What does age and gender have to do with it?

Does age really make a difference?  

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  1. 1. You're only as old as you feel?????

    • No age doesn't make a difference in your ability to survive in a difficult or serious situation.
    • Yes, if you are older, you need to rely on someone younger to survive a difficult or serious situation.
  2. 2. Does gender make a difference in you ability to survive a difficult or serious situation? WHY?

    • Yes it does make a difference. WHY? because the female gender is weaker than their male counter parts.
    • No it doesn't make a difference. WHY? because anyone can survive if they are determined and have the training.

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I would like to know what everyone thinks of age and gender as a survival handicap or benefit. 71- year young female, lives alone in a rural area.  Self-supporting and self-reliant. survival enthusiast. Navy veteran, a retired nurse.  Mentally sharp, quick-witted. Stockpiled food, batteries Etc. Has lived off the grid for 7 months years ago. ( in a small camper, in the woods, alone) Is always on guard and open to my surrounding. Never panic, always calm in emergency situations. Enjoy being alone, not much of a people person. Natural leader. Realizes the more a person knows the more that person still needs to know. Now, do you think I could survive? Please tell me why you feel the way you do.

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well age can matter in that a young person might not have enough life experience to make the right life or death decsions....

dick prenokke of alaska stayed in the wilderness until he was like 89+ years old alone he started out when he was 55...so older folks do need to take care for what they are doing but it can be done. he quit only because of the winters....

gender is a bit more tricky its true that women are weaker physically than men but there are exceptions to the rule and some women can do the work of a man...training/skills are key here for gender....

i'm 54, would i want to be alone in the wilderness when i am over 70? probably not...

why? i was rasied with traditional values and stick with them good or bad....


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