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Time to meet your new neighbors

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And the dumbest PM of Canada is Justin Trudeau, I mean Fidel Castro’s son.

He was a drama teacher, which he hardly taught at the school.

Now one thing for sure he’s showing a lot of drama being in public office.

It’s time to show him the door out of the  Parliament building, come voting time this October.


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9 hours ago, juzcallmesnake said:

Higher education more class ?

The woman in this video , blowing that fart noise, should be on her knees.

Thats why she couldn’t talk, she got her mouth full blowing. Plenty of guys wouldn’t mind her blowing their middle leg.

She not my type, in so many ways.

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it is dangerous to have fantasy and theory replace reality and fact.

If all these ideas were good then would we not all be happy and not arguing threatening and uncomfortable all the time. The left refuses to see failure, if we just crack on we will get past "this" whatever this is. the socialists here cannot see the foolishness of Venezuela's sinking into chaos, how would they like to stand in line all day for a handful of food or have their check cut by 70% or more, Venezuela had free health care free education now they have nothing because they spent it like a fool thinking there was no end to oil income. I have known rich people that have gone broke, we are watching R Kelly sit in jail because he does not have the money to bond out if he had some assets a bonding company would post his bail so apparently he has no hard assets that he owns out right so either he is still paying on things or leases and owns nothing.

We discus it here, but really what can you tell an idiot ? they see Venezuela going up in flames and it does not penetrate their stupid skull. They could do a virtual walk around San Francisco or sh*t city used needles and trash homeless living in tents and sleeping on the streets.

Homeless are not all people that have fallen on hard times most are dope heads that have quit the world, you cannot help a quitter the problem with "equality" it does not prefer those that are capable of pulling themselves up with help, if you give a mother with a child a place that does not use drugs you would equally have to do the same for a wino dope head under our laws and rules. so instead of being able to help those that really need it we are wasting time on those that are one dope shot away from us having to pay for their funeral. As a country we ae going to make some concessions and have people put their money and lives on the line if you want open borders sign away your rights to social security disability or life insurance if your injured or killed by an illegal alien sign over half of your future social security because someone has to pay so if you invite them you pay the bill. At some point Americans need to accept responsibility individually for their choices, instead of just voting for a new stadium if it passes your the one and all the others that need your taxes hiked and those that voted against it their taxes remain the same-- put your money where your mouth is, it's not being unfair it called being responsible.  since the left thinks your can demand anything and just make a law so then can the right it is time to make a parity law if you want it you have to take on the terms, those that do not want it  don't, pretty simple. It is just like Social Security you don't have to pay you don't have to work and you surly so not have to buy anything except the very basics  but once you want to join the world or retire you got nothing ZERO. no previous work skills no savings or social security savings insurance or investments. these are your street people most of your homeless, most in this case is over 50%  a portion needs to be in asylums once identified some will go back to prison and others will never want to live any other way I have known s few that would rather live in the woods or streets than a clean apartment rather beg than work use drugs than be sober, we need to decide who we are to help and handing out needles and condoms for free is not working.


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    • Hey all, This is sort of cool (okay really cool) and maybe some of you have heard about it because it's been plastered over FOX and mentioned by POTUS as well as other conservative-leaning news people (Huckabee, Diamond/Silk, Candace Owens, Mark Levin, etc..) and politicians. #walkaway is a movement based mostly on social media. Started last year, by Brandon Straka (pronounced Strawk - like "straw" with a "k"). He's a former 2016 HRC-voting hair stylist, from NE, now in NYC, homosexual, liberal who began to question the MSM and what he was hearing. He got really frustrated as he began to do his own research. Anyway, after having his own awakening to the lies of MSM he had been following, he began an online testimonial campaign in which former liberals can post their #walkaway stories, written or video. Many are now on the "Trump Train." Many have simply left the Left. Still, others have always been non-Left and are members in support. The amazing thing is how many different people from all walks of life are beginning to wake up. Lots are not conservative on all issues, but all have a love for the USA and dislike the demonization of open political and social thinkers and speakers. This group gives solace to people scared to voice their conservative opinions or views for fear of negative professional or personal responses. It now has budding smaller groups in all 50 states and an online discussion group where people discuss current topics or issues (WITH no vitriol, gasp).  Here's the original video from Brandon. This man, Brandon has a unique, stylish, well-articulated voice to help move people "in hiding" out into the open and not be silenced. Pretty much any video Brandon does is great. Here is the Facebook page: As I see fights erupt online, I simply leave #walkaway in the comments. Brandon has a goal of 1 million members! The liberal media has called this campaign "Russian Bots" and "paid actors." It's not!!!        
    • thanks to all who  have served or are serving our great country....243 years in the making....   Trump did a good job today thanking each branch of our military and a long time coming salute to the coast guard too....
    • I can imagine food prices going up this Fall or Winter. Corn is used for live stock feed, & us humans consume a lot of corn based products, as well as corn based biofuel. I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the mid-west of America, which is flooded by water. Where corn  & other crops are normally grown there. Farmers are quite worried about this years growing season. Time to stock up on extra food if you can, if you haven’t already. Stack it high, stack it deep. Store the foods that you normally eat. What ever the  amount of food you’ve stored,  try to double it if possible. Better extra safe, than sorry.