rods a minnow bucket and a metal clip fish stringer 22 rifle

along with food an drink by the time I got through the brush it took 30 minutes to untangle everything

I got one of these and I thought it was great I have not had time to fish but now that I am

on a permanent sabbatical from the job I got a couple and I am ready to go.


then a bud just died from cancer so it is a solo game now until I go 5 hours south to another friends

ain't life a bit@h he had been through enough blood bullets and beer and the big C gets him.

well at least we had a good conversation last week so I am confident all is well and he went peacefully

a long and full life fine wife good kids and grand kids what more can you ask.


yep life is like a box of chocolates, stomped on left out in the rain and the squirrels got to

kind of like a U.P.S. delivery LOL

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JCMS, sorry to hear about your friend.


I carry a small assortment of hooks and lead weights, 10 and 40# line and rely mostly on limb lines or cutting a "cane" pole for my rod. I run the limb lines as I run my trap line when in the woods and can check it every few hours or once a day to remove any catches and reset. I also have a net for casting or rigging a "fish trap". A small cast net is a great survival tool (IMHO) and has multiple uses and can be used for birds and small animals as well.

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yea regulator5 & ricksconnected


thank you for your condolences I appreciate it.


as long as you have line and hooks you can make all kinds of snares and unattended fishing "lines",


which is what I posted is needed for survival as walking in day time would be tantamount to suicide, by some of them 700 yard shooters


so slipping around at night checking lines and traps would be part of a Plan B for BAD many look for water during droughts and when looking for

food most know to follow the water and death and disease will follow.


IMHO water will be the one thing there will be very little of if you look at

our infrastructure, water is the one thing we cannot create without a lot of engineering and power we only transport it and that is where all

scenarios fall down you must have water and a lot of it some buried.

this last drought was actually a half nation event many tanks {some call them ponds} dried up.


Texas has little surface water we have only 2 natural lakes all others are man made or cattle tanks that hold rain water or well water a very few have a natural springs and they have to dammed to catch water.



In most if not all TEOTWAWKI events like from Nostradamus American Indians and Egyptians and the Bible and far Eastern beliefs make it very clear

water is going to be a problem and it is already is.


lake Chad is drying up this is a source of water for the countries of Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon,


Lake Naivasha In Kenya Lake Manyara in Tanzania


Lake Poyang in Jiangxi province in China and caused a 30% rise in prices in months, more than 75% of the fresh water fish are dead and rice crops

have been devastated this means world prices on food will go up and theresis no relief in sight.


Fisher Reservoir in San Angelo State Park dried and turned blood red during

this recent drought, what the Bible predicts can happen when a lake dries

up and the dead fish make the water undrinkable and red in color.


I am sure water problems abound I have heard of quite a few but it seems unimportant in our society except at a local level.

In this country where you turn or raise a handle and there it is and until a

large area of the country goes dry no one here will pay attention but many pay a dollar a gallon for bulk water at warehouse stores and more than

that for a pint of "premium" brands at gas stations quick marts,

maybe they will wake up when they have to pay for bathroom and radiator water nation wide, the frog in the warm water scenario.


Surface water will be contaminated by people collecting it and killings to

protect water and did you know no one owns their water?

and fish will die off or be netted out for quick gain so many peoples plan

may not be in the viable so use it as snare material.


My take on all the information I can assimilate, all people water and wildlife will be severely impacted.

It is not considered that NOW with all of our science and medicine and all

the charities 36,000 people a day die in Africa as compared to the

U.S. 6,800 not including war

I think you will see numbers closer to that of the worst day of the civil war of 22,000 +


should any of the TEOTWAWKI scenarios it would cause

a monetary crash banks would be torn to the ground and riots and insanity so figure how many banks are there if only 1 person per bank died would

be about that and then include the

6,800, money would be worthless so now factor in murders for anything

you can think of .

and this is my best case scenario and this does not include death by

starvation within 45 days and an ever increasing death

from disease and ongoing medical problems without treatment with regular medication, and I still have not factored in gang and riot at a local level.


we are part of a global community if one country has problems it trickles

down so look at 2007 forward weather and food production and

fuel increases are slicing every countries piece of the pie thinner.


so all you boys have fun fishing now ya' hear.........LMAO

Edited by juzcallmesnake

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Snake, condolences for your loss.


