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Socialism it's not just for breakfast anymore

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Socialism it's not just for breakfast anymore.

A childish view with socialistic tint from a person who thinks entirely to much about too little

Socialism is an acid it tries like water to enter every crevice and will rust steel rot wood and sink ships, the very nature of it is to sew discontent. Unhappy people are rude vulgar morose and just being around them is trial day to day. Ever know that MFer that as soon as you hit the door is on you like stink on sh*t, the conversation goes something like this, you know bob never listens he's against me he's so superior blah blah blah or like a mother that wants you to be at their beck and call ? A father that is angry about his life and want to live it vicariously through his children you should this you should that. Like a bee flittering from flower inferring that their life could be better that things are not what they should be, saying that frustrations in your world are because those in charge are not working or leaching off us.

Today I was jerked awake by an old story being regurgitated by Derek Thompson a writer for the Atlantic who is a child himself he's not mature and a lot like AOC Alexandria Occasio Cortez that do not think. He brings up the 15 hour work week from Maynard Keynes 1930 essay and then Erik Barnouw 1857 NYT writer that automation would allow more time for extraneous hobbies research and fun.....  The trouble people are not doing anything positive with their off time that is productive their not going to classes to widen their minds not doing civic oriented activities how about scientific or other research ? NOT getting drunk looking for hit & run affairs drugs or extreme sports.  and unless your well funded extreme sports is out. paragliding motocross mountain climbing all the equipment is expensive not to mention time and money to travel any ok hotel is a hundred bucks a night.

So Derek was berating people he thought were overworked drones and hated on businesses, that had ping pong tables and other distractions saying they were hooks to keep people at work. People need to work if you do not get out and stay in your own cocoon of friends your mind will stagnate you will not grow mentally. Just like exercise if you do not strain, stress and sweat you have accomplished nothing, To broaden your horizons you have to go beyond your borders, your safe space, your intellectual trench that is a fox hole to defend your insignificant and untested ideas.

A 15 hour work week sounds great till the boredom drives you to destroy your life and family look at all the self destruction now can you imagine 2/3rds more time to do it in ? being married or in a relationship is great but who wants to be around each other 2/3rds more ? how about children, you love them but, really more time with you at childhood, I don't think that is healthy for the children or you.

If farmers and ranchers thought that way everyone would starve, road construction as it is can't get done, how about the people that run camps parks and all those spiffy places you intend to go with all your extra time, what if they decide to work only 15 hours, what about the fire department police the military who the hell would take those jobs if the rest of the world was having fun ? who would make those skis baseballs soccer nets basketballs hula hoops and sex toys to fill up all those hours of empty space and consider how much more expensive to go out and do something even window shopping takes public transport or gas. More money and more time has destroyed more people than bombs or bullets and that is not an opinion see how many lotto winners made out.

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