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The purpose of Survival Cache, is to promote the positive actions of its' members in communicating and preparing for any type of disaster or situation where self-reliance is needed or preferred. The situations that we are concerned with is any type of natural or man made disaster or situation that does not involve resisting or disobeying laws or authorized government (local, state or federal) agents in the conduct of their duties as public safety officers.


Survival Cache Team, the website, administrators, forum members and anyone else affiliated, does not condone or glorify the actions of any group (explicit or implied) that has or could result in unlawful activity or language.


These forums are not for blowing off steam in any manner that could be considered illegal, threatening or in poor taste whether it's directed towards an individual or organization, private or public.


This is a privately owned and administered website and as such, Survival Cache reserves the right to edit, delete or ban any user that is not willing to abide by the rules of posting.


It is difficult to monitor all threads and posts on this site and we request that each member use common sense in their posts and alert the administrators and/or moderators if they come across anything that would be perceived as illegal content or language in this forum as well as anyone with just plain bad manners.


It is up to us to protect our community and ensure that it is around for the long term. This is a great resource for anyone interested in prepping and survival whether they've been involved for a long time and have a wealth of knowledge or they're just starting out.


Thank you for your support and we look forward to each of your contributions, input feedback, questions and answers!



The Survival Cache Team

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