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AI technology is a threat to mankind

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Before Siri and Alexa, Echo, Ring Blink  and Nest there was ELIZA, a computer program created from 1964 to 1966 at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum. Given that Moore's law states that every 18 months technology doubles the simple but impressive original Eliza program is kicking  Einstein butt now.


Technology can produce the most  innocuous items into spying tools. With wireless charging it may look off but is it same with all the other voice assistants tech. soon every appliance will have a camera and microphones many already do and advertise it in your refrigerator freezer phone what happens when you find out all your electrical plugs are monitoring you ? listening to your conversations and pillow talk when you have sex and having a party 2 times when your letting it all hang out :P  I figure nothing will be a safe item like mirrors lamps if it can be plugged in or go online it is going to be a snitch.
2 chat Bots were created and they had to turn them off because in a short time they came up with their own language ans were conversing with each other once something like this is loose and I believe it already a force on the net, it will get away from humans and if it can converse it will do so without us being able to understand or know it is operational  ECC or error checking and correction could not track it at a trillion bits per second in a simple skip line code it could translate all the books in the world in a 24 hour day. It has no emotion no consideration of time it only is a mimic it can never be a sentient being only God can create a life that transcends time space and eternity / has a soul it cannot survive the will of God or live in His space that is not in this dimension place or time.
In a world full of people with feelings and no common sense I can see where eventually they will give human rights to machines because their understanding is flawed without God. it is being bantered about that soon if not already that science can upload your memories to a machine -- so what so it will be a mimic walking talking version with your voice and no soul it may still acquire new information like names of new born family members new information picked up by it's sensors and cameras but not life in the true sense when a living person interacts it's more like a ventriloquist doll. just interplay between 2 dummies IMO.

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Your cellphone,tablet, smart watch, (LED/LCD TV’s) etc, etc are all listening devices, weather you realize it or not.

Big brother is listening to every word you are saying & recording it.

They know more about you, than you might think, that can & will be used against you. They can trap you too, to make it look so evil in you’re verble expression that you could possibly go to jail.

As long as these devices are turned on, you are being monitered, listen to, recorded.

This is not a fact or fiction, it’s the truth.

As the saying goes, loose lips, sink ships.

As for my self, I’m willing to die , go to jail , for what’s right & just, so help me God. For my God is my rock & my saviour. Amen !



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