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What's Your Take on Reloading?

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I get brass once and a while from friends that remodel some buy sell trade vehicles and some stuff is found I get it and a friend trades brass and I get all the 38 & 357 308 and most times I pass as i am full up he gets all my 7mm08 25-06 7 & 8MM mauser and 30-30 been a while since I got any 6.5X55 but that is why I do not use most calibers as they can be hard to find in the best of times

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I did not know where to put this but here is as good as any.

There are no bad calibers there are no intrinsically accurate calibers it is not the caliber that matters it is the overall design of the bullet length X width X weight X  tail design if any of those fail to meet aerodynamic laws it it is going to fail at certain distances and under certain circumstances .  To light for its caliber and it will be blown all over the place and have no long range accuracy to heavy nose or tail and this feeds into length nose design OR as a example consider the 150 grn flat base 30-30 compared to a 150 grain 308 or 30-06 in a boat tail hollow point, they are the same caliber but drastically different.

I have heard all my life "brush gun" just what the hell does that mean ? so our boys in Vietnam were using the wrong rifle as jungle is intense brush .  You want a "brush gun" a Ma Duce is the ticket IMO.    these words and phrases are selling points your average hunter finds a spot that has a clear field of view and anyone that fires at something he cannot identify is a moron so "BRUSH" obscures the target if your shooting through limbs no matter what caliber or bullet design they all have the potential to fail to reach the target as they will deflect or come apart or just miss a vital organ and your critter is off like a shot or may not have seen deer just look around and run a bit and stop they are creatures with individual personalities we can guess what they may do but I have witnessed some crazy critter action.

I never like to miss out on giving a Bible example and here is one the Ark design was tested as given in the scriptures and worked.   Just as that design we know from actual shooting and tests that certain attributes like over bore 270 winchester is over bore and so what I have fired many that will punch one hole so you wast a bit of powder 243 is over bore but again these are words and means nothing about the inherent accuracy of the round.

had the 6.5 Swede not had a great bullet design I very much doubt people would still be trying to duplicate it under new spiffy names. And the old gunsmiths knew that bullet design made or broke accuracy.

Today the most used 30 cal rifle bullet is a 150 grain and guess what it is probably the most versatile but not the best  for a bolt rifle looking up the original / first bullet designed for 30-06 was made by bean counters to save money that is where your 150 +- came from the weight that did all things well was 170 - 180 but bean counters look at money not other aspects and it did do the job ===== I will continue my assault on misnomers ater.

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The good and bad "rifles" were because of design bad or inconsistent rifling / bore size leading to poor accuracy  lousy ergonomics  poor balance or breakage killed a rifle but not necessarily the cartridge or vice versa.

I used to be an avid reader but many statements were counterintuitive / contrary or blasphemous or squirrelly people made fantastic claims or drew conclusions not clearly factual as we see on all these Alaskan shows taking large game with a AR is not only possible but common place.  In Africa a mag load of 7.62X51 drops any of the big 5, we have been massaged into a sphere where tales of the western cowboys  Indian shikar or  African safari's  color the writers opinion,  some prefer the bolt rifle and are purest but If offered a FN LAR and AP ammo to hunt grizzly why not.

My old man was a 1917 freak did not care for the 03-A3 loved the M14 thought the Garrand  was a good rifle but liked his thumb more and thought the AR was to futuristic and was a crappy platform for bayonet fighting. i am sure I will be saying the same when lazer,  pulse and energy weapons become common place, they will hand me a phazer and I will say ain't you got a 686 357 ?

My only argument is with non nato calibers apparently people did not learn from the great ammo drought of 2013 and still ammo from antiquated cartridges altogether disappeared and are still not around and all it will take is less than 4 years from now  and we can be back in the same situation we were back then either collect enough now be able to reload or go with a common caliber like 7.62X51  5.56  9MM 12 gauge even 22LR is used for practice but do not count on it being around so collect plenty and more to trade with IMHO.

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