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catfish hunter

Newbie to the site looking for new ideas for my BOB, what am I missing?

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Well I continued moving more gear to the marine cooler for automotive bug-outs. I also got the new eberlestock X1 pack in and like it real well. I still prefer my J34 for my use, but set it up as my girlfriends BOB. I also got my postage scale out that I bought for re-fining my backpack hunting gear list and used it on my BOB. It still covers the basics of survival and defense, but some really nice extras were moved to my girlfriend's pack. Her pack is lighter than mine and contains some bulky but lightweight items like mountain house meals. With the postage scale and an excel spreadsheet I got my pack down to 39lbs base weight with 3 days minimal food. With my rifle in the scabbard it weighs 47.5lbs. Moving my handgun, speedloaders, knife, and multi-tool to my belt if the pack was being used would further reduce pack weight, but not weight carried. I also got the profile much narrower and the weight closer to my back than my earlier version. It's not that much lighter but it feels like it is when carrying it. I no longer need the additional spike camp duffle and don't need to unzip and expand the pack. I changed my girlfriends pack considerably and doubled up on much less gear. Luxuries went in the cooler and after 5 days we would be reliant on gathered or killed food. What really got me thinking more was some comments here. It's not a question of how much weight I can pack from point A to point B without undue fatigue, it's how I can function to defend or escape while packing that weight. The new configuration lets me do that better, while being more comfortable.


I added a pic of my shelter with my pack in it. The rifle in it is my 22 mag not my 223, but the pack is in it's compact mode like I use now, not the expanded version like in my earlier pic.


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