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Urgency to get prepared is at it's highest

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Micheal Snyder February 26, 2019

We have had a financial meltdown every 8 to 10 years we threw everything at the last one, we have nothing left we are out of money, we don't have another 2 trillion bail out ad we cannot keep printing or we erode the ground we stand on imagine 40 to 50% unemployment where a days pay won't buy enough food. it does n matter the price of gold or silver stocks you have people will not part with wat you need.

An excerpt from his article:

When it comes to being prepared for an emergency, 39% say they have an emergency kit, while another 39% have a non-perishable food stock. A little less than one-third (28%) of people have stockpiles of water, and one in four people (25%) have an evacuation plan.

Of those who have an emergency kit, the most common items to have in the kit are: a first-aid kit (86%), flashlights or other light sources (83%), food (65%), water (63%), and blankets (62%). --- end article.

I think many are lying to him and themselves with these numbers.  What is a stock pile of water ? and where are they holding it at a very survival minimum 1 gallon per person per day that excludes adding it to cook your rice dehydrated meals and drink mixes.

What is an emergency kit ? a blanket and some snacks and bottled water ?

I think the more important question is can you live on it will it provide the calories warmth and protection for weeks or months ? if your sick or injured will it sustain you and get you on your feet back in the family unit instead of being a burden for a period of time.

Financial disaster is amazingly complicated, money that had a value no longer does, commodities are so important that people will not exchange them for money silver or gold or anything that is not in like kind a survival commodity.

If you have something do you understand or conceive how long you need to make it last or can you ration it. can you think LONG TERM survival.


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