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The most racist political group is.............the Democrats

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The most racist political group are.............the Democrats

Later in this post you'll see where I dance on the third rail but it is what it is.

I have found that in political fights the opposition accuses the other side of the wrong they are guilty of, and the louder they exclaim the more they are guilty. There are always shills that are promoted s they can take selfies with my friends of color or women or Catholic just fill in the blank politicians need money and a lot of it. they find a willing dupe and carry them around like a ventriloquist doll agreeing with the crowd and once elected screws the people that elected them as soon as possible for as much as they can.

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr understands that Margret Sanger was a racist and eugenics advocate, who wanted to place abortion clinics in non white neighborhoods. She supports Trump's stands on many issues. a better economy is good for everyone allowing more upward and lateral mobility so you don't have to stay at a job if your not compensated or be able to move up as the company expands.  if your one of the needy you want business to boom more money more philanthropy if there is little money little will be given in charitable arenas. 

History History History ! if you don't study and research it for yourself you will be manipulated lied to and screwed your whole life. People will begin to understand that quotes and worship of specific figures in history are a backhanded way to insult you and not only exploit but allowing those ignorant people to publicly shame themselves  promoting and oxymoronic platforms.

educated people are probably the most easily fooled because as long as the people of history used for a glowing example, or seem to have a heir about them,  seem to promote a sense of victim hood they glom on to it. like a pimps Ho that buys only Haute couture / hand made big name  fashions or more like a pimp with some money gets a Mercedes hood ornament and puts it around their around their neck. different sides of the tracks but just as stuck up toward what they deem lower class gutter trash.

IMO the feminist movement is all over the place first their for the GLBTQ community then when Martina Navratilova calls out against trans men competing in women's sports  they attack her on the other hand they want equal rights until it cuts into their piece of the pie. at some point if you keep hand gesturing your going to put your eye out IMHO.

My opinion on female politicians trying to balance the radical end of feminism the tangled web of trans issues and the unholy trinity of garnishing money votes and agencies approval I give this piece of advice and by the way, women are soon going to be eligible for the draft put that in your equality pipe and smoke it.

look at about 50 seconds in...



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