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Warning: USA Collapse will be far worse than you think!

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On 3/4/2019 at 5:55 AM, P210SIG said:

The Collapse will not be a walk in the park.  

hell now is not a walk in the park, more like a linguistic mine field once sticks and stones mix it will get really ugly.

I can't find it, but Hoyt Axton American country singer and actor. He tells a story of a friend that's face is all beaten and bruised, Hoyt asks how did it happen, well that's what i was explaining to the cop when he asked me to describe my assailant, I told the cop, that's what I was doing just for he hit me.




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8 hours ago, wally said:

i have nightmares about piles of bodies outside of my door and more  of them coming and i've run out of ammo.... :(

Learning  & training  how to use edge weapons, is the ticket,

Knife, sword etc. Do it now while you have the time.

I’m getting some more AR500 & AR650 steel for FREE from my buddy this weekend, will be making possibly one or two more Wakazashi short swords.

I train 4 hours a day, 7 days  of the week. Usually 2 hours in the morning & 2 hours at night.  

The only down side of edge weapons is that they do lose their edge retention, which can be easily remedied by resharpening them, not like firearms you need ammo, no ammo then your SOL, or learn how  to reload ammo. Keep in mind you would need to stockpile components as well & they could run out as well. Edge weapons are easyier to maintain , get the fighting edge on your opponents that are attacking you.

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