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Morning all. while perusing the internet the other day I stumbled across this very interesting video blog project. basically this guy who was a freelance writer fully immersed in city life decided to abandon his former life and take on a year of off grid living on an island in Canada. while not a typical off grid scenario, he undertakes the building of a cabin and fully immerses himself in a more self sustaining manner. while not a typical survival scenario as he has much help, its an interesting look at one mans attempt and getting back to basics. it took me a while to get through all the videos but its definitely interesting and i wanted to share with you all. i recommend starting with the beginning and watching, as time permis, in chronological order. aside from the very surface survival/living type stuff, you might notice as i did, that there is an interesting psychological transformation from start to present. it raises many questions which i suppose after some of you have seen this may start some other threads



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