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Tommy Robinson is fighting the good fight. We need to support people like him anywhere we can, they expose the crimes foreign governments  allow against their own people, crimes that will be on our doorstep if we do not pay attention.

Here is his web site, watch him on youtube and share his videos  Tommy Robinson

Once a group thinks they have an upper hand they will use force and in the end kill you. These leaders that allow this migrant invasion to ride roughshod over the people that built pay for and own the property, to threaten, assault rape and murder. It is happening in America and Canada in small pockets if we do not tackle it now and expose it to the socialists who call for open borders, we can expect this here in all it's demonic crimes that come with it.

Video gets real 2 minutes in.



there are so many people we need to support if by nothing else watching and sharing their videos.

It makes me sick when the left acts like republicans would not vote for a woman or person of color. There are literally dozens of perfectly capable women I would vote for. The problem from the democratic standpoint is their not socialists, they don't pander to the illegal immigrants and lie to them with promises they will never keep and, cannot due to our laws. they are not race baiters or pro late term / live abortion proponents. None of them believe that lowering the age of concent is a good idea or legalizing all drugs, open borders or a free check called a living wage for people perfectly able to work but are too lazy.

The left is lying they are not democrats they are socialists, they are like evil children hiding behind their mothers skirts (democrats) and it is time for the real democrats to brake away and force them to form their own party and quit giving them a platform. when all the left does is pull the rug out from under them.

I need to try to not use the word democrat so much it is a segment although large that has hijacked the main party, cloaking themselves as one thing when they are quite another.

I can remember when there were no school shootings no mass murders and work place mass killings. as the left has pushed their failed ideals like take God out of school and government stop criminal executions allow the welfare state to expand unchecked and force people in a free country to work for those they do not agree with religiously. morally or politically , I though slavery was abolished.  At this rate straight men if there are any left and even women will be forced to date transexuals as a try it on for size effort. There are already things being taught in elementary schools that would piss off parents if they knew.

People want to be respected, well that is not going to happen if your a walking talking fruitcake dressed like a Nazi, zombie killer, Cinderella or the tooth fairy IMO

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There was a complaint about this opinion, from a person that said they were British well to bad, we have free speech in this country and on this forum -- so far.

I am familiar with Britain and how they view freedom of speech. if you don't agree your government oppresses them, Tommy is not a racist he is a realist, Europe had to throw off OTHER CULTURES that would not assimilate and would not adhere to laws, rules and codes set down by the existing CULTURES notice the S as in more than one, that had decided to agree together on a set of social rules of conduct. Then a bunch of interlopers and invaders came in and decided to murder and destroy the EXISTING CULTURE  and that is what is going to happen to the British nation. BRITAIN will go up in flames you will either submit to sharia law or be put to the sword.  ARE YOU BLIND IT IS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST  THE SUNNI AND SHIA ARE KILLING EACH OTHER UNDER NAMES LIKE ISIS HAMAS PLO AND THE LIST GOES ON !  There are no moderates once the sword starts to taste blood. I recall a French civil war started with a queen saying let them eat cake and that is all it took and how many died in that little episode ? 

You cannot get along with everyone you can't take all sides and you cannot live like your neighbors or your mother and father did but, in the argument that Tommy is a racist your telling him that you yourself can, so beat the rush to convert if your a woman get a hijab and learn to keep your mouth shut only a few are allowed to speak their minds and others are honor killed and that line in drawn by the elder male or husband of the family as to when it is crossed.

Fatwa's are allowances on the strict code of religion here are a few  fatwa's I am thinking Tommy Robinson does not agree with --

grand mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah allegedly issued the guidelines to allow a husband to eat his wife's body parts …

Chess,  The game of kings is considered Haram (forbidden) and the best strategy for the faithful is to keep away from the chess board. It is a "waste of time,".according to Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh

Following Pope Benedict XVI's quotation of a Byzantine emperor in a lecture, he called the pope's statement "lies", adding that they "show that reconciliation between religions is impossible".

In June 2013, he issued a fatwa demanding the destruction of statues of horses placed in a roundabout in Jizan: "The sculptures [must] be removed because they are a great sin and are prohibited under Sharia (Islamic law)".

In 2007, he announced plans to demolish the Green Dome and flatten the tombs housed under it, including that of Muhammad. this proves that they fo not honor the founder and that is Haram or BAD by other sects of the same religion, IF they can go that far, whatever else pray tell me can the leader of a religion that can turn on a dime decide ?

