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The Simple Pump

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Way back in 1980 my wife and I built a home, with an eye to self sufficiency, on five acres in northeast PA in the Poconos. We had a well drilled and put in for water. For years I wondered how I could get water out of that well if the power went out.


About 15 years ago I came across a rugged water hand pump designed for use in Africa so that villages could get fresh, clean water inexpensively. Called "The Simple Pump", it is designed to fit on top of a well head and pump water from as deep as 300 ft. I bought it on the spot for about $1,000.


It has worked wonderfully for these many years and has permanently solved for me one of the greatest challenges of preparedness - fresh unlimited water.


The actual pump is at the end of the PVC pipe down the well and pumps both on the up and down strokes. Since I live in a freezing area of the country, there is a weep hole a few feet down the well where the water levels retreat when you are done pumping. That is all that is necessary to prevent the pipe from freezing.


The spout at the pump handle is threaded. By adding a check valve, you can run a hose into your house and attach it to the pressure tank. This give you a way to bring water into your house.


If you are interested in this pump, then here is the link:


I hope you find this information useful.

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That sounds great! Someday I will live in the country a bit and and sure I will have a well, like some of my family members have and have often wondered how you could get water out if the power went out. Now I know thanks!

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