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fishing kits.

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Just a question, do you just place snares in game trails or do you use other techniques as well? I don't want your secrets, just curious as I normally do pretty decent with snares (from birds to coyotes).


I like limb lines for catfish and turtles, which around me are fairly plentiful, but don't get me wrong, I love my rod and reels and "relaxing" along a river or lake somewhere.

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ok i,ll give ya the cats and limb fishing. limbs would be a great way to go on them and will turn up


good numbers of them too. set the limbs at night and eat in the AM if all goes well.


pack a couple cans of dog food if ya got room. is great chum.




here is a story i think you will like. yrs back a good friend and i were down in FL doing some


sail cat fishing. sail cats are plenty and always ready to play. so i catch a nice one. as im lifting


it up over the rail it pops off and heads straight towards my boot, back down. the weight of him


sent his spine fin directly into my foot. S.O.B, it hurt lol. see, the sail cat's "poison" on the fin's


are way worse getting stuck by than the fresh water cats by far. so here i am, jumping up and down


while trying to rip off my boot and sock. boy my foot was bleeding like crazy and stinging even worse.


my buddy was telling me i was "over reacting" and to man up and get ta fishing. he said he had never


been stung by a catfish before but he was sure it didnt hurt that bad.


lol as my luck would have it, we would have the opportunity to see what he thought about his first


sting 2 days away.


fastforward 2 days. its after midnight and we are on a dock under a gazibo doing our deal. fishing


was good too. well we were tossing back a few beers when i noticed my buddies line move a bit.


i knew he had a small one on as it wasnt even big enough to roll over the clicker on the reels. i


didnt say nothing lol. as long as he had that lil fella on there he wasnt catching nothing of size in our


friendly bet of who catches the biggest. well as luck would have it dan, he wasnt to drunk to notice


his line moving too lol. in he reels a 7in sail cat. well as hes trying to unhook the lil guy the fish was


doing the ole line dance and spinning like crazy, flopping everywhere. so my buddy opens his hand up


for a quick grap and in goes a fin into the webbing between the thumb and first finger. as he let the fish go


the fish popped him again, same hand, just under the nail of his pinky finger. yes between nail and finger.


youve never heard so much cursing in your life, blood all over the place too. i thought i was gonna have to


call 911, as my chest started hurting from laughing to freakin hard. buddy setting there doing the


"my hand is about to fall off dance" as blood just pumps out with every heart beat.


im talking so much smack at this point im pissing ole buddy off. so here he is, bleeding, in pain, eating


his words from just two days before, and his best buddy is talking the smack to him.


in his last ditch effort to express his anger he raises his foot up and goes to smash the lil fish on the dock.


down comes the foot, up comes the lil guys spine fin (dorsal) and up through ole buddies flip flop it went.


to this day i cant say ive ever laughed that hard in my life. yes the whole experience cost the fish his life and


was very immature to do so, but oh my god it was the funniest thing ive ever seen.

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oh yeah my collection is embarrassing too but i just cant help myself ya know.

its a dang addiction. they say fishing gear catches more fishermen than it does fish lol. its so true.

oh my God, when i found baitrunner reels my life changed. it was like getting out of jail early on a life sentence lol. how did i survive w/o them all those yrs?

im a shimano "ho" as my friends call me lol. ive not tried the fish alarms yet. where did you get yours at?

ive watched some of the EURO style on youtube. their carp rigs are pretty involved compared to what we use here in the states. they really enjoy carp fishing there. carp on the fly is fun. they just "bulldog" and granny gear it until they come to hand/net. wow, i finally have someone to talk fishin with on here.


oh move kayaks up to the top of your list on things to do. you will flip your lid the first time. nothing like setting over top of a school of striper of 20 plus lbs and you know you cant get a line down to them cause it will spook them but they are beautiful to watch. ive floated past a school of trout in gin clear water just 2 feet above them w/o spooking them. its a great way to go fishing. they smoke a canoe in my opinion. my kayaks are going when SHTF dan. i have several plans where they play a major roll.

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I love my bait runners and have about a dozen of them now from just totally huge down to one that holds a couple hundred yards of 6lb test. I made most of my stuff but got the alarms from ( and a company called Squidjig at ( they are all very nice folks.


I live almost on the Trinity River above Lake Livinston and some of the gar guides are baitrunners and alarms for them these days. You can get them that have wireless radio alarms along with the beeping and lights flashing. They just put the rods out on the bank and move on. When a gar takes it alerts them and the come back to it. A big gar bite is a slow sort of thing and you don’t want to rush it. You let them run until they stop and then set when they take off the second time so there is no big rush.


With a pod, alarm and swingers you can kick back and let your bait lay. If it is touched, even if it comes towards you, the alarm will let you know. Carp tournaments run around the clock so you need a VERY comfortable chair and a bivy that you can get out of in a hurry.


I used to be like you are with Shimano about Ambassador Reels and for years had to have a pair every time they came out with something new. LOL, the baitrunners kind of took their place for eating size cats though I still prefer the Ambassador or Penns for the big cats.


Another new thing that hasn’t caught on yet in America is the Europeans cat fish calls called clonks. I read about them and made one and they WORK! Supposedly they make a sound that makes the cats think there is another cat feeding actively and so they want some and come. All I know is that when they aren’t biting I can stir them up with it and get them feeding again.


I am no pro with snares. I just wanted to learn enough that I am confident in my ability to do it if I need to. I usually set them on trails and then use a little brush to narrow it at my set points if there isn’t a natural narrowing. I’ve also been known to piss on the other trails that I haven’t set my snares on. I’ve also gone a snare stick with a bunch of wire nooses on them and leaned them against trees that I know squirrels are in.


I love rod and reels fishing. Even when I jug fish for a fish fry I use a long surf rod and reel to catch my jug line and so get to play them some before bringing them in. I seldom do much other than rod and reel these days. I got into carp fishing when I was having mobility issues because it is a mostly sedentary sort of fishing. I have had both hips replaced though and am slowly getting more active again.


Anyone that hasn't had a catfish fin them deep just has NO idea how bad it can hurt!!! If you get got in the hand it hurts all the way up to your arm pit!

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im glad your able to get out fishing again. i feel your pain as i havent got to fish in over a yr.

the doc said "nope" when he found 3 bad spots on 2 of my lower back disks. im going this yr if it just plain

kills me bro. im doing way way WAY better than i was this time last yr. fishing is a great activity. great for a piece of mind, for a day of RnR, a good family get away, and extra special when ya can share it with a kid.

yeah my snare work leaves much to be desired. my ex brother in law was the master at them.

he was a bank fisherman and would set up traps to check while his fishing was slow lol. he also used the big spring loaded rat traps to catch things. he even used them to catch rabbits. he modded it with nails of course and tied them to a stick. mac was exceptional at putting food on the table. outside of that it was clear that somewhere there was a village missing its idiot lol.

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ive seen folks use those squid jigs for shrimp schools when they come under the bridges. then the shrimp becomes fishing bait.

i need to find something for my surf rods at night. where i go you cant camp on the beaches, but you can set up a tent if ya got a line in the water. i use those light sticks on my rods for shark fishing. nothing like watching those things rocket underwater and take off when ya got a big on one. sure my 9/0's have clickers, but often times the ocean isnt calm and ya cant hear them so well. i'll fall asleep and lose a $1,000

rod/reel set up one day.

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I just carry a small assortment of hooks, lead weights, and rely mostly on limb lines or cutting a "cane" pole for my rod. I run the limb lines as I run my trap line when in the woods and can check it every few hours or once a day to remove any catches and reset.

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