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What Americans worry about.

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Hey just curious if anyone has been paying attention to the links between Greece and both French and Italian banks.

It has become more then conjecture and pretty apparent that Germany, and others in Northern Europe are looking to push southern Europe out of the EU to increase their own economic power. Iran more and more seems to be one of several red herrings in the world while Extremely powerful economic interest consolidate their Hedgeonomy. The concerns transcend political boundaries and this goes beyond the "class struggle"


There are several flaws in how the modern global economic system works that give it an inherent collapse point. The Ultimate correction so to say. What we are seeing now are those at the top scrambling to optimize their position when it happens and insure that they are not only comfortable but remain in power when it happens. WE the common folks are going to be left to bear the burden of their largess.


This is what worries me. This is what keep me awake at night. And this is what keeps me praying for a Carrington event or something similar. Right now the cards are stacked against us. The truth is 150 years ago if you where dissatisfied with society or they way the powers that be ran things you could always run off some where and be independent. That now has been taken from us. Hemmed in and hedged in inches away from a yolk on our necks. What keeps me awake is the realization that soon the last illusory vestiges of our freedom will be seized from us.


What lets me sleep at night is that I have hope. Scary though that that hope is the Global reset the collapse of our modern world and the chance that we can start over.

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hi all

the only form of info i totally count on is the BIBLE.natural disaster 1/3 population ,disease 1/3 population. but then it's also talking about for me,it sounds like a total prep,at least for me.

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The following results come directly from the survey….


Economic Collapse: 63%

Natural Disaster: 46%

Terrorist Attack: 44%

Global Disease Outbreak: 33%

Global War: 27%

Nuclear Accident: 25%

Global Warming: 22%

Fuel Shortage: 15%

Cyber War: 8%

Famine: 8%

Oil Spill: 6%

Industrial Accident: 5%


Zombies didnt make the list


Above is what people "say" to sound serious.


What the average American really worries about on and "average day":


Work - Until recently it was not about loosing job but more office politics

Family - Mostly regarding little leauge or something trivial.

Bills - Most folks could trim the optional bills of phone and cable down big time.

Traffic - Because we are always in our cars.

Weather- For traffic, clothes (girls), and work.


What people in other parts of the world worry about:








People here in US worry about very little or things that matter less than other parts of the world.

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