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Facts of preparing for long term survival

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Facts of preparing for long term survival, you can't prepare for everything and the future could be full of as yet untold troubles.

I am a fan of David Paulides / missing 411, a quote he like is from an unknown detective that reads, " local news for local consumption."  The mental box that people construct is far to small compared to global forces or problems much less  the universe for that matter. We know that asteroids and comets  strike the earth and so far we cannot track them all only the few we know of as if that is o any consequence.

Right now in the middle east locust are eating food that's not a surprise as that is what locust do.  The real story is that whatever food is lost has to be replaced with food from other sources / regions  so imagine a world like NOW that is having numerous biblical incidents happening. my area had a thousand year flood, you cannot plant or reap in a flood, resources and money has to be brought in from elsewhere and that places a strain on supplies and equipment (logistics) The U.S. is more able to handle such crisis much of our land is usable farm land. People can grow gardens and we are a large enough country that even devastating events may not reduce us to cannibalism, but it is not beyond possibility. It is only the machine age that has allowed us to produce hundreds of times the food we once did from horse drawn plows and distributed by horse drawn wagons. The moronic left has sold all to well the gloabal green climate change theory so that Sen. Dianne Feinstein was confronted by group of kids in San Francisco over climate change demanding her to vote for the green new deal.

feinstein confronted by group of kids

Americans have NO concept of real hunger or the real possible  complete collapse of our economy agriculture and international trade, and it can happen in the blink of an eye. Trade is two or more people or nations that agree to sell or barter with each other local products, as of now we are not trading with Venezuela and due to their financial problems they cannot afford all they want or need, Include a few countries in the middle east loosing their crops France having problems with uprisings and all the countries in war cannot plant and harvest food and all the years and time to uproot mine fields and unexploded munitions and the toxic waste of depleted uranium shells, swallow up more living space and farmland. the question is when do we as a world reach a tipping where there is not enough resources to feed the rest of the world.

Japan is a test bed for my theories and it is not a cry for population control or a pillow scream against nuclear power or call to reduce technology it is a warning to be diverse and to respect all professions and  trades because it takes all of us together. Japan has lost some land to Fukashima Russia has lost land to Chernobyl and nuclear testing. so has North Korea we are painting ourselves into a corner and once a country starts having problems feeding itself. There are only a few choices China has opted for population control and it is not working, India is starting to see cracks in it's future plans due to population they also have lands that were used to test nuclear bombs and military weapons. Portions of the world are being used to grow drugs for illegal use. and soon we will see that the resources we use to grow marijuana here and the cost to protect it, ship are a carbon footprint we did not count on and why in the hell would you grow corn and go broke when you could grow weed / pot --- it's only that weed strips the soil as much or more than tobacco. the need to augment the soil is much more  by quantity using chemical fertilizers and the runoff will poison the connecting lands the fish that live in the water the birds that eat the fish and the animals that live near the water.


There is no panacea or magic fix, if everyone runs to the port rail the ship will turn over so not all farmers can stop growing food and grow dope, if all oil drilling companies and refineries stopped tomorrow the degrading infrastructure would poison the earth rotting tanks leaking pipes of chemicals and oil etc. etc people need to teach their idiot children that. of course you need to have children not having children that were educated by some one with a brain not an agenda.

I could teach children but I guaranty that in that same day I would be asked to leave and never return, why because I know what I am talking about and the greenies cannot accept the truth it is foreign to them, a fearful beast that has them so afraid they cannot act understand or consider alternatives like a computer that freezes repeating the last command and not able to leave the loop it is stuck in. these children need to start making the world green how about walking to school books not computers as books can be handed down and if taken care of can last generations and no more climate controlled schools no AC or heat and only natural lighting unless it is overcast. how about eating everything on your plate and bring your own plate cup and silver wear no more juice and milk boxes that fill up the dumps bulk only if it is reusable it is not carbon friendly and keeping only a couple sets of clothes not a wardrobe --- I could go on but it is children that waste most of our resources  they are wasteful sloppy and destructive careless and unthinking so lets place the burden on them IMHO.


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