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Encrypt your hard drives

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One more goodie i got from the EFF was a article on encryption

With truecrypt your can encrypt your entire hard drive so that even if the hard drive is plugged into another computer your data is as secure as your password. That said don't forget your password.

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forget it I can brute force hack a password in less than 5 minutes and I am a nobody compared to some

and I only need a working usb or cd/dvd drive.


I suggest cruising the net with a live cd /dvd linux based operating system with no hard drive on an

older computer.


on a separate computer as I said with no hard drive any thing you choose to save do it to a flash drive

and you can access it from your standard computer.


here is a list of them the trick is to find one that works with your hardware


linux is different but can be learned given a little time

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you cant hack what you dont know is there and you cant hack what you dont have.

Trucrpyt allows hidden directories so you would have to know its there before you could hack something.

Also you can trucrpyt a file or folder require a password or phrase plus a physical file say you keep on a thumb drive in order to unlock it. So even if you had cracked the password you still would need the thumbdrive with the specific file to unlock the trucyrpt file or folder.


I dont think you or anyone else will be cracking a trucrpyt file or folder easily unless you are the nsa.

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