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Legalizing prostitution is BAD here is why

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Legalizing prostitution is BAD here is why.

Democratic senators in New York, contend, arguing the state should be the nation's first to fully decriminalize paying for sex.

If something is legal it is marginalized a non event so therefore police will not interfere or investigate, that will allow for Human trafficking to continue without fear of. Can anyone just look at a person and see that they are being coursed, leveraged or threatened to work as a prostitute, no, no one can.

Gangs control prostitutes by threat of beatings and fear of death of themselves or family members that work with the gangs or by them having a drug addiction. if as a nation we elevate sex workers as a honorable jobs, why would your son or daughter want to finish school or go to college when they can if they have the attributes and without education make easy money ? and that is how it will be sold to young people as a way to make fast money and have amorous fans give gifts and that they can work their own schedule, no punching a clock.

If everyone decides to become a sex worker it is no longer exotic or special, like any job, if the field becomes flooded the wages fall like a rock and  positions become impossible to find due to competition.  Cheap drugs like crack meth and whatever is coming lowers the persons self worth because they NEED their drug of choice more than life itself.

Perversion and erotica is already so bizarre that the pressure for sex workers to go to more and more extremes and offer more time or fantastic abuses to feed the appetite of depraved individuals. I read an article about police in countries were working together to identify  foreign sex tours that specialized in virgin children male or female of small preschool children. This is disgusting and horribly destructive to the mentality of a child IMO it is demonic and only sociopaths would accept or do that.

I recall when I was young about "snuff films" a pornographic film where the person was killed in the act ( I am trying to not be too graphic ) but if anyone reading this does not think that there are people that are so disheartened with life they would sell their virginity or d things so disgusting up to allow themselves to be killed for money for their family and not have to do the deed themselves. We have that already to a degree, it's called suicide by cop.

At what point will people become so desensitized that they are like zombies -- like San Francisco  where the sight of homeless crapping on the street urinating in public and used needles all over the place and you know that they loaded with diseases ? Chicago has murders every day there are times when the death toll was more than during our wars in the middle east !

It is my opinion that we are in free fall morally and psychologically it is happening in France Sweden and others where women and girls are being rapped in public and if they complain they are arrested not the rapist OMG this is insane. 

I remember in the early 1980s where women would not take their children to the parks in San Francisco because they did not want to expose their children of men having sex in the bathrooms and bushes it was in the paper. and on TV news.

I blame the church and subhuman individuals that are aware of these issues and would rather walk around in self indulgent bubble. I was amazed that there were people today in California that not only still thought Obummer was still president but if they did know were spewing filthy language the fact he was some were dressed like they were going to Comiccon and in the middle of a weekday ( in my day grown people were considered bums if not at work during the day) if they were working they must have sold out of balloons because they looked like clowns and dressed like fairies and queens with the whole regalia including crowns and tiaras.

I am guilty of thinking that there was a way to pull ourselves out of this dilemma, sorry I am wrong I can see where we are on a train on a down hill grade no brakes and the only end is no jumping off jagged rock on one side and a cliff on the other and a  pile up at the bottom and no survivors.

I am sad to say there is a town south of here that was so bigoted that the feds had to protect a family of color and the fed were pushing that the town were to accept this and anyone that created a problem were going to be arrested and charged with federal crimes. I can see where the law will be used to force everyone to accept all of this by law and that includes pedophilia prostitution and open drug use -- it will never happen here, guess again it is happening right in front of our face IMO.

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