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The Russian connection

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The Russian connection, I think it must be well known by any old heads in government, because a lot of congressmen /women and senators were made aware in January of 2000 in that hearing Colonel Stanislav Lunev a defector to the U.S. Explained about ADM's  in his 1998 book, Through the Eyes if the Enemy.

Vasilii Mitrokhin, author of,  The Sword and the Shield, a 1999 book based on documents Mitrokhin smuggled out of the KGB archives in Moscow.

I dunno" this could be a false flag, who knows I had considered that Vladimir Putin has made some threats lately talking up a few new weapons systems one being the Satan II supersonic missile system basically a 4 minute over the Arctic launch to initiations system I don't know the yield but in an air burst that is hardly worth commenting on as an EMP weapon the point is moot.

What I want to know is why the Democratic party sees the Russians as such a threat and why Hillary wanted us to go toe to toe with them. A recent meeting in Europe Trump asked why Germany was willing to invest in natural gas from a pipeline being built from Russia to Europe so he  turned on the lights on the roaches and exposed that Europe has clandestinely cavorted with Russia to become independent from U.S. and south American petroleum, thus risking our standing in the world market and threatening our dollar as the defacto petroleum currency. If Russia could subvert the Middle east and us and in time hold Europe hostage a reverse Saudi OPEC  coup.  I was thinking the Ukraine invasion and ports on the black sea and the seas of Azov  there are I think 12 ports 4 closed but could easily be reopened. There is also good fishing / food sources to be controlled by the Russians

Ukraine has considerable amounts of coal, iron ore, natural gas, manganese, salt, oil, graphite, sulfur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, manganese-ore. timber, potassium, and mercury taken as a whole this is a boon for special steels for small arms ship board and field weapons. these are hard commodities, weapons are valuable to a cash strapped nation that need in the short term American dollars. it also has Uranium . There were agreements with Nigeria that has plenty of natural resources to supply North and central Africa, they need Russian technology money and engineers miners to be able to extract resources. an agreement with Russia would give aid but steal their sovereignty.

As I see it Russia is mounting a financial and petroleum coup aimed at us. if they can pull it off they could well become as powerful as us and have a death grip on Europe, China is their only worry as the are neighbors, but china has vast natural resources and the ability to extract them

China has a standing 1 million man army in Panama considering Chinese  mandatory military service means they are trained. The lack of a wall on our southern boarder makes us an easy mark. IMO and the left has colluded with them that's where Mueller should have spent time investigating all the way back when Bill was in charge look up Charlie Tree and Mr. Wu.

I always figured those 100 Russian suitcase nukes were not on the market or else the Mooslims would have made a move but we ain't out of the woods yet, all they need is one and the spectral signature would lead back to mother Russia I am sure our boys could analyze that in a matter of seconds and pin the tail on the wrong donkey ad t mooslims could set back and watch us hack each other to pieces.

I think I can say that the Biblical lineup is  shaping up politically, morally and financially we are headed toward a finish line, problem is to many people here are too concerned about their sexuality social justice and getting a humanities degree to see past the end of their nose, and feel all these treats have been looming so long that they are phantasms  that will never appear so they focus  on politics and power and believe that the world will continue as it has been only using information to manipulate people through fear and maybe they have started to believe their own press, when you believe your own lies your in trouble.

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