I completely agree with you, water is a worldwide resource problem. The long-tem solution lies in desalination plants. Very expensive, but no other option. the state of Israel ould not exist except for their early implementation of desaliantion plants.

But our "leaders" are so short-sighted!!

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well stated Femvet59 and thank you for your kind consideration.


our leaders as I have stated, only look 4 years into the future if we are lucky


and I put my money where my mouth is I support Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


too many here do not understand that they are the only true democracy in the middle east

if they fall all "hell" will break loose literally.


Snake, condolences for your loss.


I completely agree with you, water is a worldwide resource problem. The long-tem solution lies in desalination plants. Very expensive, but no other option. the state of Israel ould not exist except for their early implementation of desaliantion plants.

But our "leaders" are so short-sighted!!

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I support Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


too many here do not understand that they are the only true democracy in the middle east

if they fall all "hell" will break loose literally.


wow that will preach too snake. im with you on this 10 fold.

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great ricksconnected thanks


but I boo booed and left out the thread fishing kits well here ya go

I use my head net for a minnow seine.

during certain times of the year different bugs mate and boy they can cover an area

so thick you cannot breath like may flies and gnats as well as mosquitoes full length

clothing like pants and a shirt and socks should be carried so when it gets bad you can

cover up bug repellent like DEET is only as large as a small deck of cards but lasts for a long time

sand fleas and ticks in certain areas are very distracting and carry disease as well as itch like crazy

you cannot keep focused snakes and fall hazards as well as drowning are always part of fishing

if you cannot pay attention or see your lining yourself up for an injury or death.


depending on where and how you fish IE ice, boat, bank, trot, wade ocean river falls dams fishing

each needs to be looked at for the dangers they present and proper clothing and extra in a dry sack if

hypothermia is possible and a hand heater will save your butt literally one wet leg and your in trouble

stuck out if a vehicle dies ocean well how far can you swim a wet suit top gives you hours in reasonable

temp water flares do not count on the dumbazz that owns the boat it your butt whistle and compass

cell phone in a dry sack or zip lock bag hey we all need to use our head for more than a hat rack.


bank fishing is the most dangerous because it seems the safest but underwater are old lines and hooks

and how deep any stumps or rocks is the bank undermined by waves or animals if you fall in can you

climb out a waist belt tied or staked can save you are your grand children or children with you

children are notorious for falling in and your going to have to get them even a foam noodle is better

than standing there like a stump think think think and do not leave safety to others its your life.

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cute kit but there is no way i would reply on that kit to survive with.


Actually that kit is VERY effective and functional. I've made several of them myself. I heard about them but that is the first time I ever saw that video. I made mine with a tube that held M&Ms. Where it is better than just a little line and hooks is that I have a bunch of hooks and weights and with the heavy line he mentioned I can catch a LOT of fish with night set limb lines. I have three different line weights on my tube...Heavy for limb lines, medium for pole fishing and light for use as he demonstrated. Inside I have a float, hooks, weights, flys, small spoons, a few jigs and a few plastic baits. I have no doubt that I could feed myself for a short while with this.


Limb lines are to fishing what snares are to hunting. You COULD just sit beside the trail and WHACK a critter with a club when he came by...OR you could put out a bunch of snares and let them work for you all the time. Pole fishing works some times, just like sitting beside a game trail with a club but if you want to feed more than just yourself limb lines are the way to go.

Edited by Danm

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Ok so Im taking my 3 piece bamboo pole with me(its a old South Bend),Im never leaving it behind..

and making a carrier out of 1 1/4 thin wall pvc 3ft long.straping it on the frame of my Alice..


Im a bigot on bamboo...just saying..nothing like having 20 ft of line drifting on the water..

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Limb lines are to fishing what snares are to hunting. You COULD just sit beside the trail and WHACK a critter with a club when he came by...OR you could put out a bunch of snares and let them work for you all the time. Pole fishing works some times, just like sitting beside a game trail with a club but if you want to feed more than just yourself limb lines are the way to go.


snare's are pretty unreliable bro. they work less than 40% of the time. ask anybody besides me thats had to use them in a survival situation. they are at least an effort and you will be playing the odds when you set enough of them out. as for "pole fishing working sometimes..." its my strength. ive been fishing all my life.

ive recorded over 80 species of fish in my time on the water, from shark fishing in kayaks, to diving and spear fishing, ive done pretty good for myself or at least my sponsors have thought so.

