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"think" common sense is being out in daylight, shtf?

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then you're a moron. Likewise if you "think" people can't sneak up or drive up to your place at night and burn you out, or just snipe you during daylight hours. You're easily found, scores of people know about you and your place,and none of them are any more prepped than anyone else is.

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On 3/15/2019 at 4:34 PM, wally said:

thats why you form a large prepper group instead of going it alone....

He’s mentally unstable & needs his head to be examined by a physician.

Believes he’s an army of one, Mr know it all & do it all.

Heyboi could not be trusted, him & Onetime could be brothers , likely the same person.

His personality is out of touch with reality.

Thinks he can snipe anybody & everybody, until he gets counter sniped by someone that can do it further away, than what he can’t  see.

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