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learn to skin game

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Bigmike-- being a beginner hunter, I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. I had killed a bunch of animals before but when it came to skinning I had no idea what to do. I watched some YouTube videos and read some books, but as Ruger92 stated, nothing is better than getting your hands dirty and trying it yourself. It definitely gets easier the more you do it.

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here is some general knife information there are hundreds of blade designs but this is a primer not

a doctoral thesis on blades


here are some normal types of blades


here are the descriptions of the elements of a knife blade


here are the types of edges


as far as a skinning knife I like a clip point fixed blade a gut hook on it just makes it easier for the novice

but if this knife is to have combat / defense use you do not want a gut hook on it.


if you want a gut hook you can buy a hook only for cheap and not have a knife that is really only for skinning


the reason I like up swept / clip point or bowie knifes is they are more versatile than other designs

skinning requires a downward sweeping long smooth stroke / cut.


No knife is perfect that is why I have 3 that I count on and each has a different purpose a fixed blade is not

good for personal grooming and a folder is not as strong as a full tang fixed blade.

{full tang fixed} blade and handle are one piece handle is full width of handle material.


this is one that was a gift I like it nothing fancy but it gets the job done.



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