up until the last few yrs, i was spending 300 plus days on the water, either wading, or boating to add to my count and account. like i mentioned before, i wouldnt rely on that kit for anything except maybe fire starter, nor would i rely on limb fishing either, not as a main way to fish. i might put out a couple lines at night in hopes to catch some walleye or crappie but that would be only because i was off doing something else of major importance or im trying to be stealth for some reason. again i can only speak from my experiences and not to pat myself on the back but most people dont have my level of experience on the water fishing. so im not knocking anybody for using small kits if thats all they have, as its better than nothing. i do suggest however to up grade and find a solid fishing rod if you can. even a ice fishing rod is better than the kit above. there are cheap multi piece rods being sold by BPS, cabelas, and on line that will fit in a BOB or GHB that will work nicely and not take up hardly any room either.

dan, if i can assist you or anybody else for that matter on building good fishing kits please PM me and i'll do my best.

Edited by ricksconnected

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Ok so Im taking my 3 piece bamboo pole with me(its a old South Bend),Im never leaving it behind..

and making a carrier out of 1 1/4 thin wall pvc 3ft long.straping it on the frame of my Alice..


Im a bigot on bamboo...just saying..nothing like having 20 ft of line drifting on the water..


you lucky dog. a nice bamboo rod is a must have. i need to get a good fly rod of bamboo. i found a nice one 2 yrs ago. $1,000. man i should have jumped on it. i do agree, there is nothing like flyfishing matt.

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Howdy Ricksconnected I think maybe part of the difference is in locality. I'm in East Texas near one of the premier catfish lakes in Texas. I assure you that when it comes to catfish, limb lines or bank lines are the way to go for big production of meat if you don't have a boat on hand. With a boat you can start talking daily production in Hundreds of pounds with jugs or trotlines.


You get 40% production out of your snares???? Man, you do a LOT better than I do. I don’t even do that well on mouse snares! There are a lot more field mice out there than even rabbits so I learned on them first. Even bears eat mice so in a bad situation I’m following the way of the expert. Anyway… That is why I consider 10 to be the minimum number of snares to set out. Limb lines are the same way.


The fact is, if it is just me or maybe myself and one other, pole and line will be fine. Like you I have a huge investment in boats, floats and tackle and have spent hundreds of hours (More like hundreds of thousands in my case) polishing my techniques. I made the kit suggestion because it requires no real practice or talent to be successful. I used to teach fishing to kids and their parents for the state at the local state park. JESUS you wouldn’t believe what a normally intelligent person can do with a rod and reel if they are just learning. I hate to imagine what it would be like under stress!


The fact is that I do carry fishing tackle with me at all times BUT in my BOB I tend to go minimalist and in a survival situation I can do as well with my little kit as with my best gear because all I need to do is feed myself. I'm not going for numbers unless I am part of a group and size or species of the fish isn't important at all. Little fish eat just fine.


Since the person asking was a novice fisherman I offered the basics. In a survival situation you work on the KISS principal. This isn’t sport fishing and an equipment malfunction could be disastrous. Cane Pole fishing isn’t sexy but it is very effective for putting food on the table and as long as you have more hooks and line there just can’t be the kind of malfunction that will disable your ability to catch supper.


A kit needs to reflect the persons abilities. I would love to always have my favorite rod and reel on hand or like 101Matt have my Dad’s three piece bamboo in its aluminum tube but that isn’t realistic for me to carry in my grab and dash set.


I will say the I have had a lot of success with Diawa Minispin sets. I’ve owned two and both provided years of service under the very worst sort of pressure storage and use. I actually have a bit of a fishing gear fetich and have a totally embarrassing number of fishing rods and reels. It is nearing 200 and runs from a 1pound line ice fishing set up though a 4/0 penn shark rig. Of late I’ve been playing with Europeans Carp fishing techniques and even applying them to catfishing. The good ole boys really give me the eye when I set up my pod with bite alarms and most have never seen baitrunner spinning reels.


I haven’t had the opportunity to catch as many species as you but when it comes to what is available locally I’ve done it all including gar as long as I am tall (I’m 6’ 2”) and hand grabbing big cats. LOL, have you used Belly Boats for big cats yet? Talk about a hoot! I had one big blue cat drag me all over a little lake for almost a half hour one time. I haven't done kayaks yet but it's on my bucket list.

Edited by Danm

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