On 15 March 2012, he declared that, "All churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed". His declaration about the destruction of churches in the Arabian Peninsula led to negative comments. Roman Catholic bishops in Germany and Austria responded sharply to his fatwa, concerned about the human rights of non-Muslims working in the Persian Gulf  the mufti’s declaration ran contrary to the centuries-old Islamic teachings of tolerance and the sanctity of institutions belonging to other religions. Well that was kinda a misnomer they did not tolerate they had a tax on them and treated them as a second class citizen.

In their holy book it states at least 100 times that infidels will be MURDERED so it is not something that can be taken as a anomaly or a sect view point it is inherent always there and once it takes hold the moderates like in Iran have no control and live in fear that they will be put to death for protecting a enemy of god --notice the little g. 

They do not preach equality it takes 2 black or two women in a court to equal a single Persian or Arab man or of stature not a woman or person of a color they deem beneath them it is explicit in the teachings.

Whoever the person is that reported my post your either a mooslim apologist a member yourself or uneducated as to the religion of tolerance and peace.

I do not have the time or patients to educate people that have a myopic view or a bias against their own people or an alternative axe to grind, they fall under the wheels of the train they ride. as an example a recent statement by a world record tennis player and a member of the GLBTQ community was against allowing transgender men to compete in woman's tennis that person was ATTACKED VICIOUSLY  I can see where there will be a falling out among the factions that held together under the Democrats flag. In this country it was fine as long as they needed each others help, now one will try to distance themselves and rule the mob. and that will fracture our 2 party system and lead to a Italian style national fist fight, A person from each county / region  fighting for the political positions on the national level so a hundred candidates for every one position.

I can say everyone counter to my point of view is a racist or a xenophobe, but even some ideas on the left are not all bad.  if I throw the baby out with the bathwater / refuse to listen, then I am just as much reined in with blinders as  anyone polarized by ideals. If a person is a madman or a charlatan the only way to know is allow them to expose their most secret feelings out loud )called free speech) as eventually they will. Like AOC,  Alexandria Ocassio Cortez her rants are exposing that she is self absorbed and ideologically retarded, as she can't see the forest for the trees or don't confuse me with the facts.

I don't really give a damn about Britain, it's not my country I do give a damn about free speech anywhere and for everyone in a proper setting and in concise and short sentences, in other words grab the mic ask the question or state your opinion in a few words and get the hell off the mic. Internationally when that happens I can build an opinion on how I should ask my leaders to react, if there are enough of us then our leaders are suppose to apply our will. 

If I pay the check I get what I ordered, Britain on the other hand the people that pay the taxes are ignored and their money is paying freeloaders and jerks and people that attack women are jerks , did you bother to watch the video on this post ? apparently NOT all you saw was "Tommy Robinson" and fell down flopping with a seizure  and screaming like a person with Tourette syndrome, and that makes me happy happy happy I love to trigger me some SJW into a hissy fit, it just makes my day.

I am a Christian I have traveled extensively, I am not the ugly American I take  the people as the come I do not deride their way of life, I am there to experience it, because I am a guest I try not to offend or make them alter their ways to my culture. I don't drive on the right screaming for all your b@stards to drive on the "right" side of the road. I do not demand that a statue be demolished because it insults my religion or intelligence. I don't threaten, abuse or put my hands on anyone that is not trying to harm me. I do unto others as they would do unto me.  I realize once I leave their culture will continue to exist I can handle that, THEY CAN'T, ONCE THEY THINK HAVE A NUMERIC SUPERIORITY THEY WILL ATTACK YOU !  as seen in the video and they love to attack western women.

Either we are all free or slaves, I live near a very diverse place, Houston Texas I can drive 10 minutes and be almost emersed in another culture with their foods language a lot of their culture and most all of them are good hearted people, because they chose to come here not to overthrow our culture but, live free in the way they deem suited to them keeping a personal part of their culture and enriching ours -- Britain had that and now you have a violent destructive culture demanding you accept and kneel to theirs 5 time a day IMHO that is not enriching or seeking peace and freedom it is a prelude to civil war or open hostilities if your closing your eyes to it then, your going to be a victim to it........



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I'm going to give our "guest" the benefit of the doubt and interpret this as him trying to show us an alternate point of view - but he should have discussed, not reported. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and own ways of doing things here - it is a prepper's form, after all, and we all do things as we see fit based on our interpretations of our own situations.

HOWEVER - please debate or discuss items you disagree with in a civil manner - if you report and run, your argument really doesn't stand much of a chance of being taken seriously.

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