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The cost of food. ( in your area ).Sticker shock.

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What’s the cost of food in your area?

In my area prices have been skyrocketing as of late.

Bread before $1.89 a loaf, now $2,69 whole wheat.

Milk 2% before $3.49 for 4 litre bag, now $4.89

Eggs before $1.89 a dozen, now $3.29

Tomatos before $0.89 cents a pound, now $1.99 a pound.

Avercardos before 6 for $2.50 now $0.99 cents each.

White rice before $10.99 for 8 kilograms bag, now  $18.99 a bag.

With the cold weather patterns as of late, I can see prices going only higher & higher.

Farmers are losing cattle & crops worldwide.

Hungry starvation hordes will be knocking at one’s front door, is what I for see, shortly.


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