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12 gauge ammo..what should be used? home defense? hunting?..and yes the .410 also

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Guest kevin

i keep many different loads for my shotguns (410, 20 and 12 gauges, mostly 12). around 250 00buck and 50 slugs for bigger game(deer, hogs,and zombies) , 200 or so 5s and 6s for mid sized game(coons,possum,cats) and 500 field load 71/2s for the little stuff(dove,quail,pack rats). a shot gun is the most versitile weapon there is.........if you buy a verity of ammo. if you shoot a coon with a slug, bring your tweesers, itll take awhile to pick up all the pieces.

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I learned a LONG time ago to trust my gut feel. The few times I didn't I was almost immediately sorry and a few times when I felt foolish but did anyway I was almost immediately glad. If something tells you to pack it that way, then do so. I like to load a deer rifle magazine with 2 bear rounds and then 3 deer rounds. I should never get to the heavy bear load but if I need that bear round I NEED THAT BEAR ROUND in the worst way! It is reassuring to know they are there.

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I'll offer a slightly different point of view and answer on the home defense part of the question. As far as the hunting part, it all depends on what you're hunting and where you are doing it.


For home defense I load my swat type pump shot gun in a progressive manner. starting with the first under the firing pin is a load of #6 or #8 shot followed by two more of the same. Then I go to #4 Buck then to OO buck and end with slugs.


I've actually done some in house shooting and unless you live in a mansion the shot likely will still be in the cup across room distances. The lighter the individual pellets the less they will penetrate once they have spread out. I don't want to shoot through the walls and kill my neighbor. I either shoot from the hip angling up with a pistol grip shotgun or from the shoulder angling down with a stock. A leg shot is fine with me the next one will finish the deal and still be angled down.I've tailored a few rounds to make them spread faster but that's a different story. When an ounce and a half of lead hits you it really doesn't matter if it is buck or bird're just totally screwed. Now if you make it outside I need a little more reach so switch to the buck with each shot being a little larger than the one before and then the slugs.


I keep all my guns loaded because a gun without ammo is just a very unwieldy club or rock to throw. I treat ALL guns as loaded because in my house they ARE. When I reach in a gun case in the middle of the night I don't want a club or I would have just put a baseball bat beside the door.


My kids were all pretty well responsible by age 4 and before that I don't think they could reach the weapons. By age 4 they were shooting, swimming and knew what to do if someone messed with them. Kick scream and run! When a new gun entered the house we went shooting with it ASAP. Guns were not mysterious no nos at my house they were things that if you asked you would get to shoot and handle.


You haven't lived until you've seen a little girls face light up as she snaps the cap on a magnum revolver! Kids are fearless and LIKE the big noises and the bouncing around. The first time my little girl shot my Blackhawk with HOT super-magnum loads I was kneeling behind her and helping support the weapon. She was around 4 or so and experienced with 22 revolvers. Ya know...her arms are a lot shorter than mine and I hadn't taken that into account as far as the blast! Her hair flew I was just shocked by the concussion but she just giggles and sent another down range a moment later.


When she was 7 or 8 she was shooting a TC in 35 Remington at three hundred yard rams. My point is if you are going to be prepared your kids need to be included early and often in all facets. My house wasn't safe but my family was. My kids shot and knew that guns were deadly. Gun-safe your kids and then you can leave your guns loaded. Keep your guns up and make sure that they all understand that they NEVER allow anyone to touch or handle them without an adult being present.

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It said the same thing over and over but never, that I could find said how far the shot was. It looked like the spread was about the size of a coke can bottom. In the in house shooting that I did the hole across a room was about the size of my finger and a few times the wad was on the floor against the Sheetrock or in the hole stuck. Try this, put a gallon bleach jug behind a piece of 3/4 plywood and shoot it from 10' and see how big the hole is and what happens to the bleach jug.


I agree that tactical use of birdshot is ill advised but this is for INSIDE my home. I don't want a slug going through a body and then take out my kid or neighbor. In my truck I used to carry a #2 and #4 3" mag because in Texas if you are out after dark when it isn't deer season and have buck shot in your vehicle it is considered PROOF of intent to poach. BAD DAY at the very least you lose your gun.


The fact of the matter is that people, unless they are pumped full of PCP, don't like getting shot and will usually leave real fast after the first shot. It isn't a military action. They are most likely stupid weak willed turds that will turn tail and haul ass at the first sign of trouble. I specifically like pumps because the fricking SOUND of one being racked in a dark house will nearly always send them running.


When I'm in my home I feel like a fight avoided is a fight won. The last thing that I want is an extended firefight in my house...My wife would kill me for sure if I shot more than twice or accidentally hit a piece of her crystal!!!!!! I'll scare them off if I can to avoid her wrath!

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I believe it said at some point the range was either 3 yards or 5. I only linked it because of the wide array of loads put to gel. I think the #4 birshot had perfectly acceptable penetration for home defense. The slugs penetrating over thirty inches would be a definite no-no imho, that's at least two human torso's plus a wall or two. Anything thats penetrating beyond one 17" gelatin block would certainly not be going in my HD tube. Preferably penetration would be around the 12" mark or less.

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12 Gauge is pretty good for everything you mentioned.


Slugs can be used for hunting.


Birdshot for bird hunting.


Buckshot for home defense/self defense.


If you plan on using .410 Bore, I hope you are SKILLED. With each shell holding hardly any pellets compared to a 12 Gauge, you better be damn accurate with your shotgun.

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      Ваше замовлення буде скасовано. Проте ц мсця будуть недоступн до 15 хвилин. Скасувати. Залишитись. Можливсть покупки квиткв онлайн зявиться найближчим часом. Чому? Закрити. Ваше повдомлення надслано менеджеру компан Вджет покупки квиткв вдкритий в новй вкладц. 16+. Старше 16 рокв. Дивитись трейлер. Поширити. Мо спекотне лто з Соф. Розклад сеансв. Пт, 20 грудня. Сьогодн. Сьогодн. Пт, 20 грудня. Завтра Мо спекотне лто з Соф. нформаця про фльм. Вк: 16+. Старше 16 рокв. Оригнальна назва: Une fille facile. Режисер
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      7 рокв. Голоси: 84. Софя. 2 роки Мо найкраще лто. Беручи участь в конкурс, ви отримате можливсть виграти чудов призи! Головний приз дстанеться тому, чия фотографя отрима найбльшу кльксть голосв! Чекамо ваших веселих фотографй, як можна надсилати електронною поштою email protected У конкурс "Мо найкраще лто" за результатами голосування перемогли Едк (6 р.), Назар та Антон (57 рокв), Лза Валеря (57 рокв). Жур у склад журналств та менеджерв сайту Тернополявизначило лауреатв конкурсу. Ними стали: Олежик (4 роки), Анастасйка (4,5 р.), Софя (10 р.), Софйка (3 р.), Андрй (5 р.), Настя (2 р.), МарчикМатвйко ( 64 р.), ЛляНастя (8 р.), Антошка (3 р.), Арсенчик (2 р.), Остап (2 р.). Ус.
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