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Survalence self defence

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One of the best ways to protect your info would be to have two computers with internet ... one never hooked to the net. Transfer data with sds or burn info discs to move info between them. Run encription software on both and run annonomizer software on the one attacted to the net. The use of long passwords for each site and file would be useful. I would suggest adding a word and/or numeric (create from a something other that a birthday) to the site or file name. That will reduce your need to write down that info. Software to scramble deleted files and delete net files would also be of use. If you make a hard copy of passwords and/or web sites you may want to print it on paper that will quickly degrade if wet or flash paper and keep your bic handy. Do not forget that most copy machines have a memory that can be accessed to reprint anything that has been sent to that printer in the past.

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A bootable linux disc is a better choice then a separate pc.


Care to explain how that would prevent downloading a bug to the hard drive? Some of the crap is almost impossible to get rid of....a friend wiped and reloaded his laptop three times and still had to take it in...the tech at the place he bought it tried to fix it and has now admitted defeat and sent it to the manufacturer.


A side note... The techs' opinion of McAfee.....JUNK

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    • Hey I am new here i go by Bishop but not new to  the survival world what I call every day Life hoping to add to the site I am interested in slingshots bows Kylie stick bolas slings atlatls blow guns camping fishing hunting traping and playing sports but not watching .
    • I am new here name is Bishop I make hunt and shoot slingshots I have taken everything from bees to deer  with a sling shot I shoot flat bands mostly if you need any advice just ask 
    • Great thread. My son is attending a higher-end university in VT. His tuition is over $60k a year - can you imagine getting out of school with almost  a quarter million dollars' debt and just starting at the bottom of the barrel? I started working construction when I was 20, learned an incredible amount, worked my ass off, and now I have a comfortable job with zero college debt.   
    • Yep, lay low, gather intel, keep your signature as small as possible, to the leaving and the dead. Keep an eye out for masses of people - hopefully there's a network of some kind to give you a heads up a few hours before they descend on you, so you can get a start on a secondary BOL. Run, don't stand and